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  1. I really don't rate the Lions as I feel they are missing any genuine hardness. They seem to be the very definition of faux tough guys. When the pressure is on they go to water and lose their composure and discipline. A good, preofessional showing by us and we win by 6 goals. If we are ruthless, a 10-12 goal win is on the cards.
  2. Take Cameron and his incredible conversion out of last nights game and Geelong really looked bad. Wallpapering over the cracks big time. Backline that can’t cover their outs and can be picked apart. Dysfunctional forward line without Cameron and the midfield is middle of the road at best. Can’t write them off of course as it’s Geelong and only round 2, but for everyone hoping for the cliff ti be here, it certainly looks promising.
  3. Not liking the push in the back as Carlton is kicking it tactic Geelong is using. It isn’t paid down the ground but gives the defence plenty of time to setup as the ball slowly comes back.
  4. Much better but I sense there’s still been a bit of throwing the bone to some players so every team has representation at the pointy end.
  5. Hawkins conned the ump somehow he was having a shot. Poor umpiring really.
  6. Turning into a decent game now. Both teams still lacking polish to make the most of possession chains.
  7. Dunstall trying to convince us that it’s scrappy because of the pressure. Then Fox shows the pressure gauge and no, not a big pressure game at all.
  8. I like what Silvagni is doing with Rata. Taking him well up the ground, testing his endurance and stopping him going third man up.
  9. Hawkins has claimed another one. Can’t stand him 🤬🤬
  10. First two goals direct from smothers. That’s new.
  11. After Geelong had a very poor defensive display after a very poor error. How great to see that 😂
  12. Bevo has finally realised he’s just no good anymore.
  13. Exactly. Once it goes live or the first patch or two comes out, the rankings could look very different. No need to take the pitchfork out of the shed just yet.
  14. If May is on the plane it can only be because they think he’ll play. Maybe a fitness test to pass, but surely Plan A is that he is playing. Same for Viney and Fritta. Salem as assumed by many must be either taking another week or coming back through the VFL.
  15. I wish posters would make that clear. Maybe some people consider all their opinions to be facts…
  16. Wow, a grown man without the self will to ignore something he’s not interested in. That’s really quite sad.
  17. Do the rules allow it? Is it players/club choice to manage how they want or is there some formula regarding total allowable minutes played per weekend or something like that?
  18. I think some personalities do very well in tough environments and the players you mentioned fit that bill. The key to good clubs now though is to create an environment where all personalities can thrive. The message that comes across frequently when our players talk about our culture now is one that does that. Different personalities are not just tolerated, they are embraced and celebrated. I have no doubt in the world Watts would have been a star right now if he was drafted by us say 3 or 4 years ago.
  19. Just wondering if the AFLW players go and play in the VFLW or other state leagues in the AFLW off season. I assumed they would, but I looked through the Casey VFLW squad expecting to see some familiar names and didn’t recognise any. Looked at a few other squads and still no familiar names. Anyone know what goes on there?
  20. If they buy memberships and lots of merch while they’re on board then it’s fine with me 🤑 💰
  21. Taking that on board, I'm changing my final margin from 15 goals back down to 10 goals.
  22. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1288432/fowler-makes-melbourne-home Welcome. Rugby 7's would have a lot of useful transferable skills.
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