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  1. The whole footy department would have surely made the choice to cull the list right back, perhaps with the backing of the board, so they have to back him for a few season’s at least. Gonna test their resolve at times though.
  2. The umpire mics is interesting. Siren and ball going out is simultaneous, and the umpires very, very quickly call its game over. They have no doubt.
  3. Hmm, interesting point. Lots of controversy which will hopefully distract Freo and lead to more losses 😂
  4. We heard it in that order. The umpires don’t appear to of heard it that way though. It’s going to get talked about plenty so we’ll see if it becomes any clearer in the next few days.
  5. Sound is a funny thing. All comes down to when the umpires heard the siren in their position.
  6. What a finish. Enjoy Freo supporters lol
  7. Doggies currently 18th 😂😂😂😂
  8. LDU very quickly becoming a Top 10 player in the league. Bring it home North ( can’t believe I’m saying that…)
  9. Yeah. If they’re going to play really badly, now when they are playing lesser teams that are still full of early season energy and optimism is a great time.
  10. JVR has been in the ruck most the quarter I think. He may be the only option, not sure, or it could be his audition for next week.
  11. Was about to ask that? Copped a knee in the head late in Q3 so hopefully not concussed.
  12. I agree. I haven’t seen anything from Dunstan at VFL or AFL since he’s been a Demon to suggest he is anymore than a good VFL player any more. I’d be getting games into Laurie, JJ, Taj (when fit), and maybe Howes, D. Smith and Moniz before recalling Dunstan.
  13. Every time I see him I automatically think Allen Jakovich.
  14. Anyone know where Verrell and the other young ruck is? And is a disco out there?
  15. Sounds like the commentary is coming from a bathroom.
  16. Great to see several players putting their hands up and keeping pressure on the seniors.
  17. Has JJ significantly bulked up this year or is it just the online vision being a little distorted?
  18. For every goal we kick, they need to kick 1.5+ goals for the recommencement to benefit them more than us.
  19. I love when Fox crosses to Alistair Lynx. Always sounds heavily inebriated. Not sure if that’s just the way he speaks now, but it always makes we smile.
  20. Me either. Our scope for improvement in immense if the coaches and leaders can get them properly aroused.
  21. We’ve done exactly what we needed to do this quarter without actually finding any real form. So much room for improvement.
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