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  1. Excellent question. I don't think I'll ever be confident
  2. 186 times somewhere that can't be named
  3. No, you heard right. Level 2, MCC Cats v Blues is a T2 exposure site (get tested & isolate)
  4. I hear you. I think Jayden might be a tad quicker & taller - unsure about speed. They really add a touch of magic when they get going.
  5. Interesting. I do love the way he & Langdon link up on the wing
  6. Did you book on behalf of others recently? I did that for the GWS game and now also have multiple barcodes...I don't recognise any of them other than mine though. Do they change? Is a bit odd... OOOOHHH just saw the above from DC - makes sense.
  7. Just wanted to add my voice to this - what a game last night, super impressive. Well done!
  8. I don't know where anyone said that FT. He did undoubtedly change the dynamics however.
  9. Absolutely right. Above observation is from https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/974497/round-17-report-demons-snap-up-win-in-sa BB clearly adds another dimension to forward line.
  10. Absolutely agree Jaded. "Playing a role" means exactly that. I'm less worried about fans that don't see it and more worried about why neither Weid or BB played the last 2 weeks. I need to get over it, obviously, but sheesh.
  11. I know, that was kind of my point...(sorry for the facetious post). I think the difference to the forward line was stark - he stirs things up, something I haven't seen from Weid. Niether does Weid have the career scorecard that BB has - which I believe weighs on defenders. Stats do NOT tell the story here. Since Weid didn't play for the past 2 weeks either, I think that comparison is moot anyway. On your other point, I absolutely agree that the midfield lifted. Was great to see.
  12. Do you have a stat for how many times he drew key defenders?
  13. I'm with you on that too. Unless his body wasn't right as Goody has suggested, I can't understand why we went 2 weeks without him.
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