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  1. I'm with Axis - I can't imagine anyone intentionally tanking their personal game to impress prospective clubs.
  2. Many of us are afflicted with MFCSS based on a lifetime's reinforcement. I don't believe we can be suddenly rehabilitated with success in the first half of a season. Also, it was a very ordinary first half last night. None of us are used to seeing them turn games like that; quite the opposite. I don't know what you said in the thread but you've been loyal & supportive where it counts. Lets hope they continue to build our trust..
  3. I don't think it's possible for that to be the case at any moment in time - IE you get there by beating who is put in front of you, however in the context of a season, that is still a distinct possiblity. #mfcss
  4. Actually, I think it was: "Everybody has a plan until they get puthed in the fathe"
  5. Too stubborn or too stupid - it's hard to tell. I'm completely disillusioned with the club. They are incredibly talented and embarrassingly stupid. It's like watching a bunch of robots who cannot think beyond their programming. You can see them entering the forward 50, with no options (a problem in itself), realising that and just hurrying the ball in anyway when Blind Freddy can see it will be a wasted opportunity. One example of many....Can they really be this dumb or is their programming just plain wrong?
  6. haha - shock horror. Who am i kidding, i'm stuck with this mob for life. I'll renew and think the same thing time next year, unless we have another anomaly year. Go Dees
  7. You could be on to something - we can only speculate I guess. NFI what's going on with this club this year - looks like a dog's breakfast out there.
  8. For the first time in 20 years I am seriously considering NOT renewing my (premium) membership.
  9. Personally, I'd be looking closely at the weakest links; where things fell apart. Even if it was an aberration (turns out it was not, but the season may well have been) it'd be good to understand the "warning signs" for future reference. How do certain players behave under particular pressures / season fatigue etc etc. I can understand not dragging the players through their failures, but i cannot understand why on earth you would not want that information as a coach. Just my 2c - I'm not a coach and contrary to what he says publicly, I suspect (hope) he actually has indeed re-w
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