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  1. Merge with the 'Jack Viney made me cry' thread Everyone wins :)
  2. There is no way that Harmes will be pushed out of that team - he's too good a player
  3. Aren't we adorabubble atm? The club of choice!
  4. Coll v Pies - Victoria Park - as a little kid was offered 2 bucks by a Pies' supporter to [censored] off 1998 - Rnd 14 v West Coast Robbo's 4 goals and the return of Tingay...young team 2000 GF
  5. Good pick up - his commentary on Ch 7 has been very insightful....covers the game like a coach...
  6. I didn't mind Dom - he served a purpose during the Roos' rebuiding era
  7. You're the one that really, really needs to move on Hang in there...
  8. Listen DD36, I just want this young man to live his life We all need to move on - wasted talent, attitude, blah blah He was a Dees' player that never quite worked out...like so many others in the AFL And pathetic comments? Puh - lease! We can't all have your level of eloquence and footy knowledge Done for tonight - I'm looking forward to GWS and Geelong crashing and bashing the [censored] out each other Be well
  9. A kid wants to sleep in? [censored] - what a crime!!
  10. Ffs Again? Let him live his life
  11. The annoying thing about this, is that this type of player wins a Brownlow - ffs
  12. Who sings this? Thanks for the vid - muchly appreciated.
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