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  1. We didn't play at Casey because the change rooms were being renovated. Unfortunately the renovations were booked in prior to season 7 being announced and it was difficult to move / getting a trade these days is hard
  2. According to the MFC AFLW instagram stories, it was indeed a stacks on! With the disclaimer that no demons were harmed in the making. Looks like it was an excellent evening! I was stuck at a work event (the reason I'm in Melb) so thanks everyone for the fomo!
  3. Ahhh fudge, would have been great to have a goal
  4. We've defended well and their efficiency has been shocking. 19% time in our forward half this quarter... feeling nervous!!
  5. Finally we've marked a kick out of our defensive 50, we've got to keep things cleaner in our connection
  6. Club has pronounced it full time, bit premature!
  7. 3.1.19 Dees 2.2.14 Roos Fingers crossed we build from here in the next half!
  8. Rats, hopefully we can answer back to North
  9. Is this with or without a pre finals bye week? I love it being on the weekend of 24 / 25 September ordinarily
  10. The fact these options are even being considered sh*ts me up the wall! Truly a nonsensical approach and undercuts the end of the AFLW season.
  11. I've been waiting for this review, to pop this Halloween picture of Trac here... https://www.instagram.com/p/CkW-BXkOpGy/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  12. Thanks @WalkingCivilWar! Like Tim, really hope it ends up in Melb! I won't be able to travel for any of the games and Brisbane is not on the cards, so selfishly I would love for the GF to end up at Marvel.
  13. Based on dates, does this make it likely that the grand final is on 26 November? Against all odds I'll actually be in Melb and would love to watch the game in person finally!
  14. Idk, I kinda like his stuff about Morocco! Clearly has some kinda sponsorship with Intrepid Travel but it's cool to see. Packing 12 hours beforehand was very relatable too lol
  15. I've got to add that I'm surprised it was a slam dunk case too, given subsection 169(1) of the Corps Act simply says name and address. Historically this has always been interpreted as a physical address. Anyway, keenly awaiting the judgment!
  16. Given an email address can be linked to so many online services and accounts these days, it can also be quite sensitive. Certainly I would prefer neither to be accessible for myself!
  17. Thanks for the excerpt of the privacy policy! The club would likely be unwilling to rely on the privacy policy here as a source of implied consent for third party disclosure because the section in question is all about the AFL's or club's corporate partners or sponsors. It would be a stretch to say this extends to a third party who is neither a corporate partner nor sponsor. Potentially there is more luck regarding facilitating internal business... except it is still going to an external third party. Even before the Optus data breach, the Office of the Information Commissioner was very clear express consent is best for disclosure to third parties - and so drawing a long bow from a privacy policy (which is implied consent at best, depending on implementation on a website) is really sticking one's neck out. That being said, seems like Judge Riordan is being very practical about this (thankfully) and seems he will likely ask the club to provide the communications on Lawrence's behalf.
  18. Mate, the club would literally be breaching the Privacy Act if they provided the email addresses without consent. There are very few circumstances where disclosing personal information to a third party is permitted. If members had previously consented to providing such info, such as by accepting a privacy policy which detailed such a disclosure, then it would likely be fine.
  19. I can't speak to whether the club has been deliberately an obstacle regarding postal elections... but the Corporations Act was literally amended only in Feb this year to facilitate digital forms of notice for meetings and voting. Prior to that there were only temporary COVID measures and it was necessary to have a permissive constitution (which the club did not). So the situation is not so cut and dried as suggested. Also generally speaking the club needs consent (express or implied) to disclose personal information; that legal principle doesn't change regardless of what homework has been done. I've not followed this issue too closely so I can't speak to the attitudes adopted by the club or Deemocracy, but I think it provides some clarity to acknowledge the above facts.
  20. Here's the article in The Age (no paywall) for ease of reference: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-taken-to-supreme-court-over-club-constitution-changes-20221018-p5bqv9.html
  21. Except it would likely be a breach of privacy laws by the Club to do so...
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