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  1. Was Petracca turning around and waving to the feral Essendon [censored] in the crowd, who no doubt had been giving Christian some goal kicking advice. And THEN, when he kicks the goal, and gives him a great big smile and a wave, the Essendon [censored] appealing to the umpires saying words to the effect of "Can he do that?" At least the Swans supporter with the huge hand who bagged Tom McDonald in the same situation had the class to clap him after he kicked the goal and acknowledge that Tom won that one. You could add up may hatred for every other club together and it wouldn't even come close to my absolute loathing of every Essendon supporter on the planet, including my mother and 2 of my brothers.
  2. One of the things that has impressed me so far in 2021, is the fact that last night, playing in a huge game against another title contender, we had 7, yes SEVEN players with 26 games experience or less in our 23 man squad. Pickett-26 Rivers-21 Jordon-12 Jackson-17 Petty-17 Sparrow-15 Baker-15 Unless he is doing stuff that I don't see, and fulfilling a role for the coaches which we aren't aware of, I can see Bowey coming in for Melksham at some stage, making us even stronger. But it also reinforces how important drafting and player development will be in the next few years when we have low draft choices, and need to find some diamonds in the rough.
  3. Before the first game this year, one of the commentators said that the Melbourne coaching panel had likened him to Simon Black. My first thoughts were "OMG, why would you say that about a kid and put so much pressure on him". But, it looks like they might be on the right track with him.
  4. I'm not sure about resting players, but I would like to see people who are performing well in the seconds rewarded. I would like to see some of the young players given a sniff of what it's like so in the case of needing to play them in big games/finals, we aren't throwing them to the wolves. No matter how successful we become, we always need to be looking to the future.
  5. Slight change of topic, but can anyone tell me how I go about getting tickets for Melbourne vs Adelaide at the Adelaide Oval? Any advice much appreciated.
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