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  1. Had a couple of dogs in trays try and take my head off. Hopefully yours was one.
  2. After being constantly kicked in the balls over the course of 45 years, I have convinced myself I am fully prepared for a loss. At the same time I know I will not cope with it and it will consume my soul, knocking 5 years off my life. I am quietly confident of a win. It means everything.
  3. I worked the bridge in Wahgunyah over New Years. Might have spoke to ya….
  4. Yep. Have played an entire finals series with a sprained ankle. That’s what tape and injections up to your eyeballs are for and when you can’t walk the next day after a GF, you just keep on drinking until you can.
  5. I totally get where you are coming from, but we are all in the same boat and I am as frustrated as anyone. I live in an eastern suburb with no cases but have close friends in the west who live in houses I can’t afford to take a [censored] in. I know it was tongue in cheek but it’s hardly a [censored] hole.It just reeks of Melbourne ‘elitism’. I am sorry you cant see your sick dad, I hope he is alright and sincerely hope that situation changes soon.
  6. Spot on. They absolutely will
  7. Great news. Was worried other clubs would be coming hard for him.
  8. Sent a drunken text to Richo at midnight last night to thank him and declare my love for him and all things MFC. To my surprise he replied this morning, thanking me for the support and said he hopes the club continue to make me proud. He also said “The boys are so ready”.
  9. Harry Petty what can I say. From one of the worst first games I’ve witnessed live v St Kilda, to destroying the so called ‘3 headed monster’ with May on one leg. (With all due respect to an unbelievable game from Lever). I heart you Harrison Petty.
  10. Current mood: Dennis Denuto approaching the High Court
  11. Can’t name a ‘worst’ game, there are far too many that my brain has managed to block them. Best games for nostalgic reasons are the elimination and semi at the G in 87 that my Dad took me to. I was 11 years old, an already defeated Melbourne supporter who had stood alone in a red and blue jumper every week at ‘footy clinic’ at my primary school. The MCG shook in a way I’ve never experienced as we pummelled North and the Swans. It blew my mind at that age and I’ll never forget it. It came close in 2018 but I long for that feeling again.
  12. I really only listen to metal (Stoner through to Death/Doom/Black) and rarely get into new bands these days either but there are always exceptions each year for me. Those two I mentioned amongst them. Dusk, Vempire and Cruelty are COFs best. In fact close to masterpieces. Midian is good but was also the beginning of them selling out. Nymphetamine also has its moments. Closest I get to hip hop is Public Enemy, NWA and alike from my teenage years.
  13. Only bought Cuelty re-issue on vinyl a few weeks ago. 2021 hasn’t been a great year for metal truth be told. New Maiden is out which is getting me by for now. Bloated but my all time favourite band. Hooded Menace - The Tritonus Bell is an absolute ball tearer. Urne - Serpent & Spirit wipes out small villages. If all else fails Bolt Thrower. It’s all about Bolt [censored] Thrower.
  14. Great stuff from Ron but if I’m honest, I was distracted by that black and white picture behind him.
  15. There’s a different between satisfied and happy. If we lose the Prelim next week then of course I won’t be happy, but in the grand scheme of the season I would be satisfied with the season. I was concerned we may not play finals at the start of the year so to make a Prelim ticks every satisfied box and then some. Having said that…we are are here now and playing for a spot in the Grand Final so I want it all. I want to be able to walk around with a tshirt that says “SATISFIED” on the chest for the next 12 months with a hand on the back flipping the bird.
  16. Was talking to my old man weeks ago when we were continuing to win, without having played particularly well. He was a fourths, thirds and seconds player mid 50s and made the senior list in 59 but never played a senior game. His comment was that the team of that golden era, had surprising similarities in that they seemed to manage to win games they either weren’t expected to or maybe shouldn’t have, given their performance. They just found a way. Im holding out hope that comparison comes through come the end of September. This week is huge.
  17. I raise you Jason Castagna
  18. Watching the second half again now. The midfield finally stepped the [censored] up which caused Brisbane to rush kicks forward allowing our backs to take control. We rebounded hard, linked up and as the game opened up, it allowed us to kick forward to an uncrowded forward line. Game over. Right now I am in unfamiliar territory with this win loss ratio, so don’t know what to do with myself. I love it. Go you Demons.
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