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  1. Tmac has been a great played but he seems cooked. I though he was reasonable last night in terms of competing - but by the 4th quarter he was clearly gone. Even then they didn’t bring on Schache! So why have they given him another yr extension?… he’s a list killer. I only hope they think they can trade him for something. End of yr we clean out Tmac, BBB and Schache. We have a couple of kids at Casey. I think we bring in a mature fwd … who??
  2. I thought it was interesting that we took off Tomlinson given the game was still tight. Can we go go into the finals without him? I feel he’s an important player as he can take a key forward and free up Lever.
  3. Collingwood back to their old July Premiers form. Finish 4th and play Collingwood at the mcg is the dream run
  4. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if Salem had just kicked the goal - what was he thinking? And … the Carlton player says he touched it. If he did, then all is well. But if by chance he is lying, then the Carlton Curse is set - and serves them right. Grundy wasn’t bad as a ruckman. Helped get us back in it. We should play him the rest of the home and away to give Gawn a rest in matches. Then we can dispense him to Casey.
  5. Just a comment. How good was viney’s goal that got us to 5 points?
  6. An alternative approach to the Gawn Grundy experiment is to rotate them week to week to ensure that Max doesn’t end up banged up again this year. Max is getting old and we need to do whatever it takes to have him at his peak in the finals. what do we think?
  7. Toby Bedford versus Kade Chandler … we got that one wrong
  8. We just need to package up ANB too and we’re in business. Got to give a little to get a little.
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