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  1. 2019 - 12 disposals per game 2021/2022 - 11.85 disposals per game No facts hidden.
  2. Having lots of picks doesn't mean you accept unders in a deal though. Bruhn was pick 12, pick 18 isn't equitable.
  3. Given Jackson's age the general media feedback has been they'd be allowed to trade it.
  4. Initial thought is it doesn't seem a great deal for WC? Wonder how close pick 8 and future 1st would get them to Jacko? Or even if they'd be allowed to do that?
  5. So Grundy was dropped from the leadership group because McRae doesn't rate him, but Sidebottom was dropped because McRae rates him... Makes sense. McRae doesn't pick the leadership group by the way, it's done by vote.
  6. Weird that Sidebottom was cut out as well yet finished top 5 in the BnF then... Even weirder that it's done by vote, not decided by the coach.
  7. Was in their leadership group in 2020 and 2021. They cut back the number in 2022. #MattRendellThings
  8. Can't see how they get Bruhn then. Pick 18 won't cut it, and you wouldn't accept their future first given it could be the same pick.
  9. How about... Jackson and pick 44 to Freo for pick 13, Future 1st, and (North's) Future 2nd Picks 13 and 27 to Geelong for pick 7 - Geelong use 13 for Bruhn Grundy to Dees for Freo's (North's) future 2nd Dees trade 7 and our future 2nd to GWS for 15 and 19 Dees end up with Grundy, 15, 19 and future 1st for Jackson, 27, 44 and a future 2nd
  10. Ah well. We all look silly on here every now and then, even you.
  11. Yes. My opinion was somewhere around pick 15-20 would be the price. Hence why I'd love it if we ended up getting him for 27.
  12. I hope we get it done for 27, but personally I think it's going to take a little more than that. We wait and see I guess.
  13. And Grundy is a valuable player. Or are you saying GWS wouldn't do that deal?
  14. Nah, heaps of options. 27 and future third, or even trade Bedford and 27 to GWS for 19 and 44, then offer 19 for Grundy.
  15. Yep, fair point, but Lamb also said they had no plans to use the two later picks so they weren't worth anything to us.
  16. Trading 27 for 21 is the points equivalent of pick 58 and Lamb already publicly turned down pick 43 for Bedford, so reckon you're correct Luci.
  17. Mate, go back and read my posts on this, particularly where I said: Absolutely there are plenty of examples of harm being done and exploitation in the name of religion, but this is just simply not the case for every single person who affiliates with such beliefs. I'm no fan of religion or churches, but to pain all with the same brush is cut and dry ignorance. Nowhere did I say my experience is universal, in fact I was saying the complete opposite of that.
  18. It would be because the Dogs signed Liam Jones as a free agent wouldn't it? Compo cancels out.
  19. No, you're just wrong. You have waved your hands around and made sweeping ignorant statements like you so often do, but you're wrong. It may be your experience, but it's not everyone's experience, but I know that's something you will never understand.
  20. I grew up in the church, including time as a youth social worker with one. Both my parents spent their lives in social work through a religious organisation - they don't even own a house. I wager I know more about it than you and you're just further highlighting your ignorance.
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