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  1. Who?? Does this guy play for the Dees? The winger you have when you dont have a winger. Hope he recovers and has a great pre-season Love to see him play next year.
  2. Thanks Bin. Been away and out of touch. I will look at some highlights Thanks again.
  3. I have seen Wieds path. It appears to be going nowhere. We need a real forward ready to go. I wouldn't be relying on the two we currently have. We should have taken Finlayson last year when he was availble and out of favour in my opinion.
  4. What was Tomlinson recruited for?? I thought he played back or ruck never saw him as a winger I would really like to know
  5. Yes let’s wait another 50 years
  6. Short term means “ Save my Job” right?
  7. Why does this guy,Goodwin, need a mentor He was hand picked by Roos 3 years of development What is wrong with Goodwin? If you cant get it right don’t do it.
  8. yes but we had nobody who could do that last year so what will magically change?
  9. Love this Guy Alwyays tries his [censored] off, damaging when given space. Our best defensive forward
  10. Exactly should be ruthless every year A big part of the problem
  11. You don't know how May will turnup like nobody knew he would turn up fat last year I cannot believe this club puts up with crap like this. I will never believe May is committed as a result
  12. doesn't seem to hurt the opposition enough. Doesn't gain meterage Doesn't always win his one on one contests Vanilla B grade in my view
  13. Far as I know nobody knows what Frost has asked for not has it been confirmed anywhere that the club has made any offer to him All speculation. I want Frost to stay Goodwin doesn't so that's it. Frost will play some good footy elsewhere.Goidwin won't last the 2020 season. Now that's speculation
  14. Hahhahahhhaha thats ripe Powelly
  15. Will we get him for pick 47? Petty is in need of development. We need a forward not a another backman in my opinion
  16. Maybe you are right Bin but I have seen enough to give him the benefit of more development as compared to others being kept on the list ANB good grief. How could any sane coach continue to play Oscar instead of Frost says it all really. Goodwins' stubborn view won't let him reconsider Frost as he marked his card very early. Anyway I guess all will be revealed next season
  17. Yes Steve He is one I am really looking forward to see playing next year and smashing some forwards.
  18. Could not agree more Club will look like idiots again
  19. Your opinion is just an opinion like mine Im talking about real improvement ! But its ok if you disagree
  20. Easy peasy Sir Its a very unprofessional organisation with zero leadership at all levels.
  21. There has been serious lack of improvement in all those listed players I say it again This club in my opinion cannot develop players. Fritch has not improved he started to play in his right position. Your opinion is different to mine so be it.
  22. Another in a long line of mistakes I think but we will all see next year. Frost is missing good coaching and development. He will get it at the Hawks. Melbourne is the worst team at developing players in my opinion and our footy department is a basket case. Shifting assitants wont help. Nothing has concvinced me Melbourne will be any better in 2020 Just read Goodwin interview in the Sun "We got it all wrong in 2019" And he reckons it gave him a pain in the guts. Geesus this guy is not up to the job. Hope he goes soon. Low IQ and stubbornness is not a great combination.
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