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  1. "I'm back dominating the paint" & "Just call me Shaqasso" x 3 million times. Oh, I forgot. The game is on channel 7.
  2. Speak for yourself BBP. I want one from my boss's son's family who got the four barcodes I sent and will be sitting front row on the wing tomorrow.
  3. Jesus I'm so sick of these Shaquille O'Neal adverts they're playing ad nauseam on Fox.
  4. Fabulous. Thanks for the heads up Cass!
  5. I much prefer the '21 Weg edition to the Mark Knight one. I'll definitely get one I can frame but I'd prefer it didn't have the little Wegart logo that draws your eye to the bottom left corner. Those demons from our 1950's era look fantastic.
  6. Hi WJ. There was also a 7.1 quake in Los Angeles between the two Fosters Cup games we played at the end of the 1987 season. I was there for them both and the second one was due to be played at the Coliseum but was then moved back to Vancouver where we'd first played Sydney. We went on to win the World Championship beating North in the final. On a side note. My auntie & her family were living in Glendora at the time, just on the other side of the San Gabriel mountains from the epicentre of that quake and the shaking completely emptied their swimming pool.
  7. Hi there DD82. I went down to the bottle shop at the bottom end of Victoria St on Sunday to get some supplies for the game and all I saw was the one house on Gamon St with a lot of Melbourne flags and a gnome decked out in our team jumper sitting in the window of an architect firm further up Victoria St. As you say though, lots of Dogs colours everywhere. Certainly no bad natured looks or comments coming my way. If anything people were surprised to see someone in Dees colours.
  8. T minus 5 days boys & girls. At this point I don't know whether work is a distraction or a curse. I think I'd rather be out on the bike or swimming laps than chained to a desk for the next 3 days.
  9. How did Adelaide poll all those votes in round 22? That's got to be A. Gaff.
  10. If Clarry doesn't get up I'd like Bont to win as it's hard not to like him. I don't want Carlton winning anything. Ever.
  11. Not a lot of love for the Melbourne boys by opposition players when they are asked who they'd like to win.
  12. I never bet but I just remembered the $20 credit I have in a Sportsbet account I opened as a requirement to get 3 months free of Kayo last season. I put $10 on a Clarry & Trac quinella which would see me get $260.
  13. Love that fact that PJ is pretty much a dyed in the wool Dee now. This guy should get the freedom of the city if we bring home the bacon on Saturday.
  14. Thanks for the heads up longsuffering. I better get on the dog & bone to them first thing Monday then.
  15. An increase in the radius to 10km will allow me to visit the Whitten Oval for some Sunday morning exercise in my Dees beanie. Followed by a warm down walk around the leafy streets of Footscray and Seddon with a coffee from Rudimentary and a top up at Common Galaxia. That reminds me, Advieh have just painted their frontage red, white & blue so I'll have to stop by for a take away halloumi wrap for lunch.
  16. That's hilarious WCW. For some reason there is a general shortage of red balloons. I thought I had it sorted with a delivery from K-Mart as their site said they were available, only to find out they had none and had to source them so now my delivery will be split into two. I then organised a delivery with Spotlight which hasn't left the building yet and I've heard nothing from Lombard about the flag I ordered. I'd collect them all myself if they were within 5km.
  17. Personally I'm happy with the two week pre GF break as the flag and balloons I ordered a week ago for the front of the house still haven't been despatched.
  18. Just had a look online Faulty. The Clapham Grand is showing it on a big screen as is Jetlag Bar in Fitzrovia.
  19. I think in the SPFL anyone that plays 10 games or more receives a league winners medal. Assuming they played them all with Rangers of course 😄 Introducing a similar rule in the AFL would stop a lot of angst about who does / doesn't make the final 22 on GF day.
  20. If the guy is out of contract then he's not going to sign on for 1 year. Maybe he's our modern day David Cordner. Either way, if his AFL career doesn't pan out he could always give suburban cricket a try.
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