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  1. Should tell the boys pregame about this Peter "Johno" Johnston [censored]. That will fire them up.
  2. I think Joan Kirner was a man. So, yes...
  3. I agree with your post. Nobody told me there would be days like this. These Strange days indeed. How peculiar. NOBODY TOLD ME
  4. Bang on however keep in mind North started like this 5 years ago and it amounted to nothing. The centre clearance issue is a huge concern. I hope we get that sorted quickly otherwise team will exploit that before long.
  5. Would prefer a flat in Frankston over a Cranbourne dog box. Just sayin. Play on
  6. Jordon Jones is going to be a rock in the coming years. Like his defensive work.
  7. We definitely need another enforcer in the middle. Rivers is the man!
  8. Looks about right. Maybe Sparrow for Baker who was in for Viney
  9. 6. Max 5. Luke the Duke 4. Viney 3. Kozzie 2. Salem 1. Langdon Note: Sparrow is criminally underrated by some on here. Clean, reliable and strong. Coming along very nicely.
  10. 1. Flower 2. Oliver (Will be better than Rob over the career) 3. Gawn 4. Stynes 5. Petracca 3 current day players is a great thing May, Kozzie, Jackson and potentially Rivers all with a bullet. Jackson is much much better than most seem to think. Extremely good tap ruckman with clever hands, space and time.
  11. Correct me if I am wrong. But when it really really counts our boys show up against them. Touch wood,.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong. But when it really really counts our boys show up against them. Touch wood,.
  13. The animal snuck up behind Smith and king hit him. I was 10. I saw it, i heard it and i never really got over it. By far and away the most violent sound i have heard.
  14. I was there too. I don't think they would have sung the song though. It just wouldn't be a possibility. Urban myth i am tipping.
  15. This comes across as quite pompous and naive. Viney had a bad year last year coming back from injury. He is a Demon through and through. Just like all of us here. This, along with the toughness that very few have, is surely enough to have you and anyone else show respect. The boy is one of us. He just gets to live our dreams as opposed to post about it. Don't bag him ffs. Look after and be proud of him.
  16. If he was a Ruckman he averaged only 7 hit outs per game. If he was a forward he averaged less than a goal a game in a golden era for forwards. He played a lot of rubbish games.
  17. An extremely overrated footballer. Couldn't kick, incredibly slow and undisciplined. He left not long after and chased the coin to Collingwood.
  18. If course he will buy in.
  19. Don't even get in his ear. Let carlton think they can get him via the psd. Then let him and carlton know he is ours when Mahoney reads his name out.
  20. True, but that still doesn't change the fact that he really is not that good.
  21. I don't think he is actually any good. I have watched him closely since mid last year when rumours started about him coming to Melbourne. His skills are not flash. Decision making isnt either. What do others see that i dont?
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