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  1. Aint being dropped - playing his role. I love how opposition coaches now need to stress about matching up against Brown, Fritsch, Jackson, TMAC as talls alone - I wouldnt want that headache
  2. Right on, maybe I'm deluded from years of watching this team however again I felt we should have won by another 3-4 goals. I think we have another level
  3. 2000 we had a brilliant team - gets lost because of how good Essendon was. I know footy was more open back then however we destroyed teams that year on the scoreboard. This is the most complete Dees team I've seen however it needs to make the GF first to be considered the best IMHO
  4. Last time we won a prelim we beat the team who was ageing and on the way down, North. So history can repeat for mine, let's play the cats
  5. All the players are saying it, it's about playing your role. TMac had a role and he played it. Great job Joeboy
  6. Did the job - turned the corner for the home straight. Here we go...
  7. Congrats Nibbler - here is to the next 100
  8. I only fear the bottom 4 sides
  9. Don't jump off, he will be back.
  10. A huge loss although softened so,ewhat as the replacement has been mentored by Burgo. Was always surprised Dees attracted Burgo in the first place
  11. The forward line set up worked well early in the year when the weather was warmer and we were flicking the ball around. In the heavier conditions of wimter a key forward is a must from a structural perspective. Doesn't make it essential in September however
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