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  1. others need to step up - if one injury impacts your season, you never had a season
  2. May and Lever didn't get votes in the Age? LOL
  3. I remember 10 years ago we had all these supposed match winners and no one to win the ball. Didnt work out too well for us then. I think Oliver's skillset is essential from a team balance, however at a price. Hawthorn and Geelong players sacrified $$ for success - im watching with interest
  4. I always enjoy this thread, shows how different we see the game. Hunt was a liability at several times however such is the need for run off half back I fear he will continue to play there although to me he is a forward. Sparrow and Jones both mixed good with bad yesterday so one of those goes out for Viney for mine.
  5. Plenty of love here - symbolised that 2000 team perfectly, was underrated and rarely lost a battle during that year. Unfortunately his knee gave way the very next year. Lever did look great Monday, May has been mint for the past year, however its after these 2 where the headaches start. Though Tomlinson may be a surprise
  6. I watched it, taking it with a grain of salt TBH. He said it, then took a dig at Max directly which seemed unfounded (although others may know more) and then noted that Dees will be better when injured midfielders get back. Standards are hard to judge unless you are at the club
  7. I had to stop playing for this reason - its also amazing when susceptible how easily you can get whiplash and then concussion. Any body contact can do it, henceforth why a lot of players are retiring now - it can be a hit to any part of the upper body
  8. 5 games in the seniors should put an end to that. On a serious note though, great news and best of luck to both. Keep going hard!
  9. see yesterday - did we struggle to get the ball out of defence if May didn't predictably boot it 60 metres to Gawn and Jackson
  10. Agree - get back to basics. Although I am preparing for at some point this season a starting forward 50 of Gawn and Oliver - it will happen
  11. 6- May 5 - Lever 4 - Fritsch 3- ANB 2- Langdon 1- Gawn
  12. Agree with this, its is pre-season although no question in my mind Dogs should be aiming for the flag. I also hope Dees players didntt fall into the trap of falling back on we will be ok when Oliver, Weid, Viney etc are back.
  13. the slowness of ball movement and the play of Jordan and Sparrow were let downs for me yesterday, that said to say they wont make it is a little bold. They played against a premiership midfield yesterday and im not sure there is a better midfield. Yesterday was a lesson for those boys so hopefully they took notes and come back better for it
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