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  1. Apparently on sunrise this morning they said people from WA are buying Melbourne memberships with a guaranteed GF ticket. I upgraded my interstate membership to a GFG and had no issues. The lady on the phone said a lot of people were doing it. That’s great for the club. Hopefully we can make some money back from some of the lost home games earlier in the year.
  2. SA government. Talking about crowd sized for the AO oval games.
  3. He also dangled a carrot that crowd capacity could increase for this weekend but didn’t want to speak for the government. But he knows something we don’t.
  4. Excuse me if this has already been posted but I think that’s the first time in our history we’ve won from a kick after the siren.
  5. Yep. Bad signs when he goes to ground and sliding to get to the ground ball. You notice that lately?
  6. Absolutely. Some of the comments on here are just ridiculous. You’d think we’d lost.
  7. If he gets weeks he’ll appeal and should get off. As much as I don’t like Hawkins there was nothing malicious.
  8. Haha yeah we’ll need it.
  9. A couple of zingers there Rab 😂
  10. 4 more wins is all we need.
  11. Just quietly though, I’m not keen on finishing top. Stats show teams that finish 2nd or 3rd and in that qualifying final go on to win the premiership.
  12. The same amount as before the game started. It affects the chances of making top 2.
  13. Yeah I’d rather it dry as well. The last few games we’ve been unable to hold marks, and when the ball is on the ground we’ve ran over the top of it or fumbled. We’re most dangerous when we score from turnover and with a wet ball/surface it’s harder to do.
  14. I think I’d rather a crowd to be honest. Our record when there’s no crowd isn’t great.
  15. Just cool your jets and have a closer look. Viney wanted no part of it until Collins engaged in the wrestle.
  16. Viney doesn’t engage in the wrestle until Collins pulls him down after the tackle. As soon as Viney lays the tackle, he’s ready for the next contest until Collins pulls And holds him down. Then Viney tries to get back up and he gets pulled back down again. If he gets rubbed out, he’ll have a case to appeal.
  17. Bowey is set to make his debut.
  18. Thank god. Someone who has a brain. Thank you DR
  19. If Ben Brown kicks straight and turns the 2.2 and one out on the full to 5 goals straight or even 4.1 it’s a different story. McDonald had a quiet game but that won’t happen every week. Conditions weren’t great for either of them and if some of the umpiring decisions were called the same way for both teams, then it’s a different story. Let’s just stay calm. There were a lot of positives to come from the game, and the negatives are easy fixes.
  20. Although I was [censored] off last night with the result, I’ve woken up feeling quite optimistic. We had our chances early. If we can start converting we’ll be hard to stop. With everything that went against us and some lapses of concentration around stoppages in our D50 which can easily be fixed, I think this was the first step to being back to where we were at the start of the year.
  21. Yeah that it. If they continue and knock off Brisbane, the less likely we are to take them lightly
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