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  1. Maybe Picket thinks the MCG is interstate
  2. He only posts when things are on a downer, after we won the flag he hardly posted in 2022 and prior to that bagged the club continually.
  3. Everyone has a mute button.
  4. I turned on the mute button.
  5. I need a new target for my sling shot, this should be perfect. Politicians and their priorities,{ better not finish what I was going to post it would be deleted pretty quickly}
  6. You must be the guru of football- coach, recruiter, and the rest of a football dept. all rolled in as one.
  7. Lobb will go, perhaps Smith as well.
  8. That is what the problem is with poker machine addicts, they keep playing them and continually lose the lot.
  9. The media and supporters of other clubs were about us like that only a decade ago.
  10. I noticed that when I re read after I had sent it, couldn't be bothered amending it. GWS and the Suns will be around as long as there is a comp. the AFL will make certain of that as they have already done so.
  11. I don't think it would as it only relates to an individual.
  12. A lot of investigating is out of the AFL's hands.
  13. I think you will find that there are a couple of entitees with far great powers than the 3 you have mentioned involved with he decision making in Joel's case and until these are completed nothing will be known.
  14. Speaking to my son just before, he told me that a close mate of his who happens to be an assistant coach at Richmond informed him that Richmonds sole purpose on Wednesday night was to close Melbourne down and prevent them from scoring, no intention from them to win the game as they were aware that was not possible.
  15. Sorry, but I think you need thawing out.
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