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  1. I spoke to him at the Carlton game, he was okay and pretty happy about how the cub was going. I doubt he will post on here too many more times.
  2. Just more crap from Cornes I am pretty confident that this admin. will be on top of it.
  3. Yeah, I saw that and thought he may get pinged for it.
  4. For the last few months I had planned to come on this thread and do quite a lot of bumping but now I just can't be bothered. I will take a swipe though at those posters who became personal in regards to Goodwin's past problems with the gambling, his marriage break up and some even resorted to calling him a person of low intelligence, these type of posts were not called for and were pretty gutless. To @beezlebub you are required to post 251 times that Simon Goodwin is a Premiership Coach.
  5. At the end of day, in the fullness of time, Que sera sera.
  6. There are others potting him a lot worse than Dr.D
  7. Just more beat up by the media and Wilson is good at doing that.
  8. I have that one as well, not signed though also got the ' 64 one.
  9. Yeah, I am a pensioner, sorry about that.
  10. I am just about to pm faultydet then, thanks for the reply.
  11. Ethan, do you know anybody that wants a barcode, I will give it to you if they follow the demons.
  12. He is just another sewer rat and I am being kind.
  13. We will never know how things would of played out but I suspect Barassi would of had the same issues with the MCC board and most likely left to coach elsewhere. At the time I just couldn't understand why Barassi would want to leave the MFC and Smith getting sacked just about ended me following the club anymore, as I said it was nearly 10 years before I resumed my allegiance to them but for a lot of those years my time was taken up with other matters.
  14. I was 14 when it happened and it [censored] me off that much I didn't follow them as much for quite a while, if I recall I started again when I left the army at about the age of 24. RDB leaving at the end of '64 didn't help as well.
  15. I have been told Nick Hind has visited a tier 2 site and has been refused entry to Tassie. He tested negative to a test. Just heard it on the news as well.
  16. Only if you were stupid and had no idea what you were doing.
  17. I wonder if Goody will sign the 3 year contract extension at the the end of this season or just prior to the start of next season.
  18. Doesn't stop him from being a dipstick
  19. My son just text me a photo that the captain of the Newport Football Club put up today on facebook showing his kids playing at the local playground and thanking everyone as his kids had the playground to themselves today. With idiots like that around these lockdowns are going to keep going on.
  20. I Think Stiff Arm has been stiffed daisycutter
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