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  1. My eldest grandson is working this year in the footy. dept. of Saints with the stoppages analyst, I would be interested to know his opinion
  2. You didn't type that exactly, have a look at your original post.
  3. Windsor a spud? WTF, Tomlinson is no spud either, I hate that term of calling payers spuds.
  4. He was always very approachable, had many good discussions with him when he was on the board.
  5. The new Thurin training centre at Casey was officially opened today, refer club website for details.
  6. This was on Brad Greens instagram last saturday night.'
  7. If anyone can access Brad Greens instagram account you will see the past players with Neale Daniher , not sure if it was last night or tonight.
  8. Everyone is waiting for you to do it, you have been a bit slack in that area.
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