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  1. Wouldn't think there is a chance of that happening.
  2. Not saying it was, but I would suggest it was the result the media craved for.
  3. From the announcement of his retirement it was all about Buckley.
  4. According to one of my mates who text me after Mondays loss " if one was cynical you might say the game went to script and the AFL and it's broadcast partners got the theatre/storyline they wanted."
  5. I don't think his points are valid, in my opinion he is just having another swipe at Goodwin, I happen to agree with Binman.
  6. He got one right did he? Some people like to believe every bit of fluff that reporters and so called media personalities put up.
  7. Based on the fact he is like a little kid in a lolley shop with a lot of his articles and on Foxsports.
  8. There are quite a few posts of yours to suggest that you are another Goodwin basher.
  9. You may be wasting your time replying to Dr. D, I think he has a "I hate Goodwin" obsession.
  10. Don't think the players thought it was going to be easy, they lost because they couldn't apply the amount of pressure that they had in previous games. They were flat from the start, we will find out next game if there is a problem.
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