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  1. You are right with that, don't know how they manage to function at all.
  2. they are in front at half time, says a lot for the Geelong superstar team. I do agree Essendon look a bit crappy though.
  3. Some people have to complain about everything in life, their day wouldn't be complete without it.
  4. I would say, so has Williams, at this stage I would take his opinion.
  5. Your thinking of Mcartin and he definately wouldn't be ready by round 1 as he won't play again.
  6. Funny you should say that, I am moving shortly.
  7. garbage, I, for one do not care about the other teams supporters in this instance.
  8. Maybe your source was having a lend of you. Amazing the amount of people on this site who believe any rumor tossed up.
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