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  1. Yes, I thought that is what he is getting at, i do agree with durango's post though. Unfortunately gambling affects people of all nationalities and having worked with the financial advisors of the Salvation Army from their Melbourne city mission for a number of years assisting problem gamblers I know all the stories only too well. Growing up in the Western suburbs I also know that all the pubs around there were mostly frequently by the one group.
  2. I think I can see what Bystander is getting at but I will wait for his reply to your post before commenting further.
  3. This is about to turn into a tearjerker thread by all the negative and pessimistic members.
  4. Didn't you know that most supporters can glean more from these highlight reels than the recruiters who spend years watching them play live.
  5. Of course they will, wouldn't be able to get thru life if they couldn't complain.
  6. I think saty mentioned in another thread that he had gone in to have the screws removed.
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