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  1. Some posters on here saying he doesn't listen to anyone, they need to supply evidence he doesn't. If they can't it would have to be accepted he takes things on board, but you can just listen to the rumor mongers if you wish .
  2. You are just being impatient there are other clubs besides thos 2 who haven't made more list changes.
  3. I actually meant all the other clubs as Turner stated every other club has delisted more players than the mfc which is incorrect, Tigers and Cats for starters haven't. There is still plenty of time to go before it needs to be done.
  4. Can confirm that MFC did indeed speak to him as per his father
  5. If it is just a rumor and not fact then it will be quashed straight away
  6. I am trying to work out the quaddie for today and it is bloody hard.
  7. Yeah, my mate lives in Clunes and Hind's father owns the pub there.
  8. A mate of mine is good friends with his father, I will try to get some info from him.
  9. I hope you were standing at attention and saluting when you posted this.
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