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  1. At the end of day, in the fullness of time, Que sera sera.
  2. Just more beat up by the media and Wilson is good at doing that.
  3. I have that one as well, not signed though also got the ' 64 one.
  4. Yeah, I am a pensioner, sorry about that.
  5. I am just about to pm faultydet then, thanks for the reply.
  6. Ethan, do you know anybody that wants a barcode, I will give it to you if they follow the demons.
  7. He is just another sewer rat and I am being kind.
  8. We will never know how things would of played out but I suspect Barassi would of had the same issues with the MCC board and most likely left to coach elsewhere. At the time I just couldn't understand why Barassi would want to leave the MFC and Smith getting sacked just about ended me following the club anymore, as I said it was nearly 10 years before I resumed my allegiance to them but for a lot of those years my time was taken up with other matters.
  9. I was 14 when it happened and it [censored] me off that much I didn't follow them as much for quite a while, if I recall I started again when I left the army at about the age of 24. RDB leaving at the end of '64 didn't help as well.
  10. I have been told Nick Hind has visited a tier 2 site and has been refused entry to Tassie. He tested negative to a test. Just heard it on the news as well.
  11. Only if you were stupid and had no idea what you were doing.
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