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  1. Caleb tackle was defintely a miss free kick, but nothing more. Bont on the other hand - had no intent other than to ran through Clarry, and hit him straight in the head. What the hell replay are people watching that shows him hitting his shoulder? Pretty laughable that the MRO didn't pull him up
  2. No way Petracca, just let him do his thing Rick Lever is 100% the guy
  3. Call me shallow but I'd go to whoever is paying more
  4. I just wish @Dr.D was still around so we could politely point out how wrong he was on so many levels about this team
  5. I got to sleep alright last night. My trick was to drink 10 beers
  6. How good have all the interviews been these last few weeks!!
  7. This is so beautifully written. Thanks for sharing
  8. I’ve been a Jack naysayer last few years, but I now realise he could be the difference come Saturday
  9. You'd like to think a bloke that's been on your list since 2018 has figured the game out by now. Don't reckon he'll get another contract.
  10. A Melbourne listed player hasn't deployed to a conflict since WW2 Football is not war
  11. Kicking a bag in a granny is a tall order for anyone But yeah, that would be nice
  12. Honestly why even say that. Just keep it to yourself I'm anxious enough as it is
  13. I long for the day the media doesn’t seek out the rubbish opinions of washed up coaches on complete non issues just to get a click I fear that day will never come though
  14. Many here will have far more poignant words than I, but ... Thanks Jonesy. You were my only light during a very dark period for many years. I really hope the Jones family remains involved at the club in some capacity. We love ya Jonesy
  15. Beat me to it. I was going to say "that's angel craft, big boy"
  16. The club is doing a really good job bringing us all the experience without being there
  17. Lot of people here suddenly nervous because the dogs had a good win against a team of witches hats last night. Fully agree our system (and personnel) are superior. If we arrive and perform in a similar fashion to Friday night, we’ll be celebrating by 3/4 time
  18. Last night doesn’t change the fact I’m not that worried about the dogs. I think we’ll beat them comfortably.
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