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  1. Geelong will get another 142 million from the government. We will continue to train on a public park while begging for less.
  2. I think I’m gonna be sick
  3. If we're looking at flags in the next two years, the fact Petty is our succession plan for May is irrelevant because May is playing great footy. Petty can always be switched back to defence when that times comes if it were necessary. Getting a look at the upside of Petty up forward makes complete sense. Strong mark (not a two-grabber like most of our forwards), strong presence and can kick the footy. Makes complete sense to me. There's no doubt our staff are workshopping it
  4. Having the best seconds team bodes well for the seniors over the next 3 years at least. Nice
  5. Have Brisbane ever won a final in Melbourne before? A 3-peat would be pretty hard without it lol We finished 9th in 2020, by the way. You type with the coherence of a drunk 90 year old.
  6. Doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. You can speak in hypotheticals all you like, we finished second and not fifth.
  7. Gee whiz you're good at twisting words, aren't you? You said every team that wins a flag gets tested the following year, and that we failed miserably. I pointed out we finished second. How on earth am I being precious? You're worked up about me pointing out simple facts, maybe you should stop being so precious?
  8. They didn’t fail the test during the home and away, we finished 2nd. We had a very poor finals series.
  9. I think people tend to forget our physically taxing it must be having every team throw the kitchen sink at us week in week out, and with all of the tops teams doing so in the run home to finals. Our pressure rating was down this year because every team understood they had to bring manic pressure to beat us. That’s hard to match every week. It Doesn’t quite excuse slipping so far down in that stat, but it provides some context. That and we’d score a hell of a lot more with a second key forward. Watch us make the GF next year. Mark my words and quote me in 12 months time.
  10. One taste of success last year and some now expect it year in year out. MFCSS has completely reversed and it's fascinating really. We gave ourselves every chance to go back to back this year but unfortunately couldn't put it together over the last few weeks. While disappointing, it hardly makes for a "bad" year. By all means we should be reflecting on what went wrong, and looking to address a few obvious holes in our list up forward. But any way you look at it, top 4 is a fantastic year of footy. I had a great time watching footy again this year, I mean how good is it coming from where we did to being top 4 all year and getting a double chance in September? I still pinch myself at times wondering is this really the demons?! I love being relevant, its a feeling that has been a rarity throughout my life. We'll be competing for years to come with this list, so sit back and enjoy the ride. A lot needs to come together at once for a flag to happen, and a lot of it is luck really. For example, I'm certain we would have finished minor premiers again if we didn't lose Tmac. Structurally that killed us. Last year we had a blessed run injuries wise, this year not so much. That's footy. Can't wait for us to have another tilt in 2023. Time for me to go into DL hibernation till the pre season kicks off. See you all on the other side. Go Dee's!!!
  11. I think what we desperately need to see is a second tall up forward. Ben can’t do it on his own, he isn’t good enough. Tmac or JVR for melksham would be a start. ANB probably should go but no one we have to replace him inspires me. Harmes can stay because I’d like to see him on Neale. I’m confident we’ll turn it around and beat Brisbane again, but not so much for the week afterwards. Having said that, this group has surprised me many times before and who knows, maybe that Sydney game is the kick up the a** we need.
  12. By chance I’ve met @Queanbeyan Demonat the pub. This is a sign. Dee’s by plenty
  13. We'd have to understand their strategy if this were to eventuate. If they think Brody will keep us in contention for flags the next 2-3 years, then it kind of makes sense right? On the other hand, to your point, you'd hate to reflect it on it in 3 years with no more premierships to show for it.
  14. Go to www.speedtest.net and share your average download speed result. The issue may very likely be the quality of your internet connection. I never have any issues with Kayo, with the picture in HD either live or while watching replays 99% of the time. I also have pretty much the best internet connection you can get in this country.
  15. I don't think they have any "rights" to the footy per se, believe they just buy rights to re-broadcast the Foxtel coverage
  16. He’s proven he can play at AFL level at various stages over the years. His athleticism and versatility makes for excellent depth. The contract wouldn’t be worth much, so I have no problem with this whatsoever. Cant have a list full of stars or future stars. Gotta have workers like Joel too.
  17. Smokey

    GWS Crowds

    Ever been there? It’s a fantastic ground to watch footy
  18. Lingers stiff but the truth is he doesn’t handle a tag very well, maybe that’s why he missed
  19. Wow there are some absolute clangers in this thread. Bowey forward? Drop melk for Salem? Gee whiz guys, finals are not the time for experimentation. No change
  20. Both Carlton and Collingwood look very average. Love it
  21. And on this day, the curse of Ben Rutten was born … Long live the curse!
  22. He’s an absolute lock this year I reckon. Even with others potentially taking votes, Clarry has been a class above week in week out
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