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  1. How good have all the interviews been these last few weeks!!
  2. This is so beautifully written. Thanks for sharing
  3. I’ve been a Jack naysayer last few years, but I now realise he could be the difference come Saturday
  4. You'd like to think a bloke that's been on your list since 2018 has figured the game out by now. Don't reckon he'll get another contract.
  5. A Melbourne listed player hasn't deployed to a conflict since WW2 Football is not war
  6. Kicking a bag in a granny is a tall order for anyone But yeah, that would be nice
  7. Honestly why even say that. Just keep it to yourself I'm anxious enough as it is
  8. I long for the day the media doesn’t seek out the rubbish opinions of washed up coaches on complete non issues just to get a click I fear that day will never come though
  9. Many here will have far more poignant words than I, but ... Thanks Jonesy. You were my only light during a very dark period for many years. I really hope the Jones family remains involved at the club in some capacity. We love ya Jonesy
  10. Beat me to it. I was going to say "that's angel craft, big boy"
  11. The club is doing a really good job bringing us all the experience without being there
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