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  1. Borderline bullying? Gee whiz that’s quite a bow your drawing there
  2. MFCSS used to be warranted around here. These days I just see more and more new usernames popping up and being increasingly negative, and talking in ridiculous absolutes i.e. we can’t win this year (even after a win) Unfortunately the quality of this communities members is slipping by the day. So many new members that are mostly unable to add anything of depth or interest, just repeated negativity in an almost troll like manner. Sucks really.
  3. Gee whiz I must have been watching the wrong game
  4. Melk went straight to May for a hug after the song. Yeah the boys
  5. We need another KPF. Brown is easy to cover right now, look at our forward line
  6. Anyone complaining about that win has rocks for brains. Carlton are a quality side who were playing for their season. We never gave up. Kozzie you Beauty!!!!!!
  7. I get the feeling Cripps is about to get the “star of the competition” discount at tribunal It’ll be a hell of a precedence to set in regard to concussions, but I wouldn’t put it past the MRO
  8. Because for those down on goal kicking form, it might be between the ears and not a technical issue. Repetition at training isn’t always the solution. They all know how to kick a goal. Ruthlessness is a mindset, not at technique.
  9. High impact is probably easy to argue. His season is over, that's for sure.
  10. For anyone thinking Collingwood are a flag chance - pump the brakes. The way they are playing now looks great and is clearly getting results, but the reality is finals is a very different game all together and they will be liable to more turnovers from the extra pressure. I’m predicting they will be scored against on turnover in big numbers come September. Also keep in mind we kept our absolute best footy for finals last year - and so far we’re the only team in contention that has proven in recent history that can find new levels in September. The stats we posted on Friday night wins finals games 100% of the time. Anyone writing us off at this point is flirting with extreme danger in my opinion.
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