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  1. Ahh the old doomsday thread following a loss Here we go again indeed
  2. Its less to do with Majak being good, and more to do with the fact we need coverage for BB and weid while they are injured. Recent history tells us we cannot rely on Tmac to carry the forward line. Having Majak available is prudent.
  3. Fair? In comparison its quite a lofty expectation for someone who's assesses a player as good off the back of finishing 11th in the BNF 4 years ago lol
  4. Loving the positivity here SWYL!! I knew you weren't all doom and gloom after all
  5. We'd be officially drowning if any of several key position players went down after Weed and BB, and some here are saying no to a life raft. Very strange. Can't really think of a better option to address our recent need for KP backup. Good move.
  6. This is absolute nonsense ... by "quite a way"
  7. Couldn't care less. All I know is I don't have to listen to his commentary this year and for that I couldn't be happier.
  8. And he's gone. What a fantastic day for footy. Good riddance
  9. I've been a huge critic of Tom's last few seasons, but I'd be absolutely wrapt if he rose from the ashes in 2021. By the look of BB's knee, it looks like we really need Tmac circa 2018 back again.
  10. I find the most frustrating thing about Kane's nonsense comments is the fact they get a new thread here every time he opens his mouth. A nothing comment, with nothing to discuss further. Round 1 can't come soon enough.
  11. Why can't it get better? Why is he different to the multitude of AFL players who have had a history of knee issues that get on the park every week?
  12. At any given point, this will exclude more than half the list.
  13. Trump lost man, its time to move on with your life ...
  14. I'd go with a laugh, because thankfully ignorant views such at those here who are suggesting racism is a fictitious creation of the left are few and far between on this forum.
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