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  1. I'm torn. Although, gaz finishing without a flag is a delicious thought. Carn tiges
  2. Our track record with these types ain't great
  3. Seriously good comment. Couldn't agree more.
  4. Ironically, without it being a the corporate business it is today, we'd have very little to talk about in the off season at all, and therefore nothing to complain about when we get corporate lip service from the club.
  5. Didn't we get promised an EXTERNAL review if we didn't make finals? There's a reason teachers don't let kids mark their own homework ...
  6. In other breaking news - Oxygen is the key to breathing!
  7. I can't stand the bombers either, but curious as to how you've come up with this comment?
  8. Gee I'm glad you don't work for the club. This is cultural suicide in a team which lacks enough of it already.
  9. Roos was pretty glam in terms of salary ...
  10. As always, I find myself in furious agreement with you once more. Well said.
  11. It doesn't surprise me that you still use one of these at home
  12. I wonder if the players themselves had something to do with finishing on top the ladder
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