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  1. There is only 1 true pass mark
  2. Is it just me or is u23 an oddly specific number?
  3. Guys, the thick reference probably isn't the "thick as two short planks" type, it's more likely to be in relation to the increased muscle mass he's come back to training with
  4. Is this article conjecture, or have the club been quoted along these lines?
  5. I'm mostly concerned with how Robbo's words could bother anyone this much. Robbo comes across as a bloke that has a bottle of shiraz for breakfast every day, why would his subpar analysis surprise anyone? The only reason he still has a job is because his words spark furious debate like this. Don't get sucked in!
  6. I read a million a year with Collingwood covering 300k Fantastic result of true
  7. How does our community benefit from disparaging a young bloke in this way? I’m glad we don’t [censored] dead horses in this manner around here (often at least) Note: that’s a very precious word to censor DL. I mean it’s in the dictionary after all, hardly offensive!
  8. Why not? Not every good player that comes through is going to be a demon for life, that’s the reality of footy. Nothing wrong with developing young talent and then cashing in when they turn 21 in trades. Sure, it didn’t completely work out value wise with jacko this time, but it’s swings and roundabouts with these sort of things. In recent history, we’ve been the overall beneficiary in more trades than we haven’t. I would be furious is we passed on a great draft opportunity because we were concerned they’ll leave in 2-3 years for home. Re: Jacko - I don’t rate freo as highly as most, and I think them falling off a cliff like we did in 2019 is certainly a possibility. If that happens, suddenly this jacko trade is nothing short of elite for us. Time will tell.
  9. Here’s to freo falling off a cliff next year and finishing bottom 6 🍻 People will whinge about this trade, but we did as well as we could have here. What really matters is what we end up with over the next two days
  10. Almost read the article until I saw it was authored by a dirty gambling company. Neds (and their counterparts) can GAGF.
  11. Geelong will get another 142 million from the government. We will continue to train on a public park while begging for less.
  12. I think I’m gonna be sick 🤢
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