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  1. Ever think that maybe people are just expressing what they perceive as contributing factors to our loss, and not excuses? Do you reckon ANYONE here is thinking to themselves "we lost to Collingwood, but it's ok because we were tired"? All you're offering here is strawman arguments and opinions dressed as facts.
  2. Imagine thinking so highly of your own opinions that you would say something like this with authority lol
  3. How precious some are here to think they are entitled to a Melbourne season where we are 100% on our game every week and never register a loss
  4. I've spent years defending SW here on DL and to friends and family. I was convinced he had all the ability in the world and just needed a good run of games to get things clicking. My opinion on Sam has changed completely after watching him on the weekend. His intensity is nothing short of embarrassing for a 6"5 100kg forward. He cannot complete a mark to save his own life. He didn't even tackle. He does not provide a target i50 and defenders have started taking marks over him instead of punching. Trade or delist SW. Hope BB takes his chance now, otherwise our flag chances aren't l
  5. Happy to admit I was wrong about SW. Pathetic effort. Drop immediately for BB regardless of Casey form. Hope Sam gets traded
  6. This is the important part. In this scenario, suddenly our key forwards are all very old and toward the end of their careers. Doesn't bode well for our premiership window to last 5 years instead of 2
  7. I don't think he'll ever fully recover from the knee issues, ergo he may end up being a flop. I don't think that's a controversial position to take.
  8. BBB might end up a rare flop from our recruiting department at this rate ... I don't rate him that highly anyway, much rather more game time into Weideman
  9. Honest question - to those complaining about this survey, why don't you just just not fill it out and move on with your day? How often do you take issue with other completely optional academic surveys?
  10. No more than they were a week earlier
  11. Exactly my question. It seems so counter-intuitive to me, almost a slap in the face to the outgoing coach when you think about it. "Sorry Bucks, I know we've been terrible all year leading to your downfall as coach. But we love you, so we're gonna play properly this weekend for your last game and beat the best team in the comp"
  12. How unacceptable it is that someone isn't following the player satisfaction levels of mature age Collingwood players as closely as you are, and then has the nerve to ask a perfectly reasonable question in response to your assertions. Truly shocking.
  13. The notion of a team suddenly becoming more dangerous because their coach quit seems absurd to me. Can anyone give me a tangible reason why they'd suddenly turn around and play well in this scenario? Dee's by 50+ this weekend
  14. Not sure you watch SW closely enough if you think he parks himself i50 all game. Can recall a few things hes done up the ground in the last few weeks
  15. Only a Melbourne supporter could identify a "danger period" in the fixture after we're 11-1 lol
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