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  1. yeah me too both of those were over at quarter time not this time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. yes great no pressure for once in last quarter just enjoyed it amazing will not be that easy next game but great seeing players rested along the way just hope may can get up in 2 weeeks
  3. Gd I hope we thrash cats just to see the look of SCOTTS face
  4. yes shocking call. But a really hard code to umpire I am sure they do their best . I have a mate who is is umpiring at VFL level and trying to get to AFL. The work and devotion they do is amazing not to mention the constant answering and criticism they cop off their superiors. Yes money is OK but a hard job. threats on social media no thanks !! .
  5. Yrs I was a doubter and did not watch 3rd quarter. Turned on at start of last just content with fighting back and to not get thrashed...........we bloody won !!! lots of jumping around the lounge room So happy for max to kick that one geelong out in straight sets I hope
  6. we will beat the cats when it really counts like we always do.. think finals
  7. see you in adelaide next week if we could go Its over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just win next week or the week later I
  8. No it was not 2 minutes away from the worst defeat in living memory bloody angry what they put us through the last 15 minutes .....west coast [censored] heads are not that good to be allowed to come back like that I usually do not say anything about umpires but they were shocking that one against May for contesting from the side Royal commission needed as to why they are so bad at interstate venues against Vic sides votes tonight Umpires 3 brownlow votes.
  9. Glad we hung on but a rubbish effort after break ..... 2 minutes away from a shocking defeat Cannot sleep I am angry with that last effort as for umpires boo to the max
  10. Against a poo side the job was adequately done Now for next week
  11. Yeah might be time for a spell maybe bring the jones boy back for a few games. How is he going in the twos. NO one can question Vineys commitment and courage but just not working for him and team since he came back... and I love the bloke
  12. Fair dinkum !! played them back into form
  13. Yeah but thats the point we still to finish top 4 which is looking perilous
  14. yep its over turn ing over to the swimming (not really but frustrated)
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