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  1. I’d rather hogan, AVB and Tyson than the two state league players and Steven May that you’ve replaced them with to be honest.
  2. If there was a roof at Optus stadium yesterday it would have blown off. It was incredible.
  3. Just got here, as soon as I walked from the bridge off the plane a lady walked past me and said ‘booooo’ no joke. There was a plane full of demons that left just before mine. Great to see ?
  4. I’m in the exact same boat!
  5. I hope so! Not overly keen on a sitting in the pocket though, better than sitting amongst eagles fans I suppose
  6. Heading over to Perth on my own, I understand the 50/50 split however if I choose a section and no other dees supporters select that section I’m guessing I’ll be surrounded by eagles fans. Anyone have any ideas where to sit other than section 105 with the cheer squad. Preferably level 2 on ground on the wing?
  7. Mercury Cider is a beverage from CUB Breweries and they're only the Blues shorts sponsor. Not a direct replacement for CareerOne.
  8. Saw him today at Luna Park, he had a brace for his thumb that he was using intermittently pulling it in and out of his pocket. Dont know if it's the reason why he's wasn't selected but may have something to do with it.
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