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  1. Look in the mirror Brereton, you and your mate Dippa crossed the line many times, during your time as a player. Will never forgive Dippa smacking into Robbie Flower, and injuring his shoulder😡
  2. It needs fixing that's for sure. It's staggering that the AFL is a professional sport, but the umpires are not, they should, maybe look to change this in the future?
  3. Need to learn to kick more goals, even if we could turn half of those points into goal would make a huge difference.
  4. Victoria to go into their 5th lockdown.
  5. I was lucky enough to speak to Robbie Flower at one of our family days, and also had a photo taken, he was so nice💖 Met Jack Viney at the B&F a few years ago, he was lovely spoke how he was looking forward to going on holidays to Vietnam at the time. Same B&F Brian Dixon came up to a group of us to say hello. Ox is great as well, he always takes the time speak to fans, as well as getting a photo taken.
  6. I used to have mmm on when in my car, until one Friday night before one of the games. I kid you not that Howie guy kept going on about Chris Judd's trip to Japan, and you would think ok maybe his going to talk about the people, the food and normal stuff, no he went on about, how, their words not mine wearing poo slipers when going to the toilet. Judd went on and on about having to wear slippers whilst in the dunny, with that Howie guy saying Juddie your so funny🤮 It wasn't far from it, yes we know they talk $*@# but this takes the cake, will never listen to that station until they grow up and start acting like adults, and not like ferals😠
  7. Your not, after this win, stay home and watch the again😉
  8. NOOOOOO, fingers crossed it's not you know what??
  9. Was thinking the same thing Jaded, would be great if we could turn them into goals. Well we can work on that, so happy.
  10. So very proud of our boys tonight, well done to each and every one of them🥰
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