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  1. Poor Kozzie i didn't know his mum had passed away? May she R.I.P Love Nev🥰
  2. We should ask tennis Australia if they would like to move😊
  3. Just placed an order for both😁
  4. I ordered both a hoodie and a poster, arrived yesterday, so maybe you will get yours hardtack some time this week?
  5. The only winners, if the club were to take legal action would be the lawyers😔
  6. Before Jack was drafted, he said he had always wanted to play for the Melbourne football club. We were the joke of the AFL at the time, Jack could have played for a better side, but with a great big smile he said he wanted to play for the Dee's, he was 16 years of age at the time when he said it, i was gobbed smacked. From that moment i loved JV and what he brings to our club. A few years ago i was lucky enough to meet him at one of our b&f he was lovely and spoke to me for a while. I'm so glad he got to play in this years GF and come home with a win🥰
  7. Robbie would be so proud of the boys this year🙂 True red and blue that's for sure🥰
  8. Great leader for our club, he will make a great coach one day☺️
  9. I think you have to take min three to use in the draft?
  10. Sounds like a hard worker, always willing to learn, and sounds like Jason Taylor likes what he has seen☺️
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