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  1. Sorry guys my stuff up, legend.
  2. Happy Birthday Ron😁you demon🤗🎂 legden.
  3. Poor kid, maybe it's time to think about his health and moving away from footy😪
  4. R.I.P Mr Murray, thoughts are with family and friends.
  5. Congrats Nibbler on your scholarship🥰😇
  6. Please, oh please football GOD, let both be ok for round one🤞and the rest of 2021🙏
  7. Yes to think all those years and all that money wasted because of CS😬
  8. Congrats Neale, looking amazing as well.🥰
  9. R.I.P Mark, thoughts are with family and friends at this time.
  10. Thanks for the great info on todays training report🥰
  11. Gus, was sent back to Melbourne to have surgery, the day after it happened.
  12. A very Merry Chrstmas to all on Demonland, and a very safe, happy and Covid 19 free 2021🥰
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