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  1. Max didn't look well last night, not sure if there is something wrong with his back, or something else, just looked unwell.
  2. Well do i have a story to tell, in the last Q when they showed Ron Barassi on the big screen, the people behind us said, and i kid you not, " who's the old guy on the screen? People came up to us after the game and we telling them, lets just say there was a lot of head shaking going on. And yes they were Melbourne supporters.
  3. I hope Sam's stays with us??🤞 Hate to see him at the pies😪
  4. Just enjoying the wins😁wearing our colours out and about, cost me $$$ in Melbourne merch, so it's nice to be wearing them and showing them off, then sitting in wardrobe😃
  5. Have to agree, with Robbo. One thing that stood out for me was not having our own home ground, the club realy needs fix this; i wish we could convince the MCC to allow us to make the MCG our home, to train on and have everything our players need?
  6. Stuff the AFL, May gets smacked in the face and blood pouring out, and dwakings walks away free🤬
  7. Hope your right, because we need him for the swans game🤞
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