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  1. Just selected in the Rookie draft. https://twitter.com/melbournefc/status/1464089015347400705?s=20182cm running defender from East Freemantle.
  2. The 2021 AFL National Draft had something for everyone and predictably on the morning after, the media is talking about how each of the 18 clubs nailed it. Plenty of hidden gems picked up with late picks and lots of bargain basement acquisitions and steals that render their recruiters in the genius class. I liked the fact that after the predictability of the top 10 selections, the rest of the draft veered away into unexpected regions, a factor that added interest to an event that often drifts into boredom. The event was also spiced up with an array of side issues such as controversy about trading of draft picks present and future, some Covid19 diagnoses and even the news of one “draft hopeful” (who nobody seems to have heard of previously) allegedly getting busted for using a banned stimulant and thereby putting his playing future in doubt. The one thing for sure about any recruiting process is that despite all of the hype and sometimes misinformation, the fact that a player has been drafted is merely the start. Whether you’re Jason Horne-Francis, the first player selected on night one, or Taj Woewodin, the last name called out last night, you begin your AFL career on level pegging. It was noted earlier in the week that the average a drafted player lasts on an AFL list is three years. To gain credibility they have to work hard and gain credibility - usually after the first fifty games. The same can be said about players chosen with today’s third crack including the Preseason and Rookie Drafts. Actually, it’s a busy day today with an array of activities listed on the AFL’s calendar (see below). I will leave the evaluation to another time but the result to date of Melbourne’s post 2021 premiership recruiting (and doesn’t that sound great?) is the addition of Luke Dunstan, Jacob Van Rooyen, Blake Howes and Taj Woewodin. At around lunchtime today, we can expect to welcome another selection - Northern Territory NGA Andy Moniz-Wakefield as a Category B Rookie. After that, kick your heels up or relax because it’s almost over for another year. The club may or may not pick a rookie in mid afternoon or … it might wait until the Pre-Season Supplemental Selection Period in March next year. Today’s Calendar • 10.00am – AFL Club List Lodgement (3) • 12.00-12:30pm – Pre-Selected Rookies; NSW and Queensland Eligible Pre-Selected Rookie Player Nominations Lodged; Father-Son Pre-Selected Rookie Player Nominations Lodged; Academy Pre-Selected Rookie Player Nominations Lodged; NGA Pre-Selected Rookie Player Nominations Lodged (Note: These nominations remain confidential until announced between NAB AFL Pre-Season/Rookie Draft) • 3.00pm – NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft Selection Meeting • 3.15pm – Notification of Pre-Selected Rookies Nominated on Friday 26 November by 12.30pm if not selected in the NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft • 3.20pm – NAB AFL Rookie Draft Selection Meeting
  3. I assume everyone recalls in late 2013 when Roos came under attack from Richard Colless for trying to lure a Swans Academy player into the draft so we could select him early? http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/sydney-chairman-richard-colless-slams-paul-roos-for-trying-to-lure-emerging-swans-prospects/story-fni5fan7-1226723906733 Well the 178cm young midfielder was delisted by the Swans after two horror injury run seasons in which he did his knee three times (twice on one, once the other). In the limited opportunities that he had at NEAFL level, he showed he had some ability, and played a very strong game (his 5th back) before he did his knee for the last time. http://www.aflplayerratings.com.au/Ratings/Player/117355/Lloyd-PERRIS Now I'm not saying lets sign him on the senior list now. But given Roos history with him, and how keen he was to secure him. When it gets to Pick 24 in the Rookie Draft, could this kid be worth a punt. Worst case scenario he doesn't get on the park and he's off our rookie list in 12 months anyway! Thoughts? I say get him!
  4. Was delisted just recently and I reckon may be worth a lifeline at Pick 2 in the rookie draft. 23 years old, 192cm, 88kg KPF who's kicked 35 goals in 25 matches but has never had a full run with Brisbane. Given Clark and Dawes injury concerns and our obvious game plan around 3 key forwards I think it's important that we have plenty of depth in the area and a mature age rookie selection could be just the go I reckon. http://www.lions.com.au/player-profile/aaron-cornelius Some other options for mine are Mitch Thorp from the TSL, although he may go in the national draft and Khan Haretuku (VFL) and Andrew Ainger (SANFL). So curious to hear what people think of the prospect of throwing the Tasmanian a rookie lifeline? I remember I was actually keen on drafting him back in Watt's draft year with a late pick.
  5. This is a guy who's worth looking at in the rookie draft IMO. 198cm 98kg 23 year old KPF who can also play back in if needed. Kicked 57 goals in 50 VFL games with Frankston Dolphins, however spent his first season (12 games) in defence and in his last match went off injured before getting a kick so it's effectively 57 goals in 37 games. Best season was in 2012 where he kicked 30 goals in 18 matches averaging a tick under 12 posessions and 6 marks a game. Missed the start of this season with injury but in his first 5 games back has kicked 12 goals and a tick under 13 posessions a game and 5 marks each game. Here's a snippet of what he can do taking mark of the day a few weeks back. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNKH4yoQpp8 I know we have a few tall forwards, but if as some people have suggested we trade Fitzpatrick given his rising currency and if there's any issues with Mitch, Khan could be handy insurance.
  6. 193cm, 22 year old KPD with Perth Demons who's having a very good year in the WAFL. http://www.wafl.com.au/players/view/5007 I've seen a bit of him on ABC iview in the WAFL and he looks to have a strong body and reminds me a bit of Sam Fisher with his ability to set up play from the back half. Given i think we'll see the end of Sellar, Gillies and Joel MacDonald and our early draft picks will focus on our midfield wonder what our WA demons think of the man from Perth Demons? I reckon he could be worth a shot as a mature age rookie. Edit: Spelling
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