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  1. Thank you Burgess for all you have done for our footy club🥰
  2. Ok thank you, hope we are able to go?
  3. Speaking of Goschs & Casey, when do the boys start training, and will it mostly be out at Casey late this year and next year?
  4. Yes a very big thank you Choco, also a like to thank Yze and others that helped our great club this year🥰
  5. Kozzie did amazing things, watched him never give up, he had three bulldog players around him and he kept trying to smash pass them to get the footy. As they say some times it's the little things that can make a huge difference.
  6. Thank you from all of us, who could not be there in person, for making it the best day in footy history🥰 You guys are the best🤗
  7. Always loved here🥰 I have two of my jumpers with the number 7 on the back of them😁 And soon to be my new jumper with number 7 on the back🤩
  8. As long as Gawny and Gus, get to interview PC when he comes back home😅
  9. I got mine at our very first match at the Demon shop, a lady came up to me and ask if i had my scarf yet and i said no, here you go, and gave me one. So it's thanks to her for handing me one😀
  10. Great to see Gaz just being one of us, and enjoying the win😃
  11. What the ???? Wonder when they got this #*&^ done??
  13. Would like to also acknowledge my Dad, it's because of him i'm a Demon fanatic. My Dad passed away 31 years yesterday, love you, and wish you were here.😪💖💙
  14. Don't worry Jaded, next year we will all back at the M.C.G😉 Yes it did look a lot of fun though
  15. I used to watch at home with my late Dad, love watching my dad at least get to see us win GF in the under 19s
  16. First goal. Jackson Norm Smith. Viney Most goals. Fritsch Winning Margin. 40 points
  17. We are all so very proud of what you have done during the 2021 season, but the job is not finished yet. this is your moment to be part of something great, enjoy every moment, back each other in and do what you have done all year. There can only be one winner and the end of the match, and we want it to be the mighty DEMONS! IT"S DEMON TIME!
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