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  1. Kevin did that often - my son in law also had the thrill to wear the medal. And for those too young to remember, Kevin was a champion of champions. He was that good.
  2. Even though he is not yet a ghost, his spirit is alive and well at the ground.
  3. Would have been nice to see Woey Jnr in 22. Perhaps he chose not to.
  4. Hope it means that players get only one shot at a disposal - no 360 turns or pretend handballs. In order to be fair, umpires should be lenient to those players who, while complying with this rule, cannot avoid putting the ball out of bounds due to the tackle.
  5. I think they also played at Coburg for at least one year. And WJ, you forgot to include the greatest Lion of all who until recently attended some home games - the still living legend Kevin Murray. Agree on the atmosphere - they are a great club.
  6. It was built in 1937 so by the end of its life the facilities were primitive. No AFL/VFL members - sit or stand anywhere. Hard timber seats and smokers everywhere. Glad it was demolished. Go to see the last game (GF) and attended the first test match in the new stand.
  7. Started going to the footy in the early 60s. Have been to every ground in suburban Melbourne (no Geelong) when they were all much the same mostly standing room in the outer with poor amenities. Sadly (or not) they are all gone. The old MCG (DEES only), Junction Oval (sainters before before Moorabbin), Lakeside Oval (South Melbourne before Sydney), Punt Rd Oval (toiges), Glenferrie Oval (dorks), Victoria Park (filth), Princes Park (lollie blues), Windy Hill (bummers), Western Oval (bullies), Brunswick St Oval (lions before ground sharing with others), Arden St (roos). Waverley Park came later and was was cold, ope,n difficult to get to and barren but we won the 1987 night grand final there so has sweet memories. The old grounds were rough and ready but, so long as the footy was good, we didn't care. We were watching the greatest game on earth.
  8. How did this thread get a title change? Kitty litter?????
  9. Or more likely from hoisting the cup multiple times. Lifting my arms to celebrate Bang! Bang, bang, bang leads to chronic soreness. Long may it last.
  10. Even if Roos did nothing special to improve the club and the playing list, he at least stopped the rot and lent his prestige and reputation to lift the club's profile if not its playing style and record of success. He also brought us Goody. For this we are grateful.
  11. For those of us who waited every day for 57 years, it is not just all, but it is everything. This time with my family. Bang! Bang, bang, bang still chokes me up and Max and Goody lifting the cup does it all over again. This feeling will never go away. GO DEES
  12. Less than one half of football. Greater rate than 186.
  13. To everyone who has replied. I started this thread to gauge supporters reactions to that awful day. The universal response has been that it is history and we now move on as PREMIERS. My hope is that, should we once again pass through a difficult time, this will never be raised again. GO DEES
  14. I have now again watched the most exciting, thrilling and important 7 goals in 57 years of longing and despair. Everything that happened over that period is now at an end. We are PREMIERS. GO DEES
  15. In the grand final, we outscored the doggies by 93 points in a quarter and a half. Extrapolate that for a whole game (not real but for comparison purposes) and that rate of outscoring would equate to 248 points. When it happened to us, we were at the lowest point of our form and ability. OTOH, the doggies were in a GF and streaming until we rose from our lethargy. I reckon that a 93 margin in a quarter and a half in a GF is enough to cancel out the memory of 186. GO DEES
  16. OOPS. Not a petty mistake. Glad I am not the coaching panel.
  17. Hibbert, May, Lever, Tomlinson, Salem, Rivers, Bowey, Hunt, J Smith. On disclosed form in 2021 all deserve a spot. Problem is that each week we need only 7, max 8 to play in defence (including rotation) and there is no room in the midfield for those who could play there as well and the forward line is overcrowded as well. Nice problem to have. But what a challenge for the coaching panel to get the best out of the group. GO DEES.
  18. What I enjoyed most was that the book was not just about Maxie but about the team. His was highly complimentary about the other players and highlighted their contributions to success. He even included the contributions of former players. Clearly written by an impressive mature, classy leader to serve a higher purpose. GO DEES.
  19. We remain last year's premiers until the end of season 2022. Need more time to savour the pleasure.
  20. What criteria are adopted for the votes is unknown. Impact on the result, commitment to team plans, fulfilling roles, plugging gaps, versatility, innovation at the contest, exceeding expectations etc may also be relevant criteria in addition to accumulation of possessions and scores. Be proud of all players. They all contributed.
  21. Players are not commodities, Redleg. Let's be careful before we become so hubristic that we think that our lesser players have enhanced values that are tradable. One of the magic features of 2021 was the unity of the club. Let's keep it that way.
  22. WC and Brisbane had Brownlow medallists and stars in abundance. Yet none had 2 dominating ruckmen and I am not sure that any of them could have performed as well as the dees on grand final day. 16 goals to one is beyond compare. Individually Maxie, CP5 and Clarrie are as good as if not better than any others. But whilst we may not have out and out stars to back them up, we have a highly talented, disciplined and cohesive group to do that job. For once, the expression "a champion team is better than a team of champions holds true for the 2021 dees. Based on results, we are as good as any other combination.
  23. Except for the occasional Bont trick, their midfielders are accumulators (how often do Macrae and Hunter just lurk behind or on the side for easy possessions) not power players who can dominate and influence the game. Note how important Viney was in the third quarter in the centre square battles. That's power, not possessions. None of course can compare with CP5 or Clarrie.
  24. I go back further to Shultz, Farmer, Nicholls, Dempsey, Moss, Thompson and others. Maxie's all round game in the air and on the ground was by far the most dominant of any of the above. He is worthy of being considered in their company.
  25. Only Bont might be good enough to play for the dees. Only he might be comparable to CP5 or Clarrie. The rest of their supposed strong midfield is serviceable but not outstanding. No comparison to JV, Angus, Langers, Harmes, who excel when led by Maxie, CP5 and Clarrie.
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