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  1. Time to shut down this thread. Not hypothetically, but really. It is no longer serving any purpose.
  2. This topic should calm down and focus on footy only, not anyone's background. Harry is a potentially great footballer. Let's leave it at that and wish him well.
  3. We all got it in 2021. Fully redeemed.
  4. How did he come to still be available as a late rookie selection? Have we missed something? I know that his best form was in junior football but how is that not different to nearly all other draftees? Anyone who can kick as many goals as he did, even against weak opposition, is worth a serious look. Goal kicking smarts are a rare commodity.
  5. JMac was a rookie. Robbo was drafted because he took a screamer. Let's hope Olies' talents are just evolving too.
  6. What else but 22 games at the MCG on Saturday afternoons. I know we have not played well at the G recently but, after a few games, we should be able to find our mojo and start to dominate at home. Anything else is detrimental to our chances.
  7. Got my package today. Scarf, ticket, stickers and 35 year pin. I have retained the annual scarf since they started. Could make a nice quilt although 2021 will always remain single and brought out only for special occasions. GO DEES
  8. There is no certainty that four or more umpires will make fewer mistakes. Until the rules and the interpretations are simplified and made more "user friendly" no amount of umpires will solve the problem. For example, prior opportunity should mean what it says - a single, once only, one off prior opportunity to dispose of the ball. For fairness, the tackle should be sufficiently strong to [censored] the player with the ball. Simple rule, interpretation and application. However, it is true that umpires on the field often pick up infringements that are only seen in slow motion replays because of their proximity to the action. On the other hand, they often miss infringements that are only seen in slow motion replays. Four umpires will not remove this anomaly. Although it is rare for the players to not "get it" after a free kick is paid although they might object. I hope that there will be a time when the AFL stops trying to "micro manage" the game. Our great game of footy is great enough.
  9. They can play bridge. Same as umpiring. Educated guesses.
  10. Except for the spring and autumn carnivals when the real group 1 horses race. The rest of the year and for all non-metropolitan races I agree.
  11. Fritta's role is to kick goals. I believe that his eyes and mind are always on a goal kicking opportunity. That he once ignored Tracc in a better position is not a failure. He was just doing his job. It falls to his team mates to support him in this role by shepherding, leading oppos away, loud voices etc. Six goals in a premiership buys a lot of indulgence..
  12. It would all stop if the players were prepared to take a pay cut for the amount that gambling promotion delivers to the AFL. I am not holding my breath.
  13. Using the real estate analogy, it's not how he starts but how he finishes. So long as he comes good for the finals (as in 2021) we will be OK. If not, then we have the opportunity to find and develop alternatives who are likely to be need for 2024.
  14. Five (or even fifty five) so called hand picked experts will still not get it right. Only the umpires are at the "coal face" and can know who is trying hard and influencing the game. From over then fence who can tell? And in any event, where can the AFL find 45 so called experts every week. Each one vulnerable to outside influences. Cannot, should not ever happen. The only real solution is to ban or restrict betting on the Brownlow. I know that illegal betting will go on but it then becomes a police issue as having legal betting doesn't seem to stop the crooks. Too much betting on footy. Can only corrupt the game.
  15. Can take a mark, can kick goals, has a second effort and has a footy brain. We live in hope for his success.
  16. I hope you are right but he still hasn't played a senior game.
  17. Too much hit and miss. Requires all of them to fire at the same time. Do you reckon giving away Hunter and Schache for next to nothing might impact on their window? I do.
  18. Ed Langdon changed our game plan. His constant up and down running to support the midfield as well as his preparedness to back the back line and then run forward and present as a target in the forward line sets him apart from any other player. Pity he can only play one side. So we have recruited Hunter in the hope that he will emulate Ed's play on the other side. One Ed Langdon is great, two would be out of this world. GO DEES
  19. As I stated before on this thread, the discussion is getting out of hand and too personal. Unless the discussion relates to Mr Lawrence's attempt to contact the members or to the changes to the constitution, then the moderators should shut this down.
  20. This discussion is getting out of hand. The real, and only, issue is whether or not Mr Lawrence has been able to communicate his position to the members. The short and long answer is an unequivocal YES. I received his letter in the post office mail about the same time as he went to the Supreme Court. So when he went to court he already had the addresses and had printed and mailed his documents. Why go to court to obtain email addresses? The most obvious, logical reason (HT Occam) that I can decipher is to save the enormous cost of printing and mailing hard copies. But if this had already been completed, then, I ask again, why did he need he need to go to court to obtain email addresses? This remains a mystery. BTW, although most of the recommended changes to the constitution made good sense, he had some valid points to make but given that it was an all or nothing vote by the members (not item by item), it was either too late or too early to run his case. Perhaps next year.
  21. For once we are in a good position - stable board, well coached, strong list, financially secure and well managed. Constitutional review seeks to enhance our enviable position as a strong, well managed club. Are all the changes of equal worth? Perhaps not but none would adversely impact on our club. So let's not get too hung up on the constitution but instead let's focus on on good thoughts such as where Angus will play, how Maxie and Grundy will combine, how to fit Hunter and Schache into the team and how to ease the load on Clarrie and Tracca so they can be more damaging. GO DEES
  22. As Tim Lamb says, it's his versatility that is attractive. Is taller than Weid, can play forward or back and has proven that he is a goal kicker in the VFL. Could also be cover for the injury depleted BBB. Sadly, Weid never did. With some intense coaching and training, could do well and surprise.
  23. Received the alternative view today. Very slick and professional but not much help for the club. If they already have addresses and have sent out many thousands of brochures, then why do they need email addresses? Enough is enough. I want some privacy.
  24. It has always been the best position that the 23 who played on GF day deserve to be acknowledged and this should, inter alia, include being on the team photo forever, being on the ground at the end and receiving a premiership medallion. It has always been the best position that those who didn't play but contributed to the team's success, be it players who either played in the 22 in at least one match or trained with the squad, on field support such as coaches, runners, physios, doctors, trainers, water providers etc, should also receive some form of recognition as contributors to the teams success. This could take the form of a ring, special certificate, inclusion in official photo of the club or some other momento. Personally, I like a ring that can be worn with pride and fellowship.
  25. Trapper's sublime skill (never seen in another player) was to be able to kick to a position on the field that would drag the player to the ball. That he did not fulfill his promise was due more to the inability of the coaches and his team mates to recognise and play to his strengths. As for talent - no one comes close to Robbie. But Trapper is in the next group.
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