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  1. Good research, and looks damning... Anything on Essendon or Western Bulldogs @Roger Mellie? * I wouldn't know where to begin to source that info...
  2. Thanks, there is a lot I don't consider when it comes to future rule adjustments... @Demons11 what's your take on why most clubs (but not all??) would play 2 rucks... what's the purpose, what does it allow? And if you have the 2 best, what advantage does that give you - beyond hit outs, and hit outs to advantage?
  3. I wonder what the specific strategy of getting Grundy across to co-exist with Gawn is, that, wouldn't render Gawn (or Grundy himself) into marginal roles... There has to be a highly specific reason/plan/strategy why the FD want Grundy as a direct replacement (not necessarily like for like) for Jackson, What are his attributes that he has displayed historically, that can help the team system, and contribute in a meaningful way that his highly specific attributes allow...whilst ALSO allowing the premier ruckman in the league, who also has highly specific yet different attributes, also flourish, and thus help the team achieve the aim of another premiership. It's probably not about bombing it into the F50 pockets...I'd be pondering it a bit deeper than that.
  4. Anyways, there’s this weird thing going on in this thread that people buy into that if it’s not in the media overtly then nothing is happening? Why do folk believe that the absence of reporting infers the absence of enquiry and that we (just like every other team) are looking at improving the list whilst trying to balance - $, roles that people will play, attributes, values etc etc with what the club wants vs what the individual desires… it’s just happening in the quiet (as it is with 90% of convos) I can’t imagine Nippy only received a call in the last 3 weeks from WCE… can you?
  5. Disagree that 'they got us' - I feel it's a bit more nuanced than mrerely that Dazzle, I attribute it to, our injuries caught up finally, as they had being doing in game for most of the last 2.5 months. The output from the injury toll incrementally got worse... some more significant than others (Oliver thumb and eye socket, Petracca fractured tibia)... etc etc. Brisbane are a 7-5 side at best....
  6. Sounds like it's on... Andy Lovell, Craig Turley, Steven Armstrong, Paul Johnson, some luminaries there... well maybe just one.
  7. I strongly disagree with this statement... and am surprised people still go with it....or perhaps I shouldn't be.
  8. Is there a way that he could get to the Demons? What is he worth? What would we give up? Is Luke Jackson part of this? Would he complement our forward line? Would he compliment our system? Would our system need to change?
  9. No reason given Dazzle... it was there and then around 10 minutes later it was gone. **I'll try my luck again"
  10. He can’t do it yet as nothing is certain… How would you receive it if he did it before the trade was locked in?
  11. I put it up - titled it ‘Is Aaron Naughton posting on Melbourne Demon players socials yet?’ And it was taken down posthaste! I was marginally upset.
  12. Poor ba$tard - he'd better perform, or he'll be more of a Demonland whipping boy than Spargo and ANB combined...
  13. Thanks for that @xman97 is this a direct way of interpreting it via how I assume the NBA works? I am so naive in this area.
  14. Must have misinterpreted this... my apologies.
  15. Hence Goodwins unusual overt frustration in the post game presser against The Bulldogs...
  16. Ahhh, the ol they were complacent reason. Just confirming they were complacent at 0-0 5-0 10-0 12-3 16-6
  17. Ahhh, a trip down memory lane... This year feels a lot more relaxed! How do you spend your pre-game 1 year ago? For me, I was camping in a motorhome in Halls Gap, my parents in law happened to be up there as well... it was pouring with rain. My dear wife had pretty heavy menstruation, my then 5yo was also a bit sick, with all of that, she was over the camping and decided to leave and go back home. My parents in law kindly drove her and my son back. That left me with the motorhome by myself - and a choice to head back to regional lock down ... so I drove to the edge of the nearest LGA that wasn't in lockdown and ended up in...Birregurra, rented a house for the night, brought plenty of Forrest Brewery Beers and lit an open fire and relaxed.....and then paced around, and paced around some more...happy in the knowledge that I could completely stress the [censored] out by myself and not on public display...
  18. In all seriousness, is there a trade scenario that could make this happen?
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