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  1. I can normally shrug of the arrogance of people... but I haven't been able to let this one go. Anyway, I present some artwork. Yes, yes, I am a very petty person.
  2. Thought I'd bring up my own thread - just to be a smug bastard - around the meaningfulness of how we were tracking and the little observations that were there, even in the early round, were actually a portent of what was to come.
  3. I opened you tube and sourced sen commentary grand final 2021 - as well as kayo (if you have it) and synched it up perfectly through that. I had the abc radio version. sublime.
  4. I thought Browns goal in the third was a clear hands in the back against him I thought Schache should have had a free when Brayshaw smashed into him in their 50 I thought Pickett should have clearly had a free against Libba I thought Max should have had a free in the goal square when Easton Wood went front on (spoiled the ball mind you)]
  5. I'd totally be up for a link to abc or any other radio broadcast coverage.
  6. At the end of last nights game, I noticed I was feeling disappointed for Kossie, not to get a lick of the ice cream and jag a goal or three. It felt expected in a win of that magnitude. I then read he only had 4 possessions... and I wondered if he felt he hadn't contributed meaningfully to the win on the day. I then, checked myself to recall that stats don't necessarily tell the influence that some one has on the game (looking at you as well TMAC)... Anyway, a little nod to Kysaiah's work by the lads at Mongrel Punt. DO KYSAIAH PICKETT’S FOUR TOUCHES TELL THE STORY OF HIS GAME? No, no, no… not by a long shot. You see, there was this other guy who used to play small forward around seven or eight years ago. Turns out he was pretty good at it. Played for Hawthorn… name was Rolly or something? Ever heard of him? Apparently, some people used to think he didn’t do enough because they were used to looking at the stats sheet and assessing players by numbers. Players like Pickett, and yes, players like Cyril Rioli, make those numbers seem redundant. Put it this way – Charlie Spargo has Kysaiah Pickett to thank for his goal in the first quarter. It was all about Pickett’s pressure, firstly to not give up the ghost in a two-on-one disadvantage. Secondly, his lunge at the Dogs’ defender caused an error, leading to a turnover and the Spargo goal. There was another aspect to his game I found interesting, as well. Pickett has made a name for himself with his blistering closing speed, but if you watch the game again, as I am sure you will, watch the way he refuses to commit to the elusive Caleb Daniel. Instead of charging at him, and opening himself up to the sidestep, which Daniel does so well, Pickett stays off him and corrals him, forcing him to kick over or around him. It’s bloody smart! Daniel has made a fool of a heap of players over the past couple of years, walking around them like they were traffic cones – not Pickett. He was well-drilled in the way he played Daniel, and the further the game progressed, the less efficient Daniel become.
  7. Oh, what was the song? Can't two teams like the same song?
  8. The turn around in the last two months to realise our scoring potential has been amazing.. whether that is synergy between the forwards, or something else I am not sure. Anyway here are some lovely bits of data or data (depending on how you say it).
  9. https://twitter.com/StatsInsider/status/1441725915604471811?s=20
  10. I am so so pleased that Max on live tv mentioned the names of Dean Bailey, Sean Wight, Colin Syliva and Troy Broadbridge in particular as a way to honor them, their contribution to the fabric of their club and their remaining families.
  11. I wanted to acknowledge my Dad. Howard - died of MND 5 years ago this past May. Thanks for all the kicks of football on the farm in the orchard. Thanks for buying me a banana milkshake when Jimmy ran over the mark. Thanks for supporting me and driving me to all my sports, and taking me up to the MCG, sharing your love of Hassa Mann and Tiger Ridley, your disdain for all acts of thugery and violence on the field and teaching me that as I was left footed it gave me an advantage over most people that turned to kick on their right (didn't help). Thanks for buying me my first Demons top -made of wool, wearing it on cold cold junior footy nights and being covered in mud - the only one in Portland, with all other kids wearing Tigers, Geelong or Collingwood. Thanks for washing it.. a lot. Thanks for linking me into a team with a shared history of under performing... plenty of exposure to uncomfortable emotions learned early 😍 *these are some photos of Dad in his last stages of MND -> holding my son (family's first grand child) for the fist time, linked in to Danihers Drive and finally, the night before he died.(lets not turn away from the realities of existence). As Neale has said - it is a 'beast' of a disease. It would have been tremendous to have you watch us finally have some shared success, and now with the third generation - your 5yo grandson - a lover of all things Kossie Pickett and red and blue.
  12. An alternate to @faultydet Bloke posts photo of inviting beers with site he is posting to in the background.
  13. Interesting the focus on the 'grand final' experience differential between the two teams. Most media outlets are reporting 7-1 in favour of The Bulldogs... I am surprised they have forgotten this immense occasion, and the exposure to pressure matches that this gave TMac, Nibbler, Gus, Petracca, Fritsch and Harmsey.
  14. totally b) - @Skuit You're up in FN Aus aren't you? - must be stifling heat 😄... Currently where I am, it's wet, windy and hammering with rain.
  15. Mmm...random stuff to ponder with 4 hours to go... I quite like Luke as a coach, but when did he become a genius? What's with THAT narrative in the media? Is Goodwin not a marginally better genius? Where's the print on that?
  16. We are societal story tellers @Mazer Rackham - love your work. It's better than grand final replays that never involve the Dees.
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