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  1. Really what else would he say before a grand final anyhow even if he is part of a trade for Cerra ... love Angus but the swap makes sense if he wants to go ... dees want a pure wingman and freo would be happy to get in a decent mid that still fits their younger list profile and adds a ton of leadership ... the Angus and Andrew show would be a winner over there ... would it also explain the Lachie Neale about face
  2. Yep, clearly an issue, the main symptom is the need to scratch you thigh with your left hand vigorously which he had been carrying recently
  3. Getting a 2 year extension rather than 1, suggests to me they gave him the extra year on the condition it would be on very modest coin which allowed the club even greater flexibility to smooth it over 3 years ... club can't do a thing wrong at the moment ...
  4. If I was in Perth right now there is no way I would be rushing back either. As a 25 year member I won't be the slightest bit offended. I don't need them in Melbourne only to appear on Zoom anyhow! Just bring home the bacon!
  5. To be honest, he had one, maybe one and a half really strong years in his time at MFC. He is also past his best at 30 years of age, and the club would be saying to him that there will be limited opportunities next season and there is unlikely to be a contract for you after that. You have our blessing to seek greater security elsewhere and we will work with the clubs of your choice in good faith to get you there. If that falls though we will welcome you back with open arms.
  6. Was very well done and l understand it got lots of clicks ... given we came off a horrid season l'm sure it retained a few memberships we would have otherwise lost
  7. Agree, potential is a ugly word by years 4,5 and 6 plus. A shame as he seems to work hard unlike the others mentioned. Trying him as a key back might work as suggested e.g. the Tarrant brothers, Liam Jones, Darcy Moore. If he successfully trains as a key utility then he could get a few games that way as we aren't always going to be injury free like this year
  8. "That's one of the white hottest teams I've ever played in a game of football" Isaac Smith on the loss to the Demons ... he would know having played in a heap of high pressure finals before ... we just need to come with the same level of intensity again ... next time a mismatched Brown kicks 5 or close is my prediction
  9. Can we add Jason Taylor's 4 year extension to this list 😉
  10. Robbie was the Nathan Jones of that era. Equal amounts if loyalty, care, leadership.and unfortunately team success
  11. Sorry, a live cross of the birth is the last thing l want to see
  12. Legend ... let's also not forgot another heart and soul player in Nev Jetta ... deserves to be there after giving everything to the mfc
  13. Hope so ... we can also start the Fritsch vs Watts thread again if you like
  14. Wines got Jack when he was underdone last time ... will be a different story next time
  15. Shut this thread down ... said it around the time it was opened also
  16. Agree, he is contracted, will want his cash, and no one else is silly enough to pay it. 2 x $500 is a smart deal
  17. I think its more that Weid is uncontracted
  18. Smart move ... I would say I was staying too if I wanted to the media to back off when there is no certainty that I and my current club can / will come to terms with Freo ... lets see what happens over the trade period however
  19. While I don't doubt they have a high opinion of him, I think its the flexibility it gives our defensive system that is the key
  20. Don't recall Rohan taking too many high flying marks despite his medium height. Either Hibberd or Hunt can handle him ... if Hunt was fit he would be a better 'speed' match up though.
  21. I think the Visy Board 'job' had more to do with him going to the blues than anything else ... Ralph went back a fair way to come up with that doozy
  22. So Weid is more value to another club than ours, that means we can use the value we get in other ways like Cerra ... moneyball at its best ... re a back up forward, yes we will need to think it through but .. we can actually play with just the 2 tall's rather than 3 ... we can also deploy Petty or Tomlinson forward ... we can also trade in a mature forward like Adelaide's Lynch or Carlton's Casboult for a pack of chips (or even text Jon Patton about this availability) ... would we prefer to keep Weid playing the 2's or get Cerra who will help our 1's?
  23. So Ralph did state he thinks MFC is Cerra's main priority ... he just forgot how creative MFC are at moving up the trading order and that they can make it happen 9 times out of 10
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