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  1. Just love Big Maxy's persona and thought that he needs his own topic to make sure we never miss a giggle from the gems of humor that seen to pop out every second sentence.  

    So here is one to start things off, as reported on the Fox Footy web news page:

    Via Hawks duo Isaac Smith and Josh Gibson during the night, Frawley apparently said Gawn’s head would’ve “gotten quite big quickly” if he had taken out the Leigh Matthews Trophy.

    Big Max’s rebuttal, however, had Frawley covered.

    “Old Chip Frawley, hey? Well Hawthorn has to play a 17-man defence because Chip doesn’t defend too much anymore,” Gawn said.

    I'm not sure it's right up there with his absolute best work, bid did like that it gave Frawley a well earnt sledging.  

    So what else has the new mouth from Melbourne put out there?

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  2. With all the talk of us being such a young side this season, the addition of Melksham and Hibberd would increase the average age/games overnight.  Not sure how significant that is though if they can't play at the required level, as adding Dunn, Garland and or H would have a similar statistical effect.

    When adding just two players has such a significant statistical effect, I do wonder if this stat/claim was over played a bit by the club this year?

  3. On 23/5/2009 at 0:07 PM, A F said:

    My girlfriend's Hawthorn, but she's not all that passionate, so when we make our climb up the ladder, I'm hoping she'll jump ships.:P She will however be wearing her Hawthorn scarf, when we go on Sunday.:(


    15 minutes ago, TeamPlayedFine39 said:

    My wife's a Hawthorn supporter.  Had the gall last year to tell me that she's bored of the home and away season as Hawthorn just win all the time- finals are the only thing that interest her. I cried and vomited at the same time.


    Our son's a Melbourne supporter- signed him up in the hospital the after he was born.  In return she chose the name, school and religion.

    Yes my wife is also a sunny day Hawthorn supporter.

    All I can say is how sweet was Rd 20.

    Looking forward to a period of sustained success over those horrible poo brown and yellow jumpers.  I feel our list is headding in the opposite direction to theirs, even if they get O'Meara, Vickery and others.  The old brigade of Mitchell, Hodge, Lewis and Gibson that were somewhat holding their team together are past it and I really don't think their next bunch of replacement kids are all that flash.

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  4. Hiring a proven coach with excellent credentials, who promoted a sound, basic, build from defense up approach to football, recruiting competitors with good character, along with engraining solid team first, winning culture - I'm not sure I'd call that an experiment as opposed to a well trodden path to success.

    I just hope this path continues uninterrupted under Goodwin, which I have reasonable confidence that it will.  A bit of luck wouldn't go astray either, we are overdue for a bit of that.

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  5. 6 hours ago, Sir Why You Little said:

    What would Robert "Tulip" Flower think of this...

    No wings on The MCG????


    reduce the interchange further. That is where the problem lies


    Perhaps it's just nostalgia, but for my mind, the best modern footy was played in that 80s/90s era, with two or three on the bench and limited (but not subitutinal type) interchange.  Current coaches complain that it would "slow the game down" and that players would "burn out in the fourth quarter" - my personal opinion is that's crap:

    1.  Players and teams would need to relearn how to 'pace' them selves so as to leave them selves more in the tank at the end of the game.  1500m runners don't go out at 400m pace for the first lap.

    2.  Would result in more true one on one (not 5 on 5) contests to move the ball down the ground;

    3.  More true lead up and one on one power forward/key back type contests at either end of the ground.

    4.  Still plenty of scope for different sized, skilled and athleticly talented players to play different roles and parts of the ground.

    This is the way Aussie Rules was meant to be played.  If limited rotations failed to bring the desired result, I'd also actually be in favor of introducing further zone rules in general play, beyond the current centre square one we have now.

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  6. 10 hours ago, A F said:

    As I said last year, it's a nothing award. I can understand supporters caring when there's little to cheer about, but the skies look blue and our list is genuinely exciting. It doesn't matter if they didn't poll well in the Rising Star. I don't think any of them deserved to anyway.

    Disagree with your last statement, but otherwise on the money.

    Personally, the award I hope the poll much better in is the Norm Smith in a MFC premiership team - everything else is pretty much rubbish.

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  7. On 26/8/2016 at 11:41 AM, olisik said:

    I suggested trading him few years back as he is an injury prone player and it is going to stunt his development, I got shot down and look at what's happening. 


    Wouldn't be surprised to see him floated for trade this year either if return was good. We have Melksham Hunt Harmes and potentially Hibberd to the half back role. 

    Perhaps we also should have traded Patracca before he did his knee.  Big Max is another one who's currency before this year was well down due to successive knee injuries and just look at how many seasons we have wasted on the bearded warrior.

    Salem has already produced more in the two or three years on our list than Cale Morton or Joydan Gysbits did in half a dozen and they are the other potential out comes of trading for a draft pick and trying a different option.

    Are you from the school of thought that high draft picks should perform to their full potential from their first year?  Only a few freaks like Crisps and Judd ever managed that, but most clubs fully expect quality players to take a few years to develop and can take longer if there are a few speed bumps along the way.  Just look at Robbie Grey guess you would have traded him too.

    I actually think that first round draft picks are like new cars, in so far as you pretty much loose value on them the moment you drive them out the door.

  8. 51 minutes ago, chook fowler said:

    Said he wasn't interested in the Lions job but wanted to spend some time as an assistant coach before trying his hand as a senior coach again.

    That sounds like a polite way to turn down what would likely be a poisoned chalice for him.

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  9. 46 minutes ago, A F said:

    Or understand how key position forwards develop over time.


    34 minutes ago, TeamPlayedFine39 said:


    FWIW Hogan is young, inexperienced, and struggles to cope with being out of form as it's happened to him so few times in his life. He's passionate; and in its youth, it comes across as cantankerous. The determined, stoic type will come with age and experience.

    Hogan's first season was certainly ahead of where Johnathan Browns was and Tom Hawkins took about as long as Jack Watts to come good I recon.  Both of the aforementioned played in kinda handy sides too.

    Our delivery into the forward line was deplorable at times this year, but should only get better as the team improves.  I'm sure Jessie would have been much happier with the kind of supply that Tomahawk was getting today.

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  10. 1 hour ago, BarnDee said:

    let freo have him just useless 

    I'm not sure that Freo would be looking so attractive to Hogan after the realitive seasons us and them have had.

    Freo's annus horribilis couldn't have come at a better time for us in many ways.  The main concern would be if the exit of key players like Pav and deflation in value of a few others will leave them with a huge war chest to throw at Jessie.

  11. Whilst it would certainly be handy to pick up a few quality players in the off season, I'm not sure that any sort of cull of our playing list is required, beyond the few obvious delistings.

    I'm now just looking forward to what another preseason will do for our young team.  It's pretty incredible that we have been able to compete against many of the sides out there this year, when you consider the realitive youth of our list, it is a case of boys playing against men in a lot of instances.  Hoping our game goes to that next level with some more physical and mental maturity.

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  12. As much as watching the game today sucked, perhaps it was for the better.  There has been enough good performances this year for the team to build a bit of confidence that we can match it with some of the good teams on our day.

    If there was any sence of overconfidence and complacency from our small run of form, today's loss should leave a bad taste in the mouths of the players to motivate them to work their butts off over preseason as there is obviously still a lot of work to go.

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  13. Still spewing about last weeks game and more so with WC winning.  Those GWS ****ers will have had pleanty of motivation as they will be playing for a home final.

    If we were to win and win well today (and I have little confidence that, but then said the same agains the Hawks), then surely that would provide both some added confidence and motivation to go to the next level in 2017.

  14. 12 hours ago, nutbean said:

    I agree he needs to get his kicking right. But I got news for you. A footballer who is taking 9 out of his 14 marks between the wing and centre half forward is a centre half forward

    And that is where I think Jessie is more valuable to the team anyway.

    I look forward to the day when we have enough quality ball carriers/deliverers that we can park Jack Watts in the forward 50 and utilise his goal kicking prowess where we recruited him to play.

  15. What value could be put on his attitude and comradery with Track during their rehab?

    How inspirational would it be if he can make it back to being the champion player he was previously on his way to becoming?

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  16. 3 hours ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    Seems to me that it's Garlett for ANB; Harmes for Michie; and Salem to allow Vince to play in the midfield in place of Oliver. Salem then becomes one of the four small defenders - the model we've played all year.

    All seems very logical. Vince plays his best football on the wing or on the ball. I fully expect him to spend most of the day on Dangerfield.

    What I don't understand is why Michie came in for Harmes in the first place. Maybe because of the wet weather last weekend? 

    Harmes was rested last week, but my view is that Salem or Grimes were much better options than Mitchie. Kennedy or even JKH/Newton would have been much better options for Garlett and Pedo should never have been omitted for Weid.

    They should have at least started Vince on Crisps to provide a physical contest and negating role there.  Crisps dominantion was entirely predictable.

  17. 8 hours ago, Rusty Nails said:

    Balls this club is not in a position to roll the die. Every club is only one or two horrid decisions away from seeing things go awry as we know all too well at this place. We can hardly afford to go 'all in' on youth every match in the hope it will some day pay off. Last thing we can afford is more thrashings.

    We should be picking the best, most experienced side every single week (injuries/form allowing) in order to give ourselves the best chance of winning and also to avoid a severe bashing. Our willingness to roll the youth die every single week, if we keep doing so (including at the trade table), is eventually going to come back to bite us if we have a few ugly weeks with outs (injuries/tribunal/illness).

    Footy is a brutal game. We must stay brutal and never accept mediocrity!

    Yep, I know where you are coming from.  I guess my statement somewhat reflected a personal emotional apathy towards this game after the disaster of last week and the horrible selection decisions which were made prior to that game.

    That said, I actually think that by in large, the 'youth' selected in the team this year have been up to it.  Was very impressed about the way Wagner went about his game from his second game onwards (until he got tired), Oscar was holding his own somewhat even early on because at that time Dunn and Garland's form wasn't so great either.  I thought Frost looked the goods from early in the year (it wasn't his fault he was being played out of position), Billy has been worthy of his position in the side for the most part, Harmes is harder than many of the players five years his senior and Hunt, Track, Clary, Gus all goes without saying.

    I would agree that Weid is probably still a bit too lean for my liking and would probably prefer to see Pedo in there as well, but per the Hawthorn game, Weid is not incapable of providing a valuable contribution.  I don't quite know how the coaches should deal with ANB, I think he has potential, but just doesn't look quite ready/up to it when they have brought him in this year.

    I don't think we should be as quick as some suggest to dispose of Dunn, Garland, Pedo or even Dawes though.  As you suggest, we are only a long term injury away to Tommy Mac, or Hogan from needing a sound, mature backup.

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