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  1. As much as watching the game today sucked, perhaps it was for the better.  There has been enough good performances this year for the team to build a bit of confidence that we can match it with some of the good teams on our day.

    If there was any sence of overconfidence and complacency from our small run of form, today's loss should leave a bad taste in the mouths of the players to motivate them to work their butts off over preseason as there is obviously still a lot of work to go.

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  2. Still spewing about last weeks game and more so with WC winning.  Those GWS ****ers will have had pleanty of motivation as they will be playing for a home final.

    If we were to win and win well today (and I have little confidence that, but then said the same agains the Hawks), then surely that would provide both some added confidence and motivation to go to the next level in 2017.

  3. 12 hours ago, nutbean said:

    I agree he needs to get his kicking right. But I got news for you. A footballer who is taking 9 out of his 14 marks between the wing and centre half forward is a centre half forward

    And that is where I think Jessie is more valuable to the team anyway.

    I look forward to the day when we have enough quality ball carriers/deliverers that we can park Jack Watts in the forward 50 and utilise his goal kicking prowess where we recruited him to play.

  4. What value could be put on his attitude and comradery with Track during their rehab?

    How inspirational would it be if he can make it back to being the champion player he was previously on his way to becoming?

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  5. 3 hours ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    Seems to me that it's Garlett for ANB; Harmes for Michie; and Salem to allow Vince to play in the midfield in place of Oliver. Salem then becomes one of the four small defenders - the model we've played all year.

    All seems very logical. Vince plays his best football on the wing or on the ball. I fully expect him to spend most of the day on Dangerfield.

    What I don't understand is why Michie came in for Harmes in the first place. Maybe because of the wet weather last weekend? 

    Harmes was rested last week, but my view is that Salem or Grimes were much better options than Mitchie. Kennedy or even JKH/Newton would have been much better options for Garlett and Pedo should never have been omitted for Weid.

    They should have at least started Vince on Crisps to provide a physical contest and negating role there.  Crisps dominantion was entirely predictable.

  6. 8 hours ago, Rusty Nails said:

    Balls this club is not in a position to roll the die. Every club is only one or two horrid decisions away from seeing things go awry as we know all too well at this place. We can hardly afford to go 'all in' on youth every match in the hope it will some day pay off. Last thing we can afford is more thrashings.

    We should be picking the best, most experienced side every single week (injuries/form allowing) in order to give ourselves the best chance of winning and also to avoid a severe bashing. Our willingness to roll the youth die every single week, if we keep doing so (including at the trade table), is eventually going to come back to bite us if we have a few ugly weeks with outs (injuries/tribunal/illness).

    Footy is a brutal game. We must stay brutal and never accept mediocrity!

    Yep, I know where you are coming from.  I guess my statement somewhat reflected a personal emotional apathy towards this game after the disaster of last week and the horrible selection decisions which were made prior to that game.

    That said, I actually think that by in large, the 'youth' selected in the team this year have been up to it.  Was very impressed about the way Wagner went about his game from his second game onwards (until he got tired), Oscar was holding his own somewhat even early on because at that time Dunn and Garland's form wasn't so great either.  I thought Frost looked the goods from early in the year (it wasn't his fault he was being played out of position), Billy has been worthy of his position in the side for the most part, Harmes is harder than many of the players five years his senior and Hunt, Track, Clary, Gus all goes without saying.

    I would agree that Weid is probably still a bit too lean for my liking and would probably prefer to see Pedo in there as well, but per the Hawthorn game, Weid is not incapable of providing a valuable contribution.  I don't quite know how the coaches should deal with ANB, I think he has potential, but just doesn't look quite ready/up to it when they have brought him in this year.

    I don't think we should be as quick as some suggest to dispose of Dunn, Garland, Pedo or even Dawes though.  As you suggest, we are only a long term injury away to Tommy Mac, or Hogan from needing a sound, mature backup.

  7. Within reason, I actually don't mind so much who gets picked this week, given that the prize which was potentially there, is no longer.  I do hope that whoever is picked gives it a red hot crack.  I could handle an honorable loss in the present circumstances, particularly with some promising signs and development from individual players and the team in general.

    However I really honestly do hope we don't put in an insipid performance and get thrashed.  That would be a huge setback within the context of the good progress which has been made overall.

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  8. I share most of the sentiments in the entirety of this letter - don't quite understand why it has attracted so many knockers.

    Whilst I'm pretty shattered with the loss to Carlton and similarly lames ones to Essendon and St Kilda to an extent, if you look at the year on balance, to be actually fighting for a potential finals birth as late in the season as we were, is such a refreshing change from being the complete joke of the competition that we have been.  It actually feels good to have some credibility as a footy team back.  In addition to nearly making finals, the side has not really copped a belting all year and has been in most games until at least 3/4 time and almost all at half time, which is quite a turn around from just a few years ago.

    I personally just hope that Goodwin and the team continue on this trajectory and that we can be a serious finals contender and player next year and beyond, rather than being a one or two season flash in the pan like Port.

  9. 56 minutes ago, DemonWA said:

    The club should try to retain them as depth, but as many have said it will be up to Grimes and Trengove to decide if they want a trade or not.

    I actually think Grimes is better off sticking with us as I don't see many other clubs finding a role for him in the 22 each week unless the game style in the AFL changes back to a one on one style game. Trengove is very young still so if he wanted a fresh start he'd be more likely to get a run in a side with poor midfield depth.

    Who saw this years more open, free flowing game style coming?

    Grimes can play footy, gives effort and has balls - should stay.

  10. 20 minutes ago, bing181 said:

    Perhaps, but:

    b) Pedersen has been specifically mentioned in terms of "not being able to finish off his work and hit the scoreboard" in the Casey reports.

    Don't mind it. Reminds me a bit of the O McDonald scenario, and we can see how that's working out. If playing Weideman for these couple of games advances the time when he'll be our first-call FF, then all for it.

    I thought this was a garbage statement in the clubs summary and more so for it to be repeated again.  So Pedo had had the yips for one or two games and didn't slot what he should have - so what.  He's still a good option and a proven goal kicker/match winner.  His performances early in the season before he got injured were excellent an showed what he can bring to the side and his game against Hawthorn and to some extent Port showed me he is back to that form.  If missing a couple of goals is the difference between playing AFL and VFL, then why is Hogan playing this week?

    But otherwise don't mind getting some more experience into a kid with potential in Weid as you say.  I also agreed at the time that Oscar was holding his own and worth playing in the scheme of things, although it's easier for a young player to find their way playing defense than it is in attack.

  11. 1 hour ago, Rusty Nails said:

    Weids stays after last week? Common MFC we all know he isn't ready yet. The bear surely should have gotten a call up for this one to give us a show, just as he should have last week (no hindsight either from my end, was calling last week's selections a debacle before the match).

    A second consecutive week where some weird and wacky choices go down at the MFC selection table. Been doing this to ourselves since i started following  (Northey years maybe an exception).

    And why are we bringing in a seemingly underdone player in Salem for his first game back?? And why risk him with a potential injury stepping up to AFL level in the last game of the year which counts for nothing? Mothballs for mine given where he is coming from this season. Just let him be and get a full pre-season in FCS. From the VFL review.....

    Salem - was probably another one that had an interrupted preparation due to a bit of illness during the week. Christian certainly provides you with some really composed ball use when he has the ball in hand and he continues to work really hard around the stoppages and his craft. He continues to build and he’s certainly on the right track back from having a decent lay-off.

    As i forecast in last weeks selections, what the hell did we play Weid, ANB and Michie for last week? There was nothing to gain and it ended up being the recipe for last week's loss.....

    Not at all, just don't play them at this point so late in a season with such a (potentially) critical match looming against the Cats.

    Ben Ken & Grimes have at least shown they can perform at AFL level albeit not stellar performers. Although having said that Grimes first up game was completely off the charts stats wise. Flopped a little the week after along with most others..out lol. Michie & ANB are too big a risk at this point and do nicely at VFL level but that's where their limitations lie right at this moment (ANB a potential AFL option next year if he can take it to another level).

    If they underwhelm and need changing out for the Cats match you have then also not given Grimes/ Ben Ken (if Jeffy doesn't get up for the Cats) a chance to adjust to the step up to AFL level. They'll be coming in cold. Not that the FD would ever pick Grimes I realise. By selecting Michie over Grimes (the worst selection table choice for quite some time IMO) Roos/Goodwin/ FD have obviously signed his papers.

    Grimes is easily our best "AFL ready" option at VFL level right at this moment who has proven he can play a role consistently vs others of a similar ilk playing at Casey. Next year might be different but we don't have "next year". We have two matches and need to win both of them very convincingly on the scoreboard to have a chance of playing finals (assuming the other games fall our way obviously).

    Agree with you on pretty much all counts Rusty.  I'm sure it wouldn't be a popular call with many of the punters on this forum, but I actually think M Jones is on a par with Grimes by your assessment criteria.  Jones is a bit of s different style of player from Jack, but in my view still has a bit of a dip, knows how to find the ball at AFL level and has an impact.  Matty often gets slagged off for poor disposal and decision making, bit I actually don't think he is that bad in those areas.

    Totally bemuses me why Mitchie who hasn't ever produced anything near the performance of Grimes at AFL level, yet has been given first preference over Jack all year.  How many players would put in a 30+ disposal game with good defensive and contested effort (which Roos supposedly highly values) and gets dropped one game afterwards.

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  12. I recall seeing a tweet from Trengove that was put up on the club website just prior to his return to playing.  The tweet showed a stick of a leg that had withered and degenerated after it had just come out of a long stint of immobilisation from his foot operation.  I don't recall exactly when that was, but I seem to think it was something like December 15/Jan 16.  That he was even able to get to a point of running at anything like AFL fitness this year amazes me.  I'd certainly think his fitness will improve 200% next year after actually completing a preseason as compared to simply getting to first base of a massive injury recovery.

    After all that he has been through and all that the MFC has invested in him I'd rather see if he can meet his potential in a red and blue guernsey that someone else picking up who could be next years version of Jayden Hunt.

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  13. 3 hours ago, M_9 said:

    Just comparing stats for Hibberd and Grimes, there's very little difference.
    Hibberd is 8 months younger, 1cm shorter, 6kg heavier.
    I can't see us delisting Grimes and then recruiting Hibberd. Just like for like IMO.


                                             Games          Kicks        Handballs     Disposals           Marks Goals Behinds Tackles Hitouts Frees For Frees Ag. Brownlow
    Career   100 11.7 8.4 20.1 5.7 0.1 0.2 2.9 0 0.9 0.5 0.09


    Career   84 13.5 8.6 22.1 5.7 0.1 0.1 1.5 0 0.8 0.6



    Grimes has nearly twice the tackle count.

    I actually think that Grimes desperation, defensive pressure and ability to find the ball at AFL level set him streets above Mitchie who a few in this column have suggested we retain.

    Add in Grimes leadership and I actually think he is a keeper in our present circumstances.

  14. Whilst I realise this thread is probably more about today's game than the season overall, my personal overall pick for player of the year would have to be Jack Watts I think.

    Whilst it is hard to go past big bearded Max, I'm just rapped that Jack has stood up and delivered what he has for the team this year.  I think he has played every bit as important a part in our improvement as big Max, with the critical role he plays for the team.  Whilst I also love Max and think he deserves all the accolades, I really respect the way Jack has finally started to answer the critics.

    I also feel there is yet more improvement in Jacks game, which is very exciting.

  15. 2 minutes ago, P-man said:

    His hands were back to their reliable best, but his kicking (field and goal) were sub par to put to mildly. His job is to kick goals.

    Workrate was there but his body language isn't great atm. I recognise that he wasn't helped by the Weed selection and overall he sneaks into the top six on a dour day.

    I wonder if we all just need to get over Jessie's body language a bit sometimes.  No one would care if him and the team play well and that's the bigger issue for me.

  16. 6.  Jetta (thought he played his best game for a while)

    5. T Mac (saved a shallacking)

    4. Hogan (mainly for providing a presence around the ground on a day when we didn't move it well into the forward line)

    3. O Mac

    2. Track 

    1.  Gawn - (not his fault that our on ballers didn't finish off his good work and he still did some good things around the ground)

    Hunt might be a bit stiff, but although he kicked a good goal, I thought he went missing a bit at critical times in the game compared to his usual role.

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  17. 3 hours ago, Sylvia Saint said:

    Pretty good assessment this week joeboy. Tyson's stats look good but I thought he was absolutely terrible after a good month. That speculative shot he missed in the third quarter with three players free close to goal was unforgivable. 

    Vince is terrible in defence. If Luke Beveridge was coach he'd probably be dropped next week. 2017, he needs to go back to the guts where he won a B&F.

    I agree in so far as I'm not sure that Bernie is that suited to being a full time defender, though I think he pinch hits OK down there at times and is a good long kick out from full back.

    But I'm not sure that he still has it in him to play on ball all day.  It would have been worth giving him a crack on ball in spurts today in a tagging role on Crisps, although Patrick could well have destroyed Bernie, the way they were both playing.

    I really love Bernie and what he has done for the club since his arrival, but I fear that his best footy may now be behind him (would love him to prove me wrong).  Just my view, but I think he'd be best used in the forward line, as he has great goal sence and a great hoof on him.  He could be used sparingly in the middle in bursts when we need a bit of impact there 

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  18. 2 hours ago, Je Roos Salem said:

    Why on earth did we bring in a couple of VFL players? We completely gave up except our defence. Didn't give a [censored] forward of centre. Deplorable use from inside 50. Vince sucked. Petracca can't use the ball. Jones was good but is a headless chook inside 50. Weideman has the body of a cheese stick. We mentally gave up and we could've won the game with a decent attitude in the 2nd half. That was absolutely disastrous 

    Are you just talking about today?  (Although even then he didn't do too bad IMHO)

    Or haven't you actually seen him play in our other games?

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  19. I'm absolutely of the view this game was well on the way to being lost at selection.  There were half a dozen players who would have given us more drive today than the three inclusions, in a game in which we were admittedly poor around the ground, but still only lost by less than four goals.

    I can't quite understand the calls to trade/delist ANB - he is only a second year player and one who shows a bit of toughness and go at that.  In my view is worth preserving with for at least another season.  Not sure I would have picked him today though.

    Why Viv Mitchie played today absolutely bemuses me though.  He has been on a AFL list for six seasons, played 22 games, of which I hardly recall one worthy of an AFL player.  He is the absolute definition of a list clogger (is it OK to use that term, or am I offending people again?).

    And yes, I'm having a good [censored] and winge here, but only because I bloody hate loosing, think our team is much better than that and thought this was a very winnable game.  Still encouraged by the gains throughout the year and looking forward to taking further steps forward next year.

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