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  1. Danger, danger, danger, danger......Game!
  2. Here, here Took some ripper marks.... Important player
  3. MFC is a 3 goal better side with Oscar gone
  4. Great stat, thought his tackling was crucial, particularly his second quarter, think he laid 3 criucial tackles just in the second quarter to win back momentum and intercepted the ball to give Fritsch a shot on goal
  5. Geez we missed Oscar out there today, would of made all the difference
  6. Langdon and Brayshaw did well today Both with 13 kicks and 5 marks Langdon got his goal Brayshaw missed his Don't mind this set up
  7. Great game by the young bloke, he makes a huge impact Loved it when he pointed to the sky/heavens in tribute after his goal
  8. On balance No changes for mine They'll be better for the run Give the boys who got the job done a chance to do it again
  9. They look like great leaders on the field, follow us boys
  10. Played well could have had 2 goals Great player development by MFC
  11. 15 outstanding marks between May and Lever against Freo today. Absolutely fantastic effort by Lever and May
  12. Incorrect, Sparrow is playing because he has AFL traits, good on the club for sticking with him & giving him another chance. What is a pass mark today for Sparrow to retain his spot?
  13. Not really, he generally offered very little and had heaps of goals kicked on him due to his lack of impact and brain fades, Georgiades kicked 3 goals on him on his AFL debut.....he was delisted for a reason and it wasn't because he offered decent backup, happy for him though as he did well tonight
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