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  1. Thanks for all the replies
  2. I've long held the view that Toby Bedford is an outstanding player and should be playing midfield for us. I must admit I was won over by Bedford when he plays midfield. Saturday was no exception. Bedford is so bloody good, so fit, quick and bloody tough and puts on hard tackles on opposition and a great kick and dangerous, and runs and also dynamic. For example his game against North reserves back in Feb 2020 when he ran and kicked a magnificent goal at the City end. In summary I just think Bedford is a better player at this stage than Viney, I like Viney and respect him but more the reasons expressed above we can do better with Bedford. Further, whilst Jack Vineys courage cannot be questioned Jack is somewhat limited/lacks outstanding abilities in many vital parts of the afl game: a) kicking the ball (in particular depth, accuracy, ability to pinpoint a quick incisive pass as compared with and not be confused with a slow 15m easy kick) b) marking(caveat here, its not surprising and to be expected given his short height) c) pace, spread from the contest, ability to get into dangerous positions to receive the ball, ability to put on a side step or burst of pace (not to be confused with ability to jog beside/behind an opposition midfielder who he is tasked with tagging- he tagged Wines on Thursday and Wines had 33 possesions! And a goal. d) damaging with handball (not to be confused with ability to handball in tight e) never impacts with a goal Like all supporters I admire Vineys courage and big heart but above all I want our midfield to be better in fact it is a longstanding theme of discussion in post match statements by Goodwin With respect our midfield could be much better, imo there is so much room for it to grow so that it is less dependent on stars like Oliver, Trac and Jordon and Kozzie with his midfield cameos , that is to have a player who is more skilled and in particular better at kicking, has pace/spread from the contest, side step and just a better overall package rather than mainly tackling. I cannot see it happening but I think the Match committee should not select Viney unless the other midfielder players mentioned above are injured Furthermore I would play Toby Bedford in the midfield instead of Jack Viney to see if the hypothesis that Bedford can do more than Viney is correct and test whether Toby makes us a better team. I know this appears to come from left field but hear me out: firstly it's based on long held views about limitations of Jacks game and I respect Vineys commitment/courage, secondly I fear he is not the best available option if we want to win a premiership and teams with better midfields will expose what I perceive to be an inherent yet fixable weakness in our midfield.
  3. Totally agree, went to the game today Declase has serious pace, good footy iq, good kick, good mark Bowey played well, still young but seriously talented Lockhart, great player, the speed he can utilise from taking possession to kicking well over 40metres was impressive Bedford, seriously good player with great pace, side step I was seriously impressed by our players today
  4. Danger, danger, danger, danger......Game!
  5. Here, here Took some ripper marks.... Important player
  6. MFC is a 3 goal better side with Oscar gone
  7. Great stat, thought his tackling was crucial, particularly his second quarter, think he laid 3 criucial tackles just in the second quarter to win back momentum and intercepted the ball to give Fritsch a shot on goal
  8. Geez we missed Oscar out there today, would of made all the difference
  9. Langdon and Brayshaw did well today Both with 13 kicks and 5 marks Langdon got his goal Brayshaw missed his Don't mind this set up
  10. Great game by the young bloke, he makes a huge impact Loved it when he pointed to the sky/heavens in tribute after his goal
  11. On balance No changes for mine They'll be better for the run Give the boys who got the job done a chance to do it again
  12. They look like great leaders on the field, follow us boys
  13. Played well could have had 2 goals Great player development by MFC
  14. 15 outstanding marks between May and Lever against Freo today. Absolutely fantastic effort by Lever and May
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