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  1. The MRO did not follow the views of the commentators who blamed Nev for his head high contact from McStay: Daniel McStay, Brisbane Lions, has been charged with Forceful Front-On Contact against Neville Jetta, Melbourne, during the second quarter of the Round Eight match between Melbourne and the Brisbane Lions, played at Metricon Stadium on Sunday July 26. In summary he can accept a two-match sanction with an early plea. Based on the available evidence, the incident was assessed as Careless Conduct, High Impact and High Contact. The incident was classified as a two-match sanction. Salt in the wounds for Kozzy's tackle in the second quarter though - fined $1,000: Kysaiah Pickett, Melbourne, has been charged with Rough Conduct (Dangerous Tackle) on Jarrod Berry, Brisbane Lions, during the second quarter of the Round Eight match between Melbourne and the Brisbane Lions, played at Metricon Stadium on Sunday July 26. In summary he can accept a $1000 sanction with an early plea. Based on the available evidence, the incident was assessed as Careless Conduct, Low Impact and High Contact. The incident was classified as a $1500 sanction as a first offence. The player can accept a $1000 sanction with an early plea.
  2. PS - not sure how to embed the video into the post.
  3. Here is a clip of Kozzy's "dangerous" tackle in 4th quarter (about 4:10 left on clock). As the umpire was clearly blind sided, Lachie Neale was in a much better position to signal the correct call ? vlc-record-2020-07-27-13h29m49s-Melbourne_v_Brisbane_(Kozzy_Tackle).mp4-.ts
  4. Couldn’t agree more. I don’t know either. The elite left footers (like those you have mentioned) just look so smooth, balanced and sublime - from run up, ball drop, follow through and the way they land after kicking. It all just looks so efficient and effortless. Fond memories of of Salem kicking that goal in the Blmbers match a few years back. Not to mention Kent vs Eagles of course. The list goes on Will have to keep our eyes out for a right footer that fits the bill and report back.
  5. Lyon and Watson on SEN pumping up Hogan’s tyres. Probably doesn’t make a scrap of difference but better than hearing some of the trade radio hosts.
  6. One of my favourites because of his elite kicking efficiency. Reminds me of the silky kicking skills of Yze and Green. A delight to watch when fit and firing. Also hard at it when required. Hope he has a great off season but this year the club pay for his personal trainer ?. Have him playing fully fit and pushing up onto the wing at times will be a great to see.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Lots of shadow jumping at the moment especially by media personalities trying to big note themselves. Hard to know who to believe and what inferences to draw. All will be known in about 4 sleeps. Hopefully the outcome will not result in us going down the same road in 12 months time. I fear it will but having a premiership cup will make it much easier ?.
  8. That is certainly reassuring. However, what causes confusion for some of us supporters is why Melbourne appear to have softened their negotiation stance from two high first round picks to a reported pick 5 and a second round in order to off load Jesse. Why be so “accomodating” if they think he may not want to go? Not doubting you or your sources. Just seems like so many mixed messages and it could be pretty destabilising (if not already) for the fans, Jesse and/or the club. How far is the club (morally) obligated to go to get a deal done? Fine line of course but seems Melbourne have been a very willing participant in terms of seeking to facilitate a trade by compromising on our demands.
  9. Even better for Jesse then! What is loyalty to the club worth these days? Sadly it seems not much for some players (across the league) - all boils down to business/commercial/financial interests for players and clubs which is rgw world of footy we now live in, like it or not. Always some exceptions to the rule (Viney, Jones etc). Just need some success so can become more of a destination and retention club.
  10. If he goes to a club that is less successful and with relatively poor prospect = less pressure = less expectation = less stress = more time for outside activitivies (surf, social life, music scene etc) but all for similar money. If he is not the footy beast/animal like a Viney, Gawn etc it may suit him perfectly to be in such an environment. He can then “cruise” through the season for a fat pay cheque.
  11. The trade away of pick 6 is the most intriguing aspect of Freemantle’s behaviour: 1. Was it done in spite? Unlikely for a professional organisation but seems like Freo's current shot callers are out of their depth and not so professional (in the reason arena). 2. Was it done to get more picks to try and use them for both Lobb and Hogan thinking that their “tough” stance or negotiating skills will get those deals done? I suspect this is what Bell (and the board?) decided. 3. They asked Neale to wait (or Neale gave them an ultimatum) before pushing his move to Brisbane to allow them to try and get in Lobb and Hogan and Neale could reconsider? They got themselves in a bind as they don’t have the trade currency to get all these deals done to enable Neale to reconsider. 4. They want to keep pick 5 (if they go it) for the draft so try and get Hogan cheaply? This is obviously a given. 5. They thought Melbourne would accept their position that they no longer have pick 6 so can’t offer anything better than pick 11? Would be very naive of them to think his. Novice traders, so possible. Akin to negotiating skills of a kid in a school playground with his footy cards. 6. Hogan has some “other issues” mental or otherwise and out of respect to Hogan they have not stated what they are but they only value him as worth a pick 11 and 2nd rounder? This is possible but we will never know. If this is their position then obviously all bets are off now and most likely the future to get Hogan. Could be a good outcome for Melbourne if they can resolve whatever the issues are. 7. A combination of the above or something else? Who really know and will we ever know. Ar least our players did not do a Tex Walker towards Hogan (at least not public ally). Jesse seems very liked by the players so just hoping this does not damage relationships that impacts on our 2019 campaign. I am confident it won’t.
  12. Pick 5 and .... who knows with Freo. Maybe just pick 5 but they will probably on trade that as well to Adel.
  13. Nailed it! Love it (the post) not the situation ?
  14. True, I guess I am still in denial ?
  15. Thanks. Like the cheating girlfriend - his actions have implied he wants to leave us and is probably obvious to the outside world but when the words come out (if true) it still hurts.
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