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  1. We can't win the bye, which is one of the 23 rounds ;-)
  2. I'm no mathematical genius WB, but given we finish top 4 then we only need to win 25 games. Unless you're counting an end of season exhibition match, which I'm less fussed about winning.
  3. Whilst it's 30 years on from 1987 and there are some interesting parallels between then and now, I'm not sure I could survive the last round sneaking into the finals that we did back then if it were to happen this year. The two thumpings of North and the Swans in the finals, however, I'd be more than happy to watch
  4. If I recall correctly, the club was anticipating a loss this year from last year with some write downs. This is a stellar result.
  5. Steve Training times can be found here: http://www.melbournefc.com.au/afl/training-times. Monday not listed yet, however the girls are training on Thursday night and the guys on Friday morning.
  6. I was looking for the "like" button to hit - the Age could learn a bit from demonland. Loved Jesse's articles, and a dees fan to boot. Great news to see him on the improve.
  7. I'm slim Saty, yes I'm the real Saty, all the other slim saty's are just imitating - so won't the real Saty please stand up...
  8. Just a mild over compensation for the fact that the emblem of the team we love has dropped off the home guernsey altogether.
  9. It looks more like a training guernsey than a game day design.
  10. Two training sessions in, 4.5 mths to Round 1. It's going to be a tough summer containing this excitement (and the seniors aren't even training yet)
  11. The club has a family day in Feb, last three we've been to at Luna Park. Kids get autographs and photos, and some free rides. The players are great with the kids, my boy loves to go. We've noticed it get quite a bit busier with the increasing memberships/wins per year, which is also good!
  12. Are you the Riddler in disguise?
  13. This will be evidenced when the whole 2017 draw is published and we play St Kilda 3-4 times at Etihad
  14. Mitch Clark gets out on the park more than Vardy - whilst Vardy has potential upside, it's a no from me
  15. The number I'm interested in next year is the amount of wins. Happy with 14+
  16. Lynden, always loved your booming torps and respected you for your impeccable behaviour looking after the kids at club functions. My boy is also a fan. You'll be missed and I hope you get some good footy in at the pies. Don't play frisbee with Howey.
  17. You guys have no faith in the magician Mahoney - don't be surprised if we get Pendlebury for Dunn + Pick 68
  18. I just snorted soup out my nose when I saw you'd changed your name krazy. Thanks for that
  19. I'm wondering which will come first - the answer to this riddle or the end of trade period
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