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  1. Well I've seen grammatical faux pas,a plethora of spelling mistakes and auto text wrong words, but demonland has now gone to a new level by consulting the Oxford dictionary!
  2. Sorry Biff, but I reckon he's more like a [censored] steam train that CAN (big time) rather than the little engine that could
  3. Dr Chook, you're not trying to overthrow Webber as the demonland Medico I hope!
  4. I like the idea of a number of changes this week given the tough three weeks we have after next week coming into the bye. We never play well the week after an NT game. Making changes this week not only rewards the efforts of those banging on the door in the two's, it gives our key first choices an important rest with only three weeks before they have another one. We do have a young list, after all.
  5. "Nutbean" actually sounds like a crazy old uncle - couldn't agree more with your sentiments!
  6. Maybe we could try a pyramid scheme against Geelong
  7. Or there's a power outage and they have to call the game a no contest so nobody gets any points
  8. Thank god for you Robbie - that membership tally reminded me of Jeremy Howe. Now I can move on.
  9. Easily distracted and distracts others (sound familiar?)
  10. You'd think with all these bloody teachers I'd learn something from this forum....
  11. At the start of the year we had the 4th hardest draw, now we've got the 9th hardest draw coming home from an easy run. By round 14 we'll have the hardest draw. Bring it back to the cliche - one week at a time. This just proves that the team we think we'll be facing in 6 weeks time may or may not be in form at that time...
  12. If he ends up stuffed after this additional flying around the country, it might put him off playing for Freo year after next...
  13. If Hoges and Kent have gone home to wa midweek, it wouldn't surprise me to see them rested this week. Travel interstate twice in a week is draining (I was stuffed Sun afternoon getting back from Gold Coast)
  14. Any chance we can get some free beers out of this from the free advertising? (a la the Nixon?)
  15. I hope the coaches make these sorts of examples in the post game analysis. These are the behaviours that get you into (and winning) finals, we want this from everyone!
  16. Dazzle - your brother and old man must be chuffed at this as well. Do they still keep in touch with Chomp?
  17. [censored] pumped for the boy. Great recognition for sustained effort. Well done Harmesy, keep up the good work. PS love the coloured mouth guard
  18. Just what I was thinking PA. last years corresponding game at the G we won convincingly (Hoges pointing out Boyd getting dragged to Murphy when Bob was trying to put him off kicking for goal). my boy was in the guard of honour for the first time. It was a great afternoon out (and 100% dry). We don't need it to rain imho.
  19. You need to have a version of this dream where Buckenara runs over the mark, you get a 50m penalty and kick the ball out of the ground from the goal square.
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