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  1. TMac had a poor year, injuries. Keep him, he is Melbourne through and through. Love his effort and accuracy and professionality. He clunks marks when needed. Just remember when he was fit in the forward line with Hogan in 2018. Kicking 50 goals in a season is not common any more.
  2. I filled out, alhought that was Chicken Schnitzels and jugs of beer.
  3. I'm not arguing with you, we are doing better. Above 15, can you guarantee a player? If you draft a top 15 player you are choosing a 10 year player. They'll be good for ten years, more than likely they'll top some obscurse tally figure. Its choosing the bottom 6 of your team that wins premierships.
  4. Jason Taylor is doing a great job with who he has recruited. Time will tell. Not sure the 'criteria' of what he stacks up everytime, however I watch footy on a Saturday. I'm not an expert, I moderately like the game, occasionally. However it is obvious he knows more than the rest of us. 1. Oliver 2. Tracc 3. Brayshaw 4. Rivers 5. Jackson 6. Sparrow 7. Pickett (should have twice as many goals) 8. Langdon There are plenty more of his recruits to come through, he is setting us up for another 5 years. They need time to develop and the coache
  5. Sparrow is a solid player. Give him time. Skinny player don't fill out all the time, if any good they become rangey. A reach and flexible Gumby like physical. Morton didn't fill out.
  6. Love Jayden Hunt. Goodwin needs to play him on the wing or half back where his speed and attacking is an adavantage. "You win with your strengths" D. Neitz Goody has never given him a decent go. The highlights package didn't show the torp in Alice either, right on the siren. He needs the opportunity. His tank will get bigger as he gets older. Early on, it wasn't just him, the whole team needed stability. Keep him. JT can't find a player better than him for the price we'll get for him. Reduce trading and stabilise those we have. And yes, I can't recall who sai
  7. Win it first, Then put it in Black and White. I'll buy the limited edition print!
  8. Hopng that an ice bath and some therapy will make Joel S the running man that he is. A disclocation that breaks the skin, and Mr Ed was a real talking horse.
  9. Should've been Joel Smith. Reading too much on The Age
  10. Yeah they don't want the midfield setup broadcasted. I'm OK with that as I want them to win games with their innovation. Moonshadow, that is hilarious! Saty, didn't see you this morning. I was there early and left when it rained. I'm made of paper. Saw a bit of most of them. Lever running laps, Hannan walked a lap, not much more. Jones looks good. Preuss looked a bit tired from the run on Sunday. Jetta looked sharp. AVB is going to hurt a few this year. I wish Stretch had the size of Maynard, he is super fit, his accuracy was good today and he looks the part of
  11. Where can I get a deal like that. Turn up to work for one good day.....................
  12. Saty, love your work. Those 70s were a different time.
  13. ANB will be the transition player with his strong running. He'll set another record for km's per game expect 17km in a game, a few times this year. Midfield and Wing, then he'll run forward into a wide open 50 with his direct opponent a long way behind. Sparrow with his long kicking and solid possesion will be his trademark. We'll see him this year. Toby Bedford is dynamic, expect his fitness to increase and his tackling pressure reminds me ex-rugby junior Matthew "The Wrecker" Whelan. I loved watching him play. Haven't seen much of Marty Hore or Chandler.
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