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  1. so bloody awesome seeing the fam support the kid like that.. i reckon he'll be something special. can't wait to see his skills. go well mate.
  2. jackson out. weed in (to play same role). jordan out. sparrow in (with express limitations put on him not getting caught with the ball) would like to see jones in somehow. anb did some good things first half but gets caught too often. i get what he offers with structure, but we need someone more damaging than what he is. not sure its worth throwing bowey in yet, but if we did. he would take hibberd's spot. not exactly changes that will guarantee a win. just don't see it anymore.. come on dees. show something.
  3. just patiently waiting for essendon to win to put a nice little bow on this ****ty weekend.
  4. its shaky ground for us dees supporters to call out other teams for throws and ducks when we have oliver, harmes, ANB (throws) & kozzy & spargo (ducks).. like others have said, its unfortunatley 'part of the game' now and everyone seems to be doing it. for what its worth, i'd rather lose a game than win that way.
  5. i went along.. preston oval is only a few streets away from me. the bullants played great. hard at it. blues were bad.
  6. isn't Sparrow this player? *sorry this is meant to be in response to the comment on our need for a replacement to Viney..
  7. for less than $250..honestly, what kind of person would pay that much. jaysus. i guess a dees supporter, but i'm a poor dees supporter! i'm ok with non-merino wool! haha
  8. one too many talls if you ask me.. brown goes out. fritsch needs to tackle and chase. chandler not going great. loving weed’s work.
  9. sucked in hawking you sack of [censored]! also, don't let up saints, take the cats to the cleaners!!!
  10. Out: Tomlinson, Jones In: Sparrow, Weideman It won't happen (yet), but: *T-Mac to wing *Weid to forward line
  11. as long as t-mac continues to kick forward and not across the ground to (change lanes) he can stay in the backline. bring in weid!
  12. geez i hope burgess stays until we get a flag.. he's the one key person i've been thinking. of as we've run over teams in the past few weeks. fitness. massive. if he goes, i hope we can stick with it now!
  13. except for mcdonald & oliver.. but yes, generally, we don't sook we play on.
  14. god damn this game is horrible to watch.. ugly, ugly.. a whole lotta nothing! still hope the pies get up over the yuck bombers
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