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  1. Out: Tomlinson, Jones In: Sparrow, Weideman It won't happen (yet), but: *T-Mac to wing *Weid to forward line
  2. as long as t-mac continues to kick forward and not across the ground to (change lanes) he can stay in the backline. bring in weid!
  3. geez i hope burgess stays until we get a flag.. he's the one key person i've been thinking. of as we've run over teams in the past few weeks. fitness. massive. if he goes, i hope we can stick with it now!
  4. except for mcdonald & oliver.. but yes, generally, we don't sook we play on.
  5. god damn this game is horrible to watch.. ugly, ugly.. a whole lotta nothing! still hope the pies get up over the yuck bombers
  6. i wonder if he will eventually transition into the midfield, ala sam mitchell, or is a small forward now? maybe too small to be a mid? loved him last night. love how he stuck up for his teammates at times too. legend.
  7. i've literally never been to 'the snow'.. i do enjoy a good cheeseboard though. but not at the footy.
  8. who? ex dee great cam pedersen? i am unaware of any current player that lives on the peninsula and travels into the city for training/games?
  9. yep. never heard of them. now i have. a win for them? probably not. i did google them to see if they were in south australia. they aren't. yawn.
  10. as amazing as those two tackles were.. i am surprised not more AFL players smash and drive players like this. i grew up watching league and it just seems like the mindset is a lot different. with the threat of actually being hurt/sore from a tackle, teams would be much less confident leaving their D50 with players like Pickett around. but there should be MORE OF IT!!!
  11. someone said casey were playing home games at preston oval this season.. any truth to that rumour?
  12. haven't seen any footage of him but he comes across in the interview well. mature and ready to put in. love that he's into the idea of locking someone down as a defender too.
  13. its how you answer them though cheese.. and we have a habit of bull****ting. just be honest. 'yeah, we kinda sucked last year.. hope we are better this year, but probably won't be..'. THAT i could get around!
  14. MFC predictions Ladder position at the end of the H&A season: 7th Position at the end of the season (e.g. stage of finals): 5th B&F top 5 (1 point for correct inclusion, 1 point for correct place): 1. Petracca 2. Gawn 3. May 4. Oliver 5. Viney Leading goalkicker: Brown Most marks: Brown Best first year player: Laurie Most improved player: Pickett All Australian 40-man squad selections (1 point each): May, Gawn, Oliver, Petracca All Australian final 22 selections (1 point each): May, Gawn, Petracca Big Ben Brown will kick his biggest g
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