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  1. late second/early third rounder at most.. if we'd got rid of chandler, i'd be keen as, but hopeful kade will take the next step and get some games in 2022. everyone at the club seems to love him, still yet to see what they rate about him, but happy to be surprised next season. hope hill doesn't go to essendon. :-/
  2. this guy is legit hopeless.. how can say that declasse is C grade when he hasn't played a game yet? yet turner is 'needs more time'?.. just give up mate. i swear, despite us being premiers and having such a good year, the industry pundits who analyse/comment on our list must do their reports in a 5 minute email. so [censored].
  3. I've got one of those too.. He's a real [censored]! Lol. Yep, he can probably get a regular game at Essendon, Carlton, Collingwood, North, Geelong - any of the other shamozzle of Victorian clubs :-P
  4. Just so many.. Wouldn't like to be the one to decide! As others have said though, Kozzy & Fritsch have improved immensley, Petty is a lock down back now, Gawn improved his tap-outs (less 'clever' to effective), Oliver running out of congestion, Angus doing Angus things (in a good way), ANB setting us up as the connector....Goodwin.
  5. When we first got Brayshaw I thought he would be the one.. But he's a bit of a punk kid still, lol.. Lever another obvious candidate, but I am all for Trac. He will be a Dee for life. Love him. Others will follow him too.
  6. as a Dees fan that lives in Melbourne normally, but from Coffs Harbour, where Jackovich lives, I will legitimately be saving up for this.
  7. maybe Woewodin can be trained up? that'd be perfect.
  8. love to see a painting of hibberd running over to the fans with the cup and all his teammates chasing him. something up at the G would be amazing..
  9. hanging to buy a new adult jumper with the GF logo.. hope they put up the link for more soon!
  10. love that we've finally crept off 12 flags up to 13.. only a few more and we will be back to the top of the tree.. THEN i will get a MFC neck tattoo. well, maybe not a neck tattoo.. but i'll work out something.
  11. I also got a nice text from a Dogs mate who said something like 'they are playing great footy now mate, enjoy it!'. respect the dogs a lot. no current team could've stopped that momentum.
  12. loved it. a cherry on top this morning.. investing in a 10 jumper as soon as i can to celebrate the mischief & down and dirty young fella
  13. no real howlers, but if anything i think that the dogs got a better run than us! lots of throws from them too.. particularly in 2nd & 3rd qtrs..
  14. happy to just keep the 21 dees team together for the next 57 years..
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