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  1. could be the shiraz/beer friday eve combo talking but sounds like a SMASHING idea!!!
  2. i’d happily rather a good bloke like treloar with speed and skill that’s perhaps 5% less a player (delivery-wise) than merrett..talk about a punchable head! i am actually not sure there’s too much different between the two - one has blonde hair and one brown
  3. sooo, is yze the assistant? all all line coaches are assistants? still a bit concerned over a lack of support for goodwin. would've been nice to have got an actual ex forward to train the forwards?..
  4. as someone that had brayshaw as his fave player, i would be open to moving on angus for treloar, should angus be open to it. players like angus are a dime a dozen. treloar has speed and kicks goals. they've appeared rare the past few years..
  5. and he was a mad tigers fan growing up, so if anyone, he'd be tempted by them..
  6. thats awesome! cheers for the heads up mate
  7. just moved to a new place near preston oval.. looking forward to getting along to some games next year!
  8. that would explain his apparent lack of visibility on the day.. no possessions and no tackles. poor effort even if he was in the stands on crutches.
  9. until we regularly beat the top teams, we aint even close.. no chance of us doing a dogs or tigers. see how we go with the trade period top ups in a few weeks.. that could push us up into calculations, but at present, nup.
  10. meh. bit soft isn't he? don't recall him really standing up in the crows GF (but no one really did).. long way down our list of priorities i would have thought.. 2013 dees would be all over him but. and pay through the tooth for him!
  11. treloar seems like a really nice dude.. i haven't really seen any of the reports on his possible mental health issues, but why this has been made public is real yuck (unless its him disclosing it). wish him all the best. be happy to have him at the dees if the price was right. otherwise, maybe the kangas could finally get a decent signing?!
  12. absolutely, i would maybe compare him to jordan lewis or someone like that? game sense.. someone you hate on other teams but are glad that you have on your side. what an ending! the storm definitely deserved it defending minus those two players.. they did look like they were falling apart though hey? it will be interesting to see how they go should smith retire.. not sure that i rate munster as a leader. i'm a raiders fan btw, so like to think that next year it might be a raiders v panthers gf.. 30 years after their '91 gf match.
  13. no idea.. not much. brown? maaaaaybe? be nice to sign higgins. hopefully jacko and kossie click and kick some bags. fingers x no injuries. love to see may and trac kill it again. also be great to see the bombers get the wooden spoon and be a mess.
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