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  1. They will not come out flat. They are too well prepared this year. They are fit, strong and hungry. They feel us, the fans. They're locked in. They wont be [censored] flat in this grand final. I was struck by the business like, quiet focus, and professional nature of Melbourne in the rooms before and after the geelong prelim game, even the Brisbane game as well. I've so much faith in the Melbourne way right now.
  2. The ole sluts and legless? Wow, they were the days. I love London. Best city on Earth (when pandemic free). CARN THE DEMONS!!!
  3. Loved the bloke. Loved his effort. Loved his loyalty. Loved his game. Loved his tatts. Loved his bald head. I remember a Bradshaw interview from years back. Angus said how Jones picked him up in a hot car, looking cool and then proceeded from this day forward to teach him everything about being a professional. No lesson more important than loyalty by the way. this is where a premiership tilt starts. This was 6,7, 8 years ago. Gus is now the bloke picking up the young kids, showing them. we are winning a flag.
  4. I love the reality of these five simple words. Goodwin and his coaches will have our boys running through brick walls come saturday week. You little beauty.
  5. Yes the 1 in 27 games negative theory. What can we do about it? Non Melbourne people want us to lose. They'll say they want the dees to win. But they don't mean it. Commentators, pundits, all year long, just have not given us the credit. I've been saying for years of suffering that there is only one way and one way only to shut them all up. That day arrives on Saturday week.
  6. King will crash and burn sooner or later. He is a [censored]. Hard core gambler supposedly and that rarely ends well. I have not listened to punditry all year. Has been liberating. I read this forum (thank you all), the mfc website (which is pretty ordinary by the way, - thank god for Gus and Gawny) and I watch every second of every game. That's all I need. Go DEES
  7. Dont know what to say don't know what to write. Want to say something profound and inspiring but again, it means nothing. I'm all over the effing shop! blah wahblahyayada yada yada. kjbfiuryshvio;asuxfiojsio'g.mn,buyth. All that matters is how we perform in the grand final. Come on MFC!!!!
  8. A drink spilling, throw your infant child off your lap, fist pumping, spittle flying, veins in neck popping, lose your mind type of moment wasn't it? Then he did it again. And again, And again. And again.
  9. He stays in. He, along with Jones and Gawn and Hunt, have been through the [censored] together and come out the other side. I love the big T Mac.
  10. so good watching all this unfold. So enjoyable with the kids. We are on cloud nine. That second quarter was insane. We absolutely stopped brisbane dead in their tracks. Was like the final quarter of a game where we often choke the death out of a team. But there was still 15 minutes in the 1st half to go! We were fantastic. The smothers, the almost smothers, tackling intensity - animals. We've put a heap of oppo players in the hands of their medicos this year. They bloody well want it bad this group. They are locked in. There's no bruise free footy with this lot! Tmac looked like he couldnt walk in the rooms after the game. I hope he's ok. Did people notice gawny and jones celebrating with each other in the rooms? Good feels. The Nibbler was good last night. I'm one of his critics. All of them. Fantastic. Did themselves and us and the club very proud.
  11. Come on Dees!! We keep doing things 'right' this year. Everything pretty much hums along for us like it does generally for the best side in the competition. That's us this year. So stuff Brisbane. Throw the ball up umpire and let's do it all again. !!!
  12. Watching an interview with Harmes he talks about his passion for the dees as a supporter growing up. Imagine that. Imagine being a fan, just like us, been through all the [censored], played through all the [censored], and now he has a real chance at contributing to a painfully long wait for a flag. Ef me, but come game time, in the rooms before a game, he surely must be one pumped up young footballer over the next few weeks. Tipping him to go nuts. I'd be a frothing animal if it were me. Do we know if any other player grew up supporting us?
  13. If it’s good for the goose… He’s so good for us. Has been all year. Intelligent.
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