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  1. [censored] game. [censored] all round. Some classic negative knobs on here. Have you know faith? We are 11 and 2. We're in good nick. Think of the last 15 years for goodness sake. Im gutted we lost as well. Pathetic performance really. They need a massive kick up the [censored] for that effort and display. But 11 and 2? I'll effing take that win/loss record at the half way mark of a season all day every day. Big ben has to be given a crack. Weids had a go and he didn't take it. Just not winning it out of the centre enough, and I wish we would put it to the top of
  2. very true. Cordial conoisseurs. I thought I was the last one on earth.
  3. hilarious. 40/60 ratio hahaha!
  4. I'm gonna get ya, Satan get ya Hells bells Hells bells, you got me ringing Hells bells, my temperature's high Hells bells GO DEES
  5. like the big pedo not long back.
  6. Probably has been said but massive thanks and respect to that sensational group of supporters that turned out and contributed (without doubt) to our win over Brissy. F ing unreal effort!
  7. Melksham was very poor. He’s got to go. weidemann, trying so hard. One more week he gets. But Mark the f ing ball Weids and kick straight ffs.
  8. Hey hey hey now...no neeldy talk thanks
  9. Come on Dees.! We’re a good chance. Brisbane look awesome. If we knock over Brisbane I’ll attain even greater, never before chartered, emotions of supportership and truly be in the land of make believe. don’t know who is gonna win, two very good sides, getting toey now, can’t [censored] wait.
  10. Yep I thought he had a shocker as well.
  11. Great test coming up. I have no idea who will win. Absolutely we're capable of winning. We have a great deal of talent. Heat will be on if we lose. Football world will come down on us. They cant wait. We're never gonna get our respect until we win a flag. So for that reason, I can't wait to play the Bulldogs. Then the next team, then the next, then the next. Win 2 or 3 of them and we are the real deal. If not, the 'noise' will come. But theres nowhere to hide. Bring them all on. Lets just get it [censored] done.
  12. Perfectly sums up how [censored] in the head some AFL administrators are. Or to put it more politely, ill-equipped to be in their position. Bluffers.
  13. Thats exactly what they did. Thats why it looks [censored]. Said it before, the AFL, clubs efforts at producing quality, desirable merch is laughable. With the exception of meat cleavers, which are readily available.
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