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  1. But except for the Roos, (with which they are level on points), all the other teams are above them on the ladder, not 15 to 17 positions below!
  2. Channel 7 news had a report that Tom went in for scans with video of him. Previewed the story before the Sports segment. Then repeated exactly the same thing in the segment, but that was it, no further information, no hospital name. Really crappy 4 second piece, which now seems like just clickbait.
  3. Season extended to 20 rounds in 68 and 69 and then to 22 rounds from 1970. Best year for the Dees was 1956 - 16 H + A wins and two finals = 18 1955 we won 15 H + A and 2 finals =17 1990 we won 16 H + A and 1 final = 17 So we have never won more than 16 games in the regular season, - this is surely a record we need / must break this year to give us a real chance for premiership.
  4. Yesterdays win makes this a very unlikely scenario. We are two wins ahead, with 10% lead. Ten percent is difficult to make up late in the season as the denominator gets larger and larger. Port probably would have to win three more games than us to displace us in the top 4. That would mean they win all of their remaining games and we lose three of ours. We have 3 teams in the 8 to play. 2nd - Dogs, 3rd - Cats and 7th - Eagles - 1 home game and 2 away Port have two teams in the 8 to play. 2nd - Dogs, 8th - Giants. - both away games We have shown that we can beat top 8 teams. Port have shown that they can't. All the teams in the top 4 are most likely set.
  5. Whispering, that opinion piece has the whiff of tabloid outrage designed to stir controversy. I'm sure you would be as well informed as I am that: 1. The public holiday is being retained this year as Thank You day for the restrictions Victorians and particularly Melbournians have stoically, (on the whole), endured. As others have already stated you may as well rail against nearly all the other public holidays. 2. By October the 23rd, (5 weeks away), there will certainly be far fewer restrictions, and that will include the 5km limit.
  6. One correction, Conor McKenna was one of the positives.
  7. Yep, my mistake, they said the game on the weekend. As far as the meeting with AFL , I did say " also" about the payout. I understand that these meetings are not abnormal, however it was speculated on this site that the meeting may also have included discussions about the MFC's financial circumstances in 2020.
  8. The rumour which I heard on the rumour file was that - a coach of a Melbourne based team would be departing on Sunday" Ross and John who knew which club was being referred to then made jokes about the snow, and John stated that he hoped that team did not have a big win on Sunday. All comments pointed to Goodwin. It made me wonder whether the meeting with the AFL was also about getting financial support for the payout.
  9. We play the interstate teams there because they're the teams we would get the lowest attendances to for home games in Melbourne. You wouldn't play a Melbourne team there, when we would normally get at least 35,000 to that home game.
  10. You're absolutely right T_U, but you can add this beauty: "Clearly the ump forgot who Gil wanted to win for a split second and actually was umpiring that contest on its merit". I wonder how many posters on here are: - Flat Earther's? - Don't believe that NASA landed on the moon? - Wear tinfoil under their caps or hats so that the Government can't control their minds with microwave signals? There is an adage that if there is a choice between conspiracy and c0ck up you should go for the c0ck up every time.
  11. Finey and Peake sure did babble, but Peakey in particular also dribbled and gibbered and it was all about St. Kilda!! Still it could be amusing.
  12. Spot on! I reckon many on DLand would be aware of those facts. It's akin to trolling to put that clip up and perpetuate the misrepresentation of Cale and the reality of that incident.
  13. 1. "Goodwin was appointed in Sept". - I said late 2014, we are talking football seasons - what's your point? 2. "2017 ended in disaster". - 2014: 4 wins, 2015: 7 wins, 2016 : 10 wins, 2017: 12 wins, 2018: 14 wins and finals. We were all greatly disappointed by the 2017 loss to Collingwood. But to call 2017 a disaster bears no resemblance to the facts of incremental improvement year on year with both Roos and Goodwin until this year. 3. "Like I said a thief in the night, all care no responsibility", - Ok, so you understand that the meaning of a thief in the night is a person who shows all care and no responsibility???
  14. Why you are so dirty on Roos completely escapes me. 1. The club chased Roos, not the other way around. How does that make him, 'a thief in the night'? 2. Roos only wanted 2 years, and the choosing of a successor was for the purpose of having an apprenticeship so that there would be a seamless transition. (That certainly seemed to work in 17 and 18). 3. Roos accepted a third year because the Swans would not release his first choice - Dew. So it wasn't until late 2014 that Goodwin was appointed. 4. Irrespective of whether you agree with the choice of Goodwin and Roos' role in that selection. Goodwin's initial 3 year appointment finished at the end of this year. Roos played no role in the 3 year extension which Goodwin was given. The first five years of the coaching and succession plan worked very well, so now when things have so unexpectedly gone badly in year 6, you choose to blame Roos????
  15. I'm pretty sure this is not uncommon. If I recollect correctly, other players have returned in quick time from this sort of injury once a plate is inserted.
  16. The AFL website is reporting that Melbourne have no unsigned players left and "rookie-listed Declan Keilty the last to sign on". Doesn't say whether Smith and Keilty re-signed as Rookies or on the main list.
  17. I can never understand why statements like this are made. A player can only walk away if he doesn't plan on playing or earning an income for the duration of the rest of the contract. He can certainly request a trade at any stage, as can the club, but without a three way agreement the only alternative for the player is to stand out from playing. Having a contract doesn't mean you can't request a change, but it does mean you can't make a unilateral decision to change. If Hogan or anybody else didn't have a contract the club would have less leverage with that player and in this case Freo.
  18. We should have won at east 1 game against Geelong and we should have beaten St. Kilda. Result - 16 wins and second position. The draw didn't affect us. We had better success away than on our home ground, the draw didn't affect that. Lastly, whatever the draw's failings, I like football and I don't want the season reduced to 17 games.
  19. My comment is not about Watts. It's about bundling the period since the guys I mentioned joined us with the issues of the previous 7 years. I was drawing attention to that dividing line rather than being critical of you. By the way, do you feel like a bigger man after that gratuitous smart arxe "champ" comment?
  20. It's become a standard comment to say "the last 12 years", (even Jones said it in his interview with Burgs), because we didn't make finals for that period. But this cub has not been the same since PJ, Bartlett , Taylor and Roos came on board. Whilst improvement has taken time, it's been steady, sustained and sustainable. Referring to the last 12 years as though nothing changed until this year is wrong and disrespectful to the efforts of many people, but especially those mentioned above and we should remember that.
  21. Doesn't it actually make no difference to us? Whether it's Prior to round 1 or post round 1 we are in the same position with our round 2 pick.
  22. Good get. What is also highly possible, is that we could beat Swans and still not have beaten anyone in the 8 as of the end of this round.
  23. So you're saying that the bowling speed of a male bowler is a function of a bowlers height relative to the average height of males in that era? As Nasher said - 160 kph is 160 kph whenever the ball is bowled and by whoever bowls it.
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