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  1. Can Geelong leave some over 30's for the rest of us?
  2. What I like to do is read back at some of the 'experts' talking about sides the year before they won a flag. 2016 Richmond - A lot were saying they need a full rebuild. 2017 West Coast - Terry Wallace said they would finish last.
  3. There is zero chance the club will trade Oliver while he's contracted. If he is unhappy about missing finals or finishing 5th in a BnF then do something about it. Do we think Luke Hodge in 2006 after being drafted in 2001 and having his club finishing 11th thought 'oh I'm sick of not playing finals I'm leaving'. This is the calibre of player I want Oliver to be.
  4. I agree with this. I'd also say that given Pickering mentioned Dees keen on Smith this one is a fair way down the road as well. You need to read between the lines with these types of things until the news comes out.
  5. Has to be a 2 year deal with a trigger clause for a third in my mind.
  6. Have been told he is leaving. Probably not what we need, even though he is super talented.
  7. SEN reporting that Tom McDonald plans to stay and wants to drop some weight so he is more mobile. Oscar will be traded though it seems, probably for a 3rd or 4th rounder I would think.
  8. 100% hope we get him. I don't care about 'this player won't be in our next premiership team' comments. Who says our next premiership isn't next year? If we can improve our side next year then do it. sick of waiting for players to develop in the hope we win a flag.
  9. Seriously Frost is an athlete with zero football nous. Can we move on?
  10. No surprise. You would think we would be interested in anyone with elite kicking skills and half a yard of pace. Personally I'd rather take Polec given his age, however given Smith will cost nothing I can see why we might give it a crack. He also has a lot of premiership experience which could be handy and as he ages could be played off half-back to extend his career.
  11. No way I'd accept a late second for him. You're missing the point that he is contracted for 2 years and we don't have to trade him. GWS have Mumford as their main ruck, that is not sustainable. They also have a plethora of midfielders. We need to use this to our advantage and if they don't want to play ball then walk away.
  12. Exactly what I was getting at. He's contracted for another two years, we don't have to trade him. They need a first ruck then you've got to pay, simple as that.
  13. You would have to think GWS would be desperate for a decent ruckman. I don't think they've ever had one, other than thug Mumford. We need to play hardball though, I don't want a pick I'd want ready made players involved like O'Halloran, Caldwell, Daniels or Cumming
  14. Well he showed this year he doesn't playing in a side that finished bottom 4....
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