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  1. He did the same last off-season. He is an absolute unit now as well. Put on quite a bit more size.
  2. I think this is the scary thing for other sides. For the first 15-16 rounds of the season we were still working out our forward line and struggled to kick big scores, but our defence was so good it didn't matter as we would win by 20-30 points by keeping sides to 60 and under. But once Ben Brown got fit and worked his way into our system our forward dynamic really improved, to the point where we kicked 93, 125 and 140 in the finals. With our forward line now pretty much worked out we should expect to be kicking bigger scores for most of the season.
  3. In my view the 3 locks for top 4 are Dees, Port and Lions. History shows that sides who are beaten easily in a GF often drop off the year after, so I'm holding out on calling them Dogs a lock for top 4. I think the Cats will drop out of the top 4, and while they should still sneak into the 8 there is a huge fall coming soon - could it be this season? Tigers will get back into the 8, but I don't think they have the depth and talent to go all the way anymore. Over the last 2 seasons they have lost Brandon Ellis, Bachar Houli, David Astbury, Mabior Chol, Jack Higgins & Oleg Markov. Plus guys like Reiwoldt, Cotchin and Edwards are well into their 30's. Both Essendon and Sydney will have to back up their form from 2021 and that isn't always easy for up and coming sides. I think at least one of them will drop out of the 8. Final 8 prediction (pre finals): 1. Port Adelaide 2. Melbourne 3. Brisbane 4. Western Bulldogs 5. Geelong 6. GWS 7. Richmond 8. Essendon
  4. This is why the system can be dangerous for clubs. Both the dogs and Pies burnt so many picks for one player and then have not a whole lot else. Personally I prefer having Van Rooyen and Howes as opposed to Mac Andrew and then Woewodin.
  5. 100% agree. Langdon was just shrewd recruiting. Paying top dollar is what the Saints gave for Brad Hill to run around having 10 touches a game.
  6. Would love a break down of the clubs age demographic heading into next season is that is easily done?
  7. Maybe he wore it at the Grand Final? A lot of neutral supporters bought scarves and jersey's.
  8. Will be interesting to see if we look to move up the draft order. I could see us trying to trade down the order, knowing that we will just need enough points late in the draft to take Woewodin. We have pick 49 and 57, so can't see us using both so may look to trade 49 and 37 to get further down the order.
  9. Imagine this, you come in as an 18 year old KPF and your job at training is to compete against Steven May, Jake Lever and Harry Petty. His development will be fast tracked as a result, to the point where he will probably have easier match ups in an actual game than he would at training....
  10. Actually the worst place the poor bloke could go. Imagine sitting there as a player and Gold Coast reads your name out. Would be deflating.
  11. I think our needs at the moment are: Developing ruckman Developing key forward That's about it. We are stacked for mids, though you can never have enough really. We have some guns on the half back line in Rivers, Salem and Bowey plus Hibbo and Hunt. We have a great small forward brigade and key backs.
  12. I believe my framed and signed team photo is coming today via courier..... My mate got the same one delivered Wednesday so I've been holding out hope all week.
  13. I think the following 5 in order: 1. Weid - hopefully gets a good run at it this year and can push for TMac's spot. 2. Chandler - signed a two year deal and now needs to step up. Could easily take Spargo's spot if he can improve his consistency. 3. Bedford - needs to find more of the ball I think, otherwise this could be his last year. 4. Dunstan - could easily find himself in the side. From the outside looking in, will need to increase his running power and kicking efficiency. 5. Laurie - this one is really just because I want to see a glimpse of what he can do. Would love him to shadow ANB and see the work rate required to make it at this level.
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