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  1. I got my info from a Dees player. He played a lot of last year with a sore back and had either injections or painkillers before games and said a lot of players do. The Doctors are careful to monitor the amounts they have to ensure they minimise the risk of adverse health issues. I won't give his name, but he was in the premiership team.
  2. I think 100% in AFL terms more relates to is there a chance of extra injury. All players play sore most of the year and most have injections before each game.
  3. Is Brown not playing in the U16 Champs? Didn't hear him mentioned in any of the write ups.
  4. I actually view van Rooyen as a very similar player to Jack Reiwoldt, the way he launches at the ball. He also looks a bit like him and has a similar kicking action. Ideally we would have a 200cm forward to partner him in the future. The good thing is we will be able to lure good players with the possibility of playing finals and winning flags.
  5. Sounds like both Gawn and Jacko are good to go. Must be M Brown and Weid out. If Hibbo isn't 100% hopefully Rivers comes back in.
  6. Not really team related, but what a massive stuff up by the AFL holding a 1 v 2 clash at GMHBA stadium, while it is also going through a renovation and isn't even near full capacity. Probably would have got 60-70k at the G minimum. Farcical.
  7. The boys are wanting to become one of the greatest teams... love it
  8. I'm tearing up knowing he will go down as probably Melbourne's greatest player....
  9. We will absolutely be in the market for a ruckman or 2. I reckon we will pick up a mature age back up either via trade or free agency and will also draft a developing ruck with one of our picks in the draft.
  10. It seems to me Jackson prefers to play in the ruck than up forward, so I'd question why he would go to Freo over the Eagles if he did leave. At Freo he will probably sit behind Darcy as the number 1 ruck and Darcy is only 23. At the Eagles he would likely take over from Natainui after 1 or 2 seasons max. He also would have a brighter future as number 1 ruck at the Dees than Freo, so not sure why he would go there.
  11. I think it's a good thing to see how certain teams play against us atm, as it gives us the information we need later in the year to combat this. I have noticed Goodwin hasn't been changing much in the team structure to try win a tight game and is just backing the players at this stage. I reckon this may change in the finals though as it is do or die. And I don't mind that we keep our cards close to the chest, as if we swing something different mid game it is near impossible for a team to change on the run.
  12. Probably due to that recent 5 game promotion
  13. Pretty sure Gus was born in WA, so would that mean he would play for the WA team?
  14. I think team will be: In: TMac, Harmes, Langdon & Tomlinson Out: Weid, Melksham, Dunstan and May Give Salo a week in the VFL to get some touch back and then he can come in the following week. B: Hunt Tomlinson Lever HB: Rivers Petty Brayshaw C: Langdon Oliver Jordon HF: Fritsch TMac Harmes F: Pickett Brown Neal-Bullen R: Gawn Petracca Viney Int: Sparrow Jackson Bowey Spargo Sub: Bedford
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