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  1. Agreed. The sports world is now so heavily influenced by statistics, it does become a bit tiring. I've watched games and thought a player was really influential and had a great game and then their SC score is just mediocre.
  2. I think SC is a better judge on a players output that Fantasy.
  3. The day I no longer have to listen to Dwayne Russell commentate will be a nice day
  4. Storm in a tea cup. Ad wording was poor but this type of thing is extremely common in professional industries. I am with a decent sized financial advice firm and we have had a number of uni graduates do work experience with us, typically for 3 months. It's becoming harder and harder to live in this PC, media saturated world.
  5. On a wing at the G round 1! Missed him somehow!
  6. No way we need to look at a developing KPD. May is only 28, will probably play another 4 seasons. Plus sides have shown if you're in the window you can easily pluck key position players from other sides who want to chase flags. We've also got Petty developing nicely and is a good size at 197cm. We need pace & skill and a cheap back up ruck.
  7. I personally would love to see us take 18 & 19 to the draft. These are perfect picks to go for quick, skillful smalls similar to the Power did with Duursma and Butters. Areas we have covered: KPF - Brown, Jackson, Weid & McDonald KPD - May, Lever, Petty & Tomlinson Ruck - Gawn & Bradtke - ideally we add Phillips on a one year contract as back up Inside Mids - Oliver, Petracca, Harmes, Viney, Brayshaw & Sparrow Medium/Small backs - Rivers, Salem, Hibberd, Smith & Lockhart Medium/small forwards - Fritsch, Melksham, Pickett, Spargo,
  8. Agree. Ideally get a future 3rd or 4th as part of the deal
  9. Hopefully its either 31 or 33 and switch of picks, rather than 26
  10. Peter Wright really hasn't shown much. May come on but may go the way of Daniel Gorringe.
  11. Supercoach is much better for key backs, as they get additional points for intercept marks. Full backs though who only spoil still won't score well.
  12. So you think all sides have multiple promising under 22 year olds? We don't need youth, we need experience and ready made players to go to the next level. I'm sick of going to the draft every year and waiting for players to develop and other sides win flags. We've got a great core group of players who are on the younger side.
  13. The idea we lack youth is ridiculous. We currently have the following players 22 or under on our list: Luke Jackson Charlie Spargo Toby Bedord James Jordon Trent Rivers Aaron Nietschke Tom Sparrow Harry Petty Kysaiah Pickett Kade Chandler Austin Bradtke That is 11 players 22 or under, or a quarter of the list. Plus we will also likely add 3-4 in the draft this year, granted we may also lose 1 or 2 off the above list.
  14. Another I'd consider is Billy Gowers from the Dogs. Kicked 26 goals in 2018 in a team that struggled. Not saying he's a game changer, but we should look at these delisted free agents for depth in areas we lack it.
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