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  1. I think the biggest benefit of having Hunter, other than his ball use, is we will have two genuine wingers with huge tanks for teams to worry about. Last year Langdon began getting tagged out of games, such was his importance to us. Now with Hunter teams will have to worry about both.
  2. Lots of players who were delisted being re-added
  3. I was thinking he looks so young... hopefully that bodes well for his body development and he has lots of growing to do still.
  4. Now that there are 6 double up games, I wonder if the AFL will change the way they work out the fixture. The easiest way would be every side plays 2 sides from the top 6, middle 6 and bottom 6 to keep it fair. My view is they should go even further and schedule the first 17 rounds with no double ups. Then at say round 13 or 14 they can work out who each side is playing a second time based on a weighted average to try keep the draw as even as possible. It was obvious the Cats were extremely favoured by the draw last year getting to play two of the statistically worst sides in history twice, giving them four guaranteed wins and by an average margin of 69 points.
  5. Tbh I'm not that familiar with the players after the top 30 due to just reading phantom drafts. I just saw someone mentioned we were looking at George with our first pick, but not sure how true that is. I'd say if he is available at our 2nd pick, we would take him.
  6. I doubt George will last until the rookie draft. Sounds like he may be a late first round/early second. I assume you're referring to Brayden George. I don't mind the idea of going for Keeler at our 2nd pick though and would love Phillipou at 13.
  7. There are a lot of posters on here constantly bringing up the ages of guys like May, Gawn and McDonald. Hawkins just won a flag at 34 so I'm confident all of those will play at least another 3-4 seasons.
  8. I think our men's team culture is just as good as the women's. Gawn is an outstanding captain and the players look to really get around each other. I know there was the May/Melksham incident this year, but other than that I think our culture is one of the best in the AFL. Just because we had a bad finals series doesn't change this fact. I'm also loving watching our girls as well btw and they are easily the most skilled side in the women's comp.
  9. I think all talk of 'succession' planning for blokes like Brown, McDonald, May and Gawn is premature and not really needed. Given the level of talent we have on our list we can easily go pluck mature players as they become available to fill these holes. I'm not saying we shouldn't draft key position players if they are best available, just we shouldn't be panicking about it now given things can change in one off season. Who knew 1 year ago we would replace Jackson with Grundy!
  10. Can we include VFL as well? Powerhouse club!
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