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  1. Brayshaw's role to the team is being the defensive wingman, which means getting back to help the defence. I think the switch up on the weekend actually hurt him, as he was playing well in his wing role. I don't think highlighting one instant where he made a bad decision is really constructive. We could do that to every player and find certain things they did wrong. It only matters what they are doing on a regular basis.
  2. My team for Saturday. B: Hunt May Lever HB: Salem Petty Hibberd C: Langdon Oliver Brayshaw HF: Pickett McDonald Melksham F: Spargo Brown Fritsch R: Gawn Petracca Jordon Int: Rivers Jackson Sparrow Neal-Bullen Medical sub: Jones Ins: Petty & Sparrow Out: Tomlinson & Baker I think we have to keep rewarding the side that has got us to 7-0, as
  3. For me it is just knowing there is a looooooooong way to go. The Tigers are still the team to beat and by a fair way in my mind and they showed why last weekend. We just have to keep performing consistently to hopefully get a top 4 and then give ourselves a crack at the flag.
  4. Thank god.... one of my favourite podcasts
  5. Some of the potting of the clubs media is a bit ridiculous. They bring out the 'back from hell' video and people complain that they shouldn't have. Go back to normal media and people complain it isn't enough.... I think the stuff they are doing is great.... although I'm concerned there hasn't been a Gus & Gawny podcast this week
  6. It is really hard to get a read on form given how poor the North team were, with their extensive injury list obviously playing a part. The one thing I think that is holding Weideman back at he moment is he tries to play from behind too much. If he does this at AFL level I can see the high quality defenders covering him easily if he does this. I think this is the biggest area that Tmac currently has him covered in. Tmac really launches at the ball and takes it at its highest point, while Weid often tries to push his opponent under the ball rather than jumping at it. I want Weid t
  7. I totally get that some people associate the Royal blue with a dark time in the club's history, however I personally love the colours. I also love the fact that we no longer have the putrid white jumpers that we had for many years, that just felt so hollow. I think it's great we can always wear red and blue and forge a new future with both jumpers, keeping a link to the past but focused on future success.
  8. I don't really find the process that difficult to be honest and it is almost identical to when we booked finals tickets in 2018. As Dees fans though you would be forgiven for not really remembering what's involved with booking finals tickets, seeing as it is so rare. One tip - if you are a premium member make sure to click the drop down and choose the better option as it automatically give you general admission tickets if you don't. I've been making sure I get second level tickets near the forward 50 line at either end of the ground and it's a great spot to watch from!
  9. Loved his game on Sunday and there a couple of times he was so close to just grabbing the centre bounce by the scruff of the neck, ala Naitanui. I want him to just grab that footy and thump it long or take the game on out of the middle. He can do it, just needs that bit of confidence to back himself and no look for the handball straight away. Love that we can now throw him in the ruck with confidence and then put Gawn where we feel he is most needed.
  10. No change barring injury. Keep rewarding the side for strong performances until there needs to be a change.
  11. I think there are still a lot of people who don't want to catch public transport/be in close proximity to other people. Will probably be this way until the vaccines have been fully rolled out.
  12. I was at the North game and I reckon 13,000 is pushing it. Looked more like 10,000 to me. FYI my best mate is a North fan so I went for moral support....
  13. As long as we win I don't care if Brayshaw has 15 touches or 50. It's all about the team performing well, not individual stats or accolades. This is why the Tigers have been so dominant, they are easily the best overall team in the competition, not necessarily the most talented.
  14. Was definitely very impressed with his game and he is a must have in our forward line. Such a smart player with excellent skills and decision making.
  15. I was sitting down that end and it was really strong. The flags were blowing all day.
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