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  1. Last time I had a guy crack on to my wife at a club, I just went over to the security and told them, the security then walked the guy out and I gave him a smile and a. Wave as he got escorted past me and out the club :)
  2. I wreckon the claims about there woman being harassed. Is complete bs
  3. Is spud really that bad of an insult ? I could think of worse :)
  4. this rapper has waited a while, he raps about Dees being top of the ladder lol
  5. ANB is a spud, he played ok against Richmond, 2 weeks ago against the Hawks he did nothing, had about 10 clangers in a row, today he was usless, he’s horrible
  6. Had a very good game on Saturday night against the tigers, still not satisfied as he makes way to many changers and would rather him not in the team
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