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  1. It would mean I can finally enjoy watching Demons games win lose or draw. Would move all the weight of expectation, would stop all the mindless fools talking about the premierships drought. It would mean a moment with my late dad, where I can enjoy it, but wish he was here to witness it..
  2. I know that 57 years comes with a weight of expectation, but enjoy it Demonlanders. It’s great to be in a position to win a premiership, great to be in the spotlight, great to be relevant. If we win, we deserve it. If we lose, it will be to a better side on the day. Either way, what a year, what a team.
  3. I think he or Smith if fit will be cover for May as the sub
  4. Yeah I did hear that as well. Only so many times you can roll that one out.
  5. Need to kick straight and get back on top in the middle and we have this
  6. May on Hawkins Petty on Cameron Lever on Ratagolea Smith on Rohan Bowey/Salem on Miers Rivers on Menegola
  7. From mid 1990s onwards we have had good sides, but poor defences. We are now more consistent across all lines. Probably not as much individual brilliance, but certainly a better team with better team players.
  8. Tom Sparrow 😎.. kid can play
  9. I thought he was good for us, turned the ball over at every opportunity and gave away plenty of frees.. not as good as Oliver, but played his role.. he is beastiality mode..
  10. Dangerous margin.. hopefully they come out breathing fire and kick straight
  11. Sparrow was outstanding. His clutch marks.. wow I think no change. Back the side in..
  12. Viney is a good footballer.. let’s keep rushing him back in to the side
  13. Weak as [censored]… umpires were shocking
  14. Both teams looked 💩.. Charlie Dixon, wow.. big tough spud. Bulldogs looked rushed and didn’t handle the contest. Both teams looked like bottom 8 sides on tonight’s form. Let’s [censored] the cats, get our tails up and win the flag!
  15. Need to win tomorrow night
  16. Bailey Smith looks real ordinary
  17. I live in Ballarat, have a cafe owner friend, he said Saturday last week they had 50 plus people turned away from eating there, all had Melbourne drivers licence addresses. It was a theme among a number of outlets. Covid thrives on idiots and the selfish
  18. Regional Vic to be Locked down from 8pm tonight
  19. I would probably thanks them on finally fulfilling what so many promised, but failed over my 40 years on this earth.
  20. The Bye has been scrapped. So the Bulldogs v Power game is critical
  21. Might be playing backline in the VFL next year
  22. I thinking it was Browny, who said on ‘On the Couch’ that he appears to gone from a boy to a man in a couple of weeks. He is now imposing in the ruck, at ground level and up forward. I think he will tear games apart. Hoping it will be during the final series, but certainly early next year!
  23. Yeah, I don’t like to Fat shame, but noticed when we came out for the restart how big his tummy looked. Not peak AFL fitness which shows in his late quarter efforts. Dogga is a gun though.. like a few on here, I was worried about his dropped marks earlier this year. He has that fixed!
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