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  1. Stengle was a pretzel- no way Geelong do as well this year without him. Understand it’s a lesser risk, but fortunate favours the brave and we need improvement in our forward half.
  2. Are we making a play at him? He would be unbelievable if we could straighten him out.
  3. The good news is, we will win next year.. take it to the bank!!
  4. Will Chris Scott celebrate by finally washing his hair?
  5. They will.. it will be called the good bloke award
  6. On another note, why do all the Primo ads show people not eating their hotdogs or produce….? Lots of groaning, but no ingestion
  7. We certainly need more active small forwards and flankers. Close, Guthrie and Stengle look incredible at ground level. They are always at the right spot and clean
  8. At least BT is ruining the match day experience for Cats fans like he did for us last year.
  9. Not worth a mid 2nd round pick and $500k per year in my eyes. We need a hybrid ruck/forward, not another tap ruckman.
  10. Not sure how much more talent they can cram in. Draft will see them brimming. Beside MCSTAY is there any spillage?
  11. Might be ‘fork in it’ time for Tom.
  12. Don’t watch it and haven’t done so for 15 years.
  13. I’m a Terang man.. Koroit are a great club in a struggling one powerful league.
  14. A few things I’ve seen this year; 1) we are not as sure defensively which has meant midfielders are working harder in defence to cover. 2) We cannot mark the ball in our forwardline, so the small forwards are constantly moving- they don’t get a spell and as a result get more fatigued. We seem to lose structure and our small forwards are too often caught in the back half. 3) We just can’t turn the ball over in our forward half and our pressure drops off. 4) Our inside to spread midfield work is off. Sloppy handballs leads to too many players going for the same ball.
  15. I might be wrong and I hope I am, but I recon that given our lack of change and stubbornness to try other options/players we will get rolled this week. If we do, it has been a poor year in player management and lost development.
  16. Aaron Finch out.. Bowey in
  17. 7 still have the worst coverage. Imagine the biggest selling point is a fat bloke with a moustache after the game not knowing any of the players name. My grandpa could do this for free.
  18. No, not at AFL level. Half back or half forward (early career). His junior days I believe he played more forward/wing.
  19. I will try this. Out- Trac, Melksham, ANB In- Bowey, JVR, Dunstan. Salem to play Wing/Forward, Bowey to defence. Harmes to play a lot more midfield time. No point playing Weid as he is always caught out of position, JVR reads the ball better and hits the pack harder, experienced or not- he is our best option other than Mitch Brown who has been tried.
  20. Tom Papley and Genital Warts are in the same conversation
  21. ANB used to be called Nibbler, now called Fumbler
  22. It has become apparent to me our Half Forwards and Half backs are too small and not quick enough. Marking is at a premium, we have too many smaller, slower types!
  23. With no big Oscar next week, do we drop Jacko and play and actual key forward who has a [censored] clue to how to play the role.
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