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  1. Didn’t North have a stack of injuries this year. I think on list alone they could be in the top 10-12 next year. Not hopeless by any stretch.
  2. Does anyone expect a fair count? The umps cannot get the basic decisions right, how can they adjudge the best player..
  3. A great run with player who use to hit the scoreboard. His dad was a great Melbourne man before Heff got drafted.
  4. Chris Heffernan to come in as midfield coach
  5. I think he may challenge, but that is the problem.. he is no good
  6. Good by foot, but dump handballs and runs into trouble. Often gives up the ball under moderate pressure. Prefer him to move up the field
  7. Makes me nervous as a defender Bowey. Rather have him away from goals.
  8. Jeremy Cameron is on $2.2m per year of you include the farm gifted at 1960’s land prices.
  9. What needs to happen in 2024…… Viney, Oliver and Trac should never appear in the same midfield together again.. we need some decision making and class. I think Rivers, Salem, Kossie or Bowey need to be that player.
  10. Or good at doing his job for the AFL.. 🤔
  11. Saw a photo of it on socials and it showed it clearly touched. Assuming the C7 do not show the footage ARC have.
  12. 1. Composure and skill under pressure… 2. More of number 1
  13. Not exactly what you expect from a seasoned team. Hawks or Cats wouldn’t have done this during their reign.
  14. Cut the list deep… TMAC, BBB, Jordan all gone. Would consider Sparrow and Salem too if currency is there. Tomlinson stays as depth, but need Petty back. Pick up a gun KF, would not be against Lynch or McKay while we are in the window. Mid ball users with ball winning ability and speed.
  15. Not having any talk about us being overrated.. we are the best side in it, should have won last week. This will be the flag we gave away.. mark my words, our biggest chance blown!
  16. I will be taking a 6 month break from AFL
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