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  1. Must say there is a lot to like about Nik Cox. Feel like our Rosman is of a similar ilk albeit quite raw.
  2. Is it too early for us to start packing up and moving to Arden St? (Good digs and a train station coming soon - will be a mini CBD soon enough with a footy oval in the middle)
  3. Any thoughts / recommendations on taking a 2 year old? Not expecting to watch much of the game, might only last 20 minutes in our seat but taking the opportunity to jump on the train and get out of the house for an adventure. Got a decent seat on Level 2 as well.
  4. Lots of fast paced players on their team sheet. Seen it all happen before with young opposition sides cutting up our very single minded (see ball get ball) midfield, basically running rings around us on the outside while we’re still laboring behind back at the contest. Hope we’ve addressed that but our selections don’t look particularly quick for a Saturday midday 26 degree match in March. If our ball movement is precise and flowing then I think we can overcome it with direct footy over 4 quarters but I’m not at all confident. Hoping we learn a bit more about where we’re at as a ‘lis
  5. Start of 4th quarter will see Dees up by 23 points but with the Tiges kicking with the wind in the last.
  6. Caught the last 10 minutes or so as they were going through the Q&A and I have to say - big props and hats off to the club for doing this and engaging the supporters in this way. Thought the Q&A might be a bit awkward and clumsy but it was really quite succinct and professionally managed – I really enjoyed seeing other Dees supporters in front of their screens knowing they were as passionate as me and not complete fruit loops. I’m sure the club carefully selected the questions but they were queries I’ve heard a lot about on this site so they haven’t shied away and it appears they might
  7. I’ve had a few... but that made me feel like I’ve had a bender reading that.
  8. I don’t know too much about Rendell but it sounded like he was trying to ‘go hard’ at the holes in our list to begin with (maybe because he knows Jason Taylor pretty well, which was briefly discussed) – but as he spoke through his points it was clear our list is a lot more positive than the headline he gave. He also doesn’t really seem to know our list well at all (“Is Hibberd still on their list”, an example). He rambles a bit and there was no real structure to what he was saying. Here is what I caught: List headline or theme: ‘Swiss Cheese’ – ‘Got some holes in it’ – Overall
  9. Matt Rendell is about to give his overview / summary / critique of our list on Trade Radio in a moment or two, FYI to those interested.
  10. It's a big Yes from me. Working in tandem with Pickett in the forward line under Ben Brown and the Weid would be a huge improvement on this year.
  11. Feel like Port aren’t really taking their chances and as mentioned above don’t know how to play wet weather footy. Watched a great pre-game analysis from Ross Lyon and one of the key points was about Port not turning over the footy to Richmond in the corridor at half back, yet Port keep kicking there and I’m waiting for it to all come undone unfortunately.
  12. You weren’t there to do anything other than to ‘be’ there (not just for the child).
  13. Massive, massive achievements from Trac this year and I think this could (and should) have a monumental shift in the playing group from the guys that are younger than him that have seen what he’s done. This is HOPEFULLY the shift in culture we wish to see. He could have easily just kept plodding along (‘plodding’ is a bit harsh) and rocked up each season to play footy at a decent level. He hasn’t, he has changed the story/narrative - listen to any commentary throughout any game before this season - its all there - It’s all about ‘potential’ star. Hadn’t been done yet. And he hadn’t made i
  14. Yep, so similar in fact I had to turn it off – once a week is enough watching my actual team.
  15. Their goals have all come from frees or where we’ve missed a free (Mark not paid, etc) and our horrible turnovers. The only way to cope with this is to drink my sorrows because this game is [censored].
  16. AFL has become so hard to watch with this horribly inconsistent umpiring.
  17. There are so many issues, hard to know where to start. Do we even have a coach? We’re rudderless
  18. Haven’t been watching too many non-Dees games but this umpiring between WC v Tiges is terrible (appearing to favor the Tiges at this point). AFL is a shambles with regards to the umpiring, so disappointingly bad. Just put the bloody whistle away – if there is any doubt or grey area over a potential free - just leave it and let them play!
  19. Lots to be fixed. We’re just zoning back way too far and letting them walk it in their F50
  20. Well we are not looking very good against the worst side in the competitions Reserves side. Who is getting their hands on the ball? Can we try something different when kicking out after a behind? No creativity or dare whatsoever - might as well just give them the ball back
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