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  1. Next Saturday night I’m kid free and the game is as Optus……
  2. I think we’d simply re-sign him in that instance.
  3. Four point shmore points, I’m with Gawny, as long as Champion Data says we should have won the game, that’s a win in my books.
  4. I like the kid but I reckon Hunt has been a bit of a liability lately.
  5. I can and it smells like [censored].
  6. I didn’t see that in my dream. But if I were a betting man, which I am, I’d put it on Tom Sparrow.
  7. I had a dream that we kicked 87 goals and 21 points which equates to 543. The odd thing was that in my dream I saw the scoreboard and that’s exactly what it said, 87 goals 21 points: 543. Apparently I’m a maths wizard but only in my sleep. Anyway, I think we’ll actually win this one easily. Bulldogs hero Ugly-Hogan to be held to just the one possession. Brown will kick 52 of the 87 goals.
  8. I think changing certain things to be able to beat the bottom teams would be much easier than finding a way to beat the top teams. Not a bad situation to be in. It’s crazy that we’re half a game on top at round 18 and people are still so concerned.
  9. Doesn’t red mist mean ‘a feeling of extreme anger’?
  10. Will our backline be able to contain that beast Ugly-Hogan?
  11. The man who uses 2000 words to explain something that could be explained in 20. Apart from that, don’t mind Derm.
  12. Hearing rumours that this week may become a bye-round for all teams.
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