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  1. A friend of mine is a Doggies supporter and he asked are we up for it - as we have only played played 1 game in 4 weeks?
  2. I thought the club got $5 million from the pokies? Where will the $23 million be invested to make $5 million a year?
  3. If you live in the Bayside area check out two cafes owned by Christian Salem’s family : North Point at the bottom of North Rd. And Rocksalt in Bay St near Coles. In Brighton Fantastic - big images of his son and Petracca and Oliver. Exterior walls of shop painted red and blue.
  4. By coincidence I finished reading your book today. Well done you!And you finished it with a quote from John Lord..I am old enough to remember John - terrific player.
  5. Christian is being tagged. Spoke to one of his family and told that Hawks put an extra man around him.And Dogs did something similar.
  6. So that’s why we are in such a precarious position?
  7. Bought my copy at Benns Books, Bentleigh yesterday
  8. It is up for sale - ad in Age - p 21 Classifieds
  9. We have Yze and Chocko - smart blokes
  10. I say 10 blocks.I had a look earlier in the year when annual report valued it as $ 23 m. Might be over the top . I used to live in Bentleigh for about 28 years.
  11. Yes l think it was the first quarter. I was there .
  12. We won the last 2 games last year. So we have won 11 !
  13. Can you only get into a game with a phone? What about downloading it onto an iPad? Or a printed copy of the ticket?
  14. Fantastic comment! The best!
  15. Great .When and where will they be playing?
  16. Liam was one of my favourite players of all time.So sad when time came to an end.He would have won a Brownlow .
  17. Bull dust ! What does he know about our club? What is his source of “ information “ ?
  18. Enjoy your birthday Ron - you were a great club man.You are a gentleman.
  19. Excellent observation
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