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  1. It was a great day. However l wish Goody had acknowledged his supporting coaching team.
  2. I was there today as well.While I had a phone to take photos I also took a camera.Because my phone is old and I was not sure if I could transfer photos to my PC.The lady took photos with the camera and the phone.She could not have been nicer.My wife has been able to download the photos from the camera but not the phone which is what l feared.But the camera one will do just fine , so I can send photos off to relatives overseas.Thanks MFC.So generous to us supporters.
  3. No something else - Saturday at Sports Museum , MCG. Photo with the cup.
  4. I am trying to get 2 tickets to see the cup on Saturday and they want to charge $60 and pay with credit card.But it’s free.What do l do?Thanks
  5. I like the full page photo os “serious” Max
  6. Damian Hardwick’s son played at Ormond - with my son.He used to come and watch Ormond play.
  7. I met Brian Wilson about 3 years ago at a Dees game at the MCG. We used to be neighbours a long time ago.He told to me to keep supporting the Dees - he was passionate.
  8. Simon Goodwin is the 4th most successful coach in the club’s history. Wikipedia lists all our coaches and their win - loss records. Cheers
  9. YES Daisy can be the Senior Coach of the MFC. She is as smart as a whip!
  10. Yep bought a pair for my wife.Arrived yesterday
  11. Thanks for writing that comment.Could not agree more.Vanders is a loss.
  12. This may sound crazy , but is Spargs a potential captain? I think so.He is articulate and intelligent.And a premiership player.
  13. Like you l am a red leg member.We should get a reduced membership fee for the next season because we have stuck by the club.
  14. Does 151 players include this current team?
  15. The podcast with Brukie and Burgo is brilliant.Give you so much insight into the physical fitness regime . o
  16. My Saints supporting barber reminds me of this every time I see him!
  17. A friend of mine is a Doggies supporter and he asked are we up for it - as we have only played played 1 game in 4 weeks?
  18. I thought the club got $5 million from the pokies? Where will the $23 million be invested to make $5 million a year?
  19. If you live in the Bayside area check out two cafes owned by Christian Salem’s family : North Point at the bottom of North Rd. And Rocksalt in Bay St near Coles. In Brighton Fantastic - big images of his son and Petracca and Oliver. Exterior walls of shop painted red and blue.
  20. By coincidence I finished reading your book today. Well done you!And you finished it with a quote from John Lord..I am old enough to remember John - terrific player.
  21. Christian is being tagged. Spoke to one of his family and told that Hawks put an extra man around him.And Dogs did something similar.
  22. So that’s why we are in such a precarious position?
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