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  1. No game to attend in person so put a few $ in the uber eats account and bought a nice bottle of cognac and some high west bourbon- After a 45 minute walk around moonee ponds today we were beaten 7 houses to 5 . Click and collect at the party shop and we were away - adding every members scarf I have from 2011 to now , we tied them to the front of the house and as the kids noted each year ( and at one point had every scarf on around their necks ) if they only knew how it was in the stands for many of those days . Can I suggest a stretch on the lounge room floor - can’t believe how tight I was . Perhaps tomorrow also . Whiskey has also been a pleasure today . Many thanks to the demonland podcast crew and for Whispering Jacks GF preview with the conclusion below - I believe - Go Dees . ‘I expect Melbourne with it’s edge in fitness to, at long last, bring the premiership cup home to the MCG for their long-suffering faithful fans. If the logic of what’s been written here isn’t enough to convince you, then consider the strange events that have been taking place back in the home of the Melbourne Football Club with a plague, an earthquake (epicentre in the snow country) and rioting in the streets — some are saying that the upheaval taking place bears proof to the fact that Norm Smith’s Curse is about to go up in flames and that come Saturday night it will have finally been lifted off our shoulders.’
  2. The tactical battle is interesting indeed - I'm hoping Kossie replicates his uncles norm smith performance for Port . Had a lazy 20$ on Kossie for the Norm Smith
  3. The doggies will bring an extra 1 or 2 up to the stoppage and do everything to get it to the outside of these stoppages . Do we allow this ? It’s important not to give them a start - thats my negative / concern for the 1st quarter. momentum is big in grand finals. I really think we can get hold of them - play to a level that eliminates any tactics or themes that they bring in . If I’m the doggies Im playing someone on Salem - Langdon English to Gawn for the whole game regardless of position and getting physical with Fritsch and Bowie. If Im melbourne Im using Viney Trac and Oliver in the middle for most of the game - 50/50 starting positions at every stoppage and no loose players at stoppage . Pay attention to Smith with Angus and Bowie on The midget Caleb D . Petty to Naughton where we can - try and get Fristch onto Keith and make him run . We also need a strategy for the all out kamikaze attack that will inevitably arrive when the games on the line - perhaps bring more numbers up and force it to the outside / boundary until we can get possession and control it by foot with tempo to protect our lead and then go quick after half way if its on . No doubt something we do anyways but discuss it as a group so when it happens we are ready. Whatever it takes Go Dees .
  4. this ticket is gone folks apologies if I stiffed anyone there was alot of messaging going on . Go dees.
  5. Coming to terms with not being there - P1 and P3 up for grabs will throw the p3 in with the P1 folks need to remember the guaranteed seat cost a premium paid for over the years .
  6. May be able to help you Sir . 


    As long as its for your use only - 

    this hurts . 

  7. Gawn Trac Brayshaw Oliver in the middle is where its at . potent - Viney was good - hopefully injury is kept at bay this season - it will be a good season - fitter than ever credit due to The fitness staff and Pert and Co for getting Burgess . Hopefully Bennel can add some elite kicking particularly to our forwards . would love to have Watts for this reason - something we lack is a grade delivery.
  8. Jeremy McGovern says hi .( internal bleeding after a Trac hit in prelim ) Running hard at the footy with serious intent will always claim a few scalps - thats the only way to do it these days- Trac does that and can hurt .
  9. They know what he is worth surely . Get it done . Its Trac time
  10. Good day - collected my scarf with the digital membership - could collect my heart out all year but not a filth . Not as many there as Luna park ( imo ) but players were great . Big lines to see Maxy and co . Charlie was great with my 4 year old- his favourite player I reckon Tom Sparrow is in for a-huge year. the boys look fit - Sun was damn hot . Nice day Go dees
  11. The complete dees puzzle when we had the win against weagles in 2017 for the first time in 10 years included a 3rd tall called Pederson- big moments a rampaging J Viney - and Vince and Lewis. Capitalising on our contested work .Brown and a fitter Pruess can help us with this . Finding the smarts / speed of ball movement and skill from the back half is yet to be seen May and Lever are different players although Kennedy didnt play that day
  12. X factor is what we crave - if this works out he could set the G alight ! dare to dream but If This helps us to convince Jack Martin - 10 games out of Bennell Im booking leave for September.
  13. We should have either Pruess or Gawn stationed deep forward to bring it to ground all day . Our bigs and mids will do well . Hopefully we can manufacture enough goals . May will curb kennedy somthing we never have . we are a chance .
  14. 6. N Jones 5. J Viney 4. M Gawn 3. J Hunt 2 . C Petracca 1 C Oliver
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