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  1. Richmond could offer Dusty's chopsticks as a sweetener.
  2. I think the turning point for the fortunes of the football team was the recruitment of Jake Lever. I believe Lever has not only brought fantastic defensive talents to the team but I reckon he has been one of the catalysts for the type of culture change we've been crying out for for years. We have developed a range of leaders across the team, Max being the most obvious one. You've also got May, Jones, Oliver, Petracca,Viney. The difference with Lever is that he communicates an incredibly strong desire to excel and he leads by example. He is the consummate thinking player and he demands the highest standards of his team mates whilst delivering the goods himself. There are a lot of factors in play this year, but getting this player has changed the attitude and actions of this team in a similar sort of way to Joel Selwood at the cats.
  3. Probably the wrong tack to start with. The guy has no contrition but to be fair, his expectation from most previous experience would be that his actions will be glossed over and white washed and forgiven as they often are.
  4. Okay I'm calling it now. Nathan Jones comes into the side for the preliminary at I don't know whose expense, plays a blinder and plays his last game as a premiership winner in the granny. Well that's what I want to happen anyway.
  5. Which year was I born. ? '57 Which number is 33% of my IQ ??? 57 Spooky !
  6. Little impact from the 'Barometer' tonight. Unless of course you count cheap hits on actual good AFL players. He's weak as water and a one trick pony who's no good at the trick As far as Jackson's tooth is concerned, he should replace it with a gold one !!!
  7. Light fading fast in Adelaide. Looks like we're in for a dark night !!!
  8. Dangerfield dropped the easy mark, looked a little surprised, turned around, did a 5 metre sprint after the oppo player who gathered the crumb and then lost interest when he sprinted away
  9. Rohan was shocking last week and he's improved 10% so far this week to be borderline terrible. He is not helping the cats win a flag. Geelong is like the local bus ( except in Victoria) Loads of passengers.
  10. Not so sure the swans will get past Greater Waste of Space. GWS have got some big , tough ins and they'll want to make it a very physical game.
  11. For a bit of extra fun, watch the replay of Lever's kick and Macy's mark several times and watch the reactions/ body language of different Cats players each time. For mine it just adds to the joy of the thing exponentially!!
  12. An awesome leader and no doubt will captain this club. A clubman of the highest calibre and leader of men. An incredible asset to the club. Never out of the game
  13. Hell no ! Sack Goodwin !!!! Someone had to say it
  14. Hopefully you get better by Grand Final day Mke yourself a hot toddy and go to bed !!
  15. What I'll do as a teacher is hunt down every Collingwood, Carlton and Essendon supporting student and force them to change allegiances to the dees so that we can add another 700 members to the tally next year. ( under the threat of permanent detentions)
  16. Is that what you want, what you really really want ????
  17. As much as we all hate Dangerflog, when he gets the ball and puts on the afterburners, it's exciting to watch.
  18. First team to 100 wins. Isn't that what they say ???
  19. Yeah but you were no good at the job Smokey. They just wanted you to disappear quietly !!
  20. It would have been great to sit in the middle of the Pies cheer squad listening to the toothless wonders screaming out. " Go Woey !!!!!!! "
  21. Why weren't we treated to a look at a sulking Chris Scott in the coaches box late in the game. When the cats are having their pants pulled down, that's always good to see.
  22. Is this cat called Daniel Andrews ??
  23. Nor will many of us...….. but I'm open to it !!
  24. Cold as a witches elbow ......... and wet.
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