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  1. Geelong are successful due to their approach with young players. Each senior player is given a young player to mentor and help develop. Their club environment is such that no player is really over payed compared to what the bottom clubs pay . GWS is the classic example of money verses success. Most players want a flag and then money comes. There will never be equality until the rules of players changing club is made fairer. All draftees should be on 2x2 contracts with the clubs only allowed to delist recruits after 3 years and players become free agents after 4 if they haven’t played at least
  2. We have a number of areas where we need better players. Player with pace but also will to win. Here is my team but as you’ll see I’ve left Pickett out as at this stage his performance so far is a long way from our best 22 Lockhart. May. Vacant .??l Lever Tomlinson ?. Rivers Langdon Brayshaw Vacant ?? Fritch Weiderman vacant?? vacant Jackson Vacant?? Gawn Oliver. Pettracca Viney Petty Sparrow vacant Now this may seem harsh but if you look at this year and last years performances there are players who are at best a litt
  3. I have been lucky enough to see our last six grand final wins and when you look back then Norm Smith was a great at discipline and those players who didn’t do it his way didn’t play no matter who they were. He thought outside the square, with a win at all cost mentality, and when in front grind the opposition into the ground, win at all cost. The Melbourne football club sacked him basically for that attitude.We failed from then till Northy arrived only for them to sack him too for a similar attitude. We have been weak ever since and employed soft coaches that don’t rule with an ion fist. Som
  4. We need more pace off half back. Salem delivers reasonable well but is fairly slow. Lever should be played of half back flank, Tomlinson is doing ok and play Hunt on the other flank .I agree Hannah on the wing or give Baker some time there ,. But our main problem is congestion in the midfield., all trying to get a kick or a stat being stationary waiting for ruck hit out opposition reads our tap and are on the move pas to the outside runner and clear forward and goal. Happens nearly every week and is why we are so easy to scored against , with pressure always on the defence. Yesterday we were
  5. Having posted previously about Oliver it’s great to admit you are wrong.His game against the crows was probably one of his best since 2018 if not even longer. At last showed he can do more than just handball and kick anywhere, became a far more balanced player and showed can become truly elite. As with Brayshaw in the second half moved back to the centre where he should always play became a real force with glimpses of 2018. Both are must keep . Oliver on the ball and Bradshaw in the centre.
  6. The suggestions to trade either Oliver or Brayshaw has lot of merit. If you look at 2018 Brayshaw played mainly in the centre and Oliver the chaos player. Oliver has been found wanting last year and this and Gus has been shifted all over the ground . Oliver gets a lot of stats for possession but wastes most is very overrated in my opinion. Brayshaw on the other hand has more football smarts than oliver and I feel with more continuity of position offers greater longterm benefit. Oliver would also have more trade currency maybe around pick 19 - 22
  7. It appears our problems started when Pert arrived and McCartney lost his influence last year. Goodwin has little idea game day and for 30 games we continue with the same mistakes that’s the coaches fault. Richardson was brought in to help destroy the playing group. I have never seen a game won’t on a white board and that seem the only way Goodwin can coach. As for Oliver he’s become a liability yet we still play him , that’s bad coaching again .
  8. I don’t know if I’d leave Brayshaw out just play him where he played so well in 2018 in the centre .
  9. After watching this club for over 65 years yes 65 I think I’m done, been a member at least half of that time, but we never improve even 2000 and 2018 were an aberration. The club asks for financial help we help because we love the club and want success . We recruit so called good players who don’t perform ,we fail to develop draft picks and destroy those with real potential.The club culture does not exist, not a winning one .Anybody who challenges this soft weak attitude within the club doesn’t last long . We live and breath mediocrity . This club will never succeed until we have that win
  10. We didn't lose this game in the last 40 seconds we lost it playing that stupid defensive no scoring game our players are being taught . Don't take the game on and try and win learn to create stoppages slow the game down don't spread handball instead of kicking forward and the saints out played and out coached us like most other sides do. We are two years behind them at least . But with some on field leadership we could have fallen over the line . We also have at least five non AFL standard players in our line up.
  11. This makes interesting read but can show a comparison of the other teams from say bottom 12 this would indicate where we are at this stage compared to other lists including the two new sides eg GWS and Gold Coast
  12. So much for we have improved ,we are being fed total garbage.this team is a repeat of every Melbourne side since 2006 . We have not heart no desire no pride in the club . When a first year player shows the way tries with no support says it all . They are a bunch of overpaid pre madonnas and I can see the demise of this club if this goes on. Roos was outcoached as well. The game plan is years old and will not get us any where
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