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  1. Danny Ward would be a good option.
  2. If we win a flag everything else is cream. 1, Kozzie signs 2. Dockers bottom 4 3. We use the Dockers picks to land a huge fish.
  3. Giants (particularly if it was a Manning game) @ DC would have been fantastic. Passionate fans in Washington. Sat in the East stand for a friendly against Colchester a few years back. Older and sober I was more worried about getting out of the ground in an emergency.
  4. I regularly attended games at Stamford Bridge in the 80’s. I have been a visiting fan at Green Bay and Arlington. I use these 2 because they are the only stadiums I have visited as a Niners fan. There is absolutely no comparison between the atmosphere at the NFL and English football games. Big cities in the US get to see their team 8 times a year. It is a major event. The pre-game is an event in itself. Game day crowd participation is like no other sport in the world. I’ve sat in the stands at Candlestick Park and just recently Levis Stadium and being at Stamford Bridge against another London club just doesn’t compare to what I’ve experienced. Would be keen to know where you have been to to watch the NFL.
  5. R. Flower R Robertson B Norsworthy.I think would be another example.
  6. By memory what she was studying was only offered in Tasmania and led her into a specialised industry. Big brain.
  7. Yep read quite a lot. Fantastic site. Lukey was terrific. Loved the Dees. I still talk with Demonology people. Things were pretty active last September.
  8. I had beers with you back in 2009 after a NAB game in Launceston. Roughead kicked to last goal of the game for us to lose by 3 points. I was with Lukey26 from Demonology.
  9. During the Northey years it was all always fantastic at the MCG hotel after a win. Swooper would sometimes get in there and mingle with Dees fans. Generous with his time.
  10. 3/4 time 1987 R 22 John Sell told the players the Hawks were home. It certainly helped.
  11. The game was at Princes Park. Robinson dropped him 100m off the ball while he wasn't looking. Paul Wheatley terrorised him for the rest of the game and Robinson wanted to be somewhere else. I was in the rooms after the game and Bail was clearly out of sorts. He did thank Wheatley for squaring up. Disgusting act by Robinson.
  12. There is no way he will go to the PSD. He will not want that as part of his legacy and this will not get acrimonious. I can see us with 3 first rounders over the next 2 years and I’d be surprised if we did not have void fillers in mind or even spoken to that these picks will be used on.
  13. If the Dockers can somehow manufacture a top 10 pick this year and send it with next years first rounder I think we take it and run. Use this years top 10 pick and next years 2 first rounders on role players. Its how Hawthorn got 3 in a row.
  14. Greg Miller with North negotiated a transfer fee of 60k for John Longmuire with the Swans. To sweeten the deal he asked the Swans to throw in Wayne Carey for an extra 10k. Swans agreed. Carey has been on record referring to himself as steak knives.
  15. That was the last game I went to that year. I was middle deck Olympic stand. When McMahon kicked the goal it was if we had won the game. I was one of the fans standing and cheering.
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