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  1. Next weeks team Brown - Not going in. Billings - Not going in
  2. Who else? I know Star Wars is the movie you are referring to but I have never seen it. I think you will need to find someone to play the key protagonist in the Paul Roos signing. Someone to play Kevin Dyson.
  3. Not so good at the Jets this year.
  4. Was sure it was a touched ball. Happy to be corrected.
  5. My memory here is a Robert Walls goal would have opened up 5th spot for the Dees, instead it was touched on the line by Bernie Quinlan resulting in a drawn game giving Footscray the 2 pts that kept them in 5th spot.
  6. My Mum took me to the football Round 1 1965. She was a passionate Dees fan and I had no option but to be a Dees fan. Instantly fell in love growing up with, at various times, 29, 26, 24 and 19 on my back. In 69 when Greg Wells came along it was 11. My son as well had no option other than to be a Dees fan. He has been a member since birth. Over the journey there were times when he asked me why have you done this to me. He was up against it being the only Dees fan as a Grammar school in the North/Western suburbs. But he simply loved them and remained loyal. As another poster pointed out 25/9/2021 has wiped away all the misery. It certainly has. We sit together in the tridents and travel interstate together for games which is great fun. The MFC is a real part of the bond we have. We even went and got premiership tattoos. (My only tattoo). I say to people the 21 premiership changed my life forever. Most cannot understand my sentiment.
  7. From the famous let her rip Red Cloud episode.
  8. I crashed first 4 times. After that let me in. Got N11.
  9. How good is that. Round 2 pick for a premiership player and an All Australian. Big part of the 2021 flag.
  10. My son and I are M55 as well. Got a seat 1 as well. Pretty happy.
  11. My son and I are trident members and we sit in the Southern stand. We are also Demon Army members. 1. Its a worthwhile donation, they play an important role on game day. 2. It enhances the interstate experience. There is usually a pre game and you get to sit with like minded fans during the game. Its very good value for money spent.
  12. I think giving exclusive access to an NGA inside the top 40 to a non expansion team is a dangerous action. (If I have read what you are saying correctly)
  13. There has been a few. Daniher and Lynch. The interesting one is Zac Williams who the Giants got a first round pick reportedly based on the 700k a year the Blues offered him. I can see North getting a pick straight after their first natural pick here.
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