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  1. Yes, Yes & Yes. He's a mature AFL standard player and a proven 60 goal/yr FF. He's wasted in the resies, who aren't playing. Bring him in. After he comes in against collingwool and kicks 6. I expect you'll be with me on same the band wagon.
  2. It certainly tugs the heart string of us, the Demon faithful. Magnificent to give back to the NT community. Can't applaud it enough, but! This is a bone dry landscape and even drought tolerant bermuda fine couch needs some water. Please tell me the club has a funded a bore to supply the water needs. I would hate to see the headlines in two years where the oval returned to sandy dust. Just sayin.
  3. It's a yes from me. Provided he is fully healthy, fit and raring to go. Viney is a contested beast. You don't train for it...it's born in you.
  4. Absolutely agree with everything here. Would love to see BB get the FF spot. Weid has had his chances for now.
  5. Absolutely agree with this. The club is mature enough now to bring in these two with past history (attitude/injury) and get the best out of them. Cost bugger all and could be vital come finals time.
  6. Just noticed the Footscray water boys/people are bringing bowls of water out to boys rather than plastic bottles. Oh I see, they prefer to lick their water Dishlickers Suck! - if you can.
  7. Absolutely nailed it. Agree wholeheartedly
  8. We've finally produced the killer instinct that the top teams have. Grind the opposition into the ground in the last quarter. This has been missing from our psyche for ages. It's a sign of great team confidence in the system. Gawn, bludy-hell what a champion & leader
  9. BTW you should be in the media. Slobbo, Gazza, Piggy don't have your articulation. I'm staying tuned for more. Thanks
  10. Let me be the first (or couple) to congratulate you on a great and well reasoned post. You have a clear thinking of the game
  11. What's that strange smell? bath-water
  12. Do you mean the MFCSSS (Melbourne Footy Club Supporter Syndrome Syndrome) Hell, I've got it & now I'm really worried about the GWS game.
  13. Jones as the med sub. Still gets the game addition.
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