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  1. I agree that Harry P is naturally a forward and should be training there. Goodwin now has experienced assistants in Chocco & Yze that will have a say. Given that the backline is well covered the obvious thing to do is send HP to train with the forwards
  2. Looks like Eddie forgot to install his false teeth/dentures. He looks a bit rattled now his time has come. Joy to me.
  3. Beat me to it. Watch out for the re-emergence of Tom
  4. Yes totally agree, Mayzie would make/ and should be our next Captain. What great leadership we have in our backline
  5. He's obviously been on the Petracca diet and that's why he's come back hungry. Poor bugger
  6. As my old man said. "No one makes you boss - you take it" Jake's destined to be in line to be a future Captain of our great club
  7. Great report Stinga, Thanks for taking the effort and articulating it so well. Like the others have said to hear some positive development in the guys you mentioned does bode well for the season ahead.
  8. Phil was/is a left footer as well. That's skill. Unfortunately he was mostly FB in the Ressies, due to Tassie Bob's dominance in the seniors.
  9. I can imagine, but it's not pretty. My MFCSS tells me that it's time for the AFL (pronounced "awful") to suspend F/S nominations. New AFL rules to bugger us again
  10. Great idea. If he is fit and can perform the wing role, then yes. Also love the idea of getting the brothers/cousins together. It'll help Kossi
  11. What a well rounded and smart young man - 4 years ago! We've got a beauty here (apart from the ugly hair) Good times ahead
  12. I reckon BB is worth 2x first rounders. So this a steal, but Norf will bottom out again next year and the next... So they will re-build with high draft picks. And they'll love their hew home in Tassie
  13. So happy to see BB officiously get to the Dees. Like most of us, waiting all week
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