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  1. Great that the Weid is staying on board. Our player development is now at a high level. So if the club sees the talent & potential in Sam, I'm all for it. The finals window will be extended with this forward thinking.
  2. This is good guys. We need the Percentage!
  3. Who would of thought Gawn the GOAL KICKER
  4. He pushes so much his hands will be sore in the second half Umpies are woeful
  5. Yes but Danger's still got a few good dives left. He's not done yet Disgraceful given he holds a respected position in the Players association. He need a break on the sidelines to consider the example he is setting..
  6. Great summation. I'm here to believe as well, after waiting 57 years. Go Dees
  7. A little to the left of California. Which is very left like CNN
  8. Sound like he's dedicated and hard working like Wooey. I particularly like this bit "good skills by foot"
  9. Summed it up beautifully. The boys responded after some tough negative press. It turned out to be more like a training run. But it'll instill great confidence that when we bring max pressure most teams will circum to the inevitable.
  10. Hell you had it easy. I was born in the sea because my dear mum wanted a water birth. But we didn't have a home, so I had to tread water until the tide came in. I've still got barnacles on my legs. Fortunately we moved inland to a trout farm. The water's cold but the fish are friendly
  11. Thanks PF for good read. Very enjoyable in these gloomy times. I'm expecting a bounce back this week and would like to know your thoughts
  12. I'm sick of seeing up to 4 capable talls within a 5M circle & the ball bombed to their heads. Clearly we have one tall forward with a proven track record of kicking 60 plus goals in season. Why not use him to advantage? 1/ 200cm tall 2/ Fast over the first 20M 3/ Marks at the highest point & 4/ if not, it attracts a chop arms free 5/ Now he's as fit as a scrub bull So I know I'll be hailed down for a different opinion, but here goes... BBB to line up deep in the goal square. And when our reputed classy midfielders get the ball long into F50, he provides the lead. The most important part (left out until now) is that one of Kossi/Chandler/Bedford is instructed to run in from HF or the pocket to pick up the F&C or JtheG over the top. This also takes advantage of Kossies speed and accuracy at the snap. Chandler's not bad at this and Bedford has the speed. I know this is 1970's footy that had a different set of strategies (hit or hit harder). I know it won't work all the time, but at least try this a couple of times a quarter - or maybe once. I'll leave now...
  13. I used't to love a summer roll as well, especially with a leg over! Too old now and can't remember
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