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  1. Sparrow out. Melksham in. Harmes and Viney just need to do the team first thing, first option is nearly always the best.
  2. Is that for MFC memebers? was just on Ticketek website and it says no ticket available for those bays.
  3. Gday fellow Queensland Demos supporters. Anyone planning on going to Metricon on Saturday arvo to watch the might Dees?
  4. Comedy gold right there Demonstone. Bout time some lightened the mood of Demonland.
  5. I live in Queensland and im a bit [censored] at the GC game not being up here. Hardly been allowed to fly down to Melbourne to see a game and then when we possibly could see the mighty Dees in person, both the QLD games have been moved. I dont get the move to Darwin, massive disadvantage for the following week me thinks. Still, this group continues to prove me wrong so here's hoping it continues.
  6. Whispering, I'm right with ya, hard to cop these winter temps of 22 degrees. If the game is down there I'll be right with ya. But unfortunately think we may bet our bye this week with a resigned schedule for later in the season
  7. Adelaide aren't duds. It just proves that you need all 18 up and going to win not just 8 or 9
  8. We have lost 1 game by 1 point. 2 ordinary umpiring decisions didn't cost us, we were 16 points up. Gave em a sniff and left too much hard work to to few. Better pick up our act fot the Dogs.
  9. The most important thing you are all forgetting is that this is Dangerfield, and he plays for Geelong. Protected species down there lads, he will get off on some sort of technicality, cant have the "Golden Boy" not playing. Shouldnt be play now anyway after what he did in the GF last year.
  10. Would have to be our best ever imo. My uncle raves about a goal he kicked at Windy Hill on a cold Saturday avro when he took on Essendrugs almost on his own but those were the days when not all the games were televised or had TV cameras at them. Im sure some of the 60 year old and plus die hards that went to every game back in the 80s would remember this one as well.
  11. Why cant we rely on Baker? Showed a fair bit towards the end of this year. Hunt is a good option for the wing, so is Salem and Harmes. He did also say "specifically", i think if a good one comes up that fits with our strategies, we would grab that player. Treloar anyone?
  12. Dangefield is well overated. The media bang on about our players just bombing blindly out of packs, but thats all Danger does. When was the last time he really ripped a finals game apart like the superstar he is made out to be? Go and have a look at who he gets all his big stats games against.
  13. Almost totally agree with the banter between you 2 guys, but hows this for an idea. Put some assistant coaches around Goodwin that were actually star players in the postions that hey played in. Eg; Wayne Carey as our foward coach, get the drift????? Goodwin need stronger personalities around him to tell him what needs to happen and the Goodwin to implement it with the approval of the position coach. Exactly what happened at Collingwood and Richmond. Also, maybe if we could pick forwards as forward and back as backs. Gotta get the selection right so we might be a chance to kick more than 8 goals a game. Bring in Wiedeman and leave him there. Get Harmes in the middle again. Thats a start.
  14. I dont think anyone was going to beat Collingwood that year. Have a look back at the Filths team that year and it was pretty impressive.
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