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  1. Doesn't let up, does it? We convincingly beat a side who's the clear favorite to win, while Hawks get spanked by Richmond. Yet, there's still Hawthorn morons online paying out on Melbourne!! Seriously thinking Hawthorn may replace Collingwood as my most hated team, purely because of the obnoxiously arrogant supporters.
  2. With the tragic events of yesterdays results now well and truly sunk in and many questioning their faith I thought some reflection and confessions might be in order. I get on demonland to connect with fellow sufferers/supporters because quite frankly I don't have too many demon supporting friends. Thats just how it is. grew up that way, went to school that way and its still that way. But you know what, this team got in my blood, got in my soul and became a part of me I can't let go. So I don't care where we are. Im a demon through and through and I believe you guys and girls are too. In the hope that we can all get to know each other a little better and perhaps even get along better I suggest the following for anyone who is game. What I would like to know is the following. 1. How did you start following the Demons? 2. Who was your very first favourite player and why? 3. Best moment as a fan? 4. Worst moment as a fan? 5. Anything else you would like to share? Okay lets see what you got.
  3. Guest


    This is a post I have noticed at most games I have been to this year. One thing I am getting a bit jack about is this constant cry amongst our supporters to 'kick the damn ball' or to 'kick it long' when our players are trying to extract the pill from heavy traffic. I am wondering how knowledgeable our supporters really are about the game. The last time I played was when I was in primary school but surely we must understand that just bombing it brainlessly and long into the forward line and along the wings will results in the same kind of brain dead football we saw against the Eagles. We do chip a bit I admit but I am going to crack it the next time when we are surrounded by multiple tacklers and some nuffy yells out 'KICK THE BALL!'
  4. I write this as a lifelong supporter and member of the MFC. My heart beats true, I bleed red and blue etc etc etc I have always believed that our time would come, that every poor season was bringing us closer to the ultimate success and that one day the wheel would turn and it would be us on top. Needless to say, the past few years have been a very bitter pill to swallow, as I’m sure everyone on here knows. What has really ruffled my feathers this morning are the comments from David Schwarz. The Ox is someone I have always admired, I used to go around with 5 on my back. But to claim that he is hoping for us to be walloped on Monday so that the coach gets the sack leaves me speechless. For shame David. So I put this post up here, as someone who loves the Dees and who so desperately wants us to be successful again, but who would really right now just want to see some unity!! Melbourne supporters are tearing each other apart, everyone disagrees with everyone and I have never seen people so angry. While I understand that anger – and I share plenty of it – I would prefer it was directed at other supporters, not my fellow Dees!! This is our club and its bigger and more important than any individual. If you walk away now you may well find that there is nothing to come back to. Our backs are against the wall, we face the longest, hardest slog of our lives to get back anywhere near the place where we have success. Now is the time to show the AFL community that WE ARE THE DEMONS!! Let’s stop bickering (I said bickering not disagreeing) and stand together to back our club. Come hell or high water I will be there on Monday, the same way I am every week and there will be a cold day in hell before I hope that our team is “walloped by Collingwood”. The club is bigger than any individual, and I support the club. Now is the time we need to stand together!!
  5. The question is raised, Are our no show supporters softer than our players right about now? My answer is absolutely 'YES' The fact of the matter is that week in week out our crowds are so disgustingly low that those no show supporters should hang there heads in shame... I PROPOSE THIS MY FELLOW MELBOURNE LOYAL CAMARADERIE: Mission 'HARDEN THE HELL UP As Melbourne member its time to call on those soft melbourne members that I'm sure we all know and tell them to HARDEN THE HELL UP, and until they do they have no rights, no freedom of speech no say in 'OUR' footy team if they can't face the music, and simply turn up each week to show support to there so called club.. Its time for our members to commit and be proud even at this time of restructuring and shaping for the future.. I don't know about you but i had shivers last night at the Jimmy memorial game against the doggies in the third quarter when we made a late come back, the crowd had passion and the crowd numbers gave body to our cries of support... We should have these numbers every week not just the week that we are paying tribute to our dearly departed legend Jimmy Stynes who I'm sure would agree with me. YES we tried with dob in a dee that may have got us a few extra members, but the fact of the matter is that its not bringing the members to the games. Jump on board Demons and tell those reds to HARDEN THE HELL UP! See you all Saturday at the 'G' when we will destroy the Saints.. signing off, HORNY DEVIL
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