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  1. I know he was THE best manager in world football, both tactically and in terms of man management. But he was renowned for ensuring no ones ego grew too big. Selling the likes Beckham in order to convey the idea that no one player was bigger than the club! All the players you mentioned were loyal and hardworking, putting themselves on the line for the club they loved. It was hardly a matter of Fergie allowing players to be twats like Balotelli, they were all well drilled and disciplined. Otherwise they were out the door, just look at Beckham, Sharpe, Ince, Van Nistelrooy, Schmichael etc. etc.
  2. Best mates with Jack/Todd, hopefully they're big influences still
  3. Kind of surprised Matt Jones isnt de-listed
  4. well those two werent ever rated nearly as high as he is..
  5. If we can trade Dunn (and something else obviously) for the likes of Prestia then me must. First of all, we have Frost have can come in and fulfil (potentially exceed) Dunn's role. Secondly, look at the likes of the Bulldogs who do not have many great defenders yet can still make finals thanks to their elite midfield, if we have to lose Dunn to gain a star then so be it. I am a huge Dunn fan though and rate him highly, so I'd only want someone good in exchange. Garland is more dispensable IMO.
  6. Would rather trade this years pick. Next years will be higher than this (considering we do rise up the ladder), plus this seems to be a lesser draft compared to next. Would rather bet on grabbing a gem in the draft next year rather than this year.
  7. They'll win it all if they get through the prelim.
  8. Thank you for this! Was wondering how we compared with St Kilda who the media are praising because of their age. Got me thinking whether more credit is due to us given it seems we have a younger group than them!
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